How to Use Scripting to Manifest Anything? Try This 5- Step Manifesting Formula!

Have you ever used scripting to manifest anything? Scripting is a powerful technique. If you don't know what it is, basically it's free writing about your dream life and you can either use it about your future, dream or on a specific area of your life.

You can be as creative as you want to be. Sometimes people get confused and don't know what to write about. If you could do some scripting yourself instead of copying other people's affirmations or asking somebody to give you an affirmation, your scripting will be more powerful. That's because YOU are the only one who truly knows what could take you to that feeling state.

Most people who don't know how to script just write about superficial events, but they don't know how to put it in their feelings. so in this blog post, I want to share with you my 5 STEP system to create miracle scripting. I believe that a good scripting practice should have these 5 elements.  

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The 1st step or element is a setting.

Put yourself in a story, All great stories happen in a specific setting. Like superheroes in the movies happen in New York or a big city or beautiful love romance stories happen in a beautiful village with a lot of flowers and etc. 

When I was trying to manifest my dream home before I bought this house, my dream home script always started like "it's a Saturday morning, I am sitting down in my beautiful kitchen, I'm writing down what I'll be doing next week and I'm feeling amazing" the story happens in a particular place. You have to put some thought into this because by putting a little more detail of your setting, you naturally add the feeling place of how you like to feel when you know where that's going to happen.

The 2nd step or element is the most important part: how you feel.

A lot of people fail to manifest with scripting because they don't incorporate any feelings in their scripting. They just write about what they do. And that's unfortunately not enough. you need to describe where your story is going to happen, write about how you're feeling in that situation. Always do the 1st step, describe details of your setting so that the feeling can easily set in because it's impossible to just come in without a setting to feel certain feelings.

Going back to my dream home, I always say, "I'm in my dream home. It's a Saturday morning and I feel so relaxed, comfortable and satisfied, and it is beautiful. Outside temperature is perfect." And again, you can go back to your setting a little bit. You want to always use your environment and your feeling as a kind of two partners dancing with each other. That will really get you into the creative place and tap into your internal manifesting genius.

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The 3rd step or element is people. 

Often when people do their scripting, they only write about themselves. we're social animals we need other people to share certain feelings. So once you can describe how you feel in that environment, in that situation, You also have to bring in people who you will be sharing with your dream life. These people will help you enhance those emotions. Those people could be your friends, acquaintances, family or it could be imaginary people. 

Like when I was scripting for my dream relationship, I did not know my husband yet, so I was just writing about my perfect partner in my dream relationship, my dream marriage. It doesn't have to be an actual person, but it has to be someone with a distinct role in your story.

The 4th step or element is to fill in the details.

Everything is in the details and I want you to really use your creative ability and think about anything that you can think of that you can fill in the story and make it more real.

The reason why scripting can be so powerful because you can put your mind to feel that you're really in that situation. If you're just writing a fantasy story, your subconscious mind will respond to, "this is not going to happen." You have to bring in some of the details that you already have and put that in your story.

For example, when I was writing about my dream home, I had a cup that I really like to use to drink tea. Every day I would write about that cup. I was taking what I already had in my life into where I will be living or work into what I would like to manifest. These little details serve as a bridge between your current reality and your dream reality. It's very important to add the details.

The 5th step or element is gratitude.

You always want to end your scripting with gratitude. It could be expressing gratitude for yourself, expressing gratitude for the people, or it could be gratitude toward God, toward the universe. Remember, gratitude is the catalyst that will take you from where you are in your current reality to your desired reality. 

Make sure you and your scripting have gratitude and genuine gratitude. not just empty words, but think of things that you are truly grateful for. Thank the universe in advance.

Remember, this is a very creative process and there are no right or wrong ways to do it. Make sure you let your imagination flow and really visualize what you want to happen in your dream life.

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    This is great, actually every morning as I get up I worship lord Buddha and I do some scriptings ,your video encouraged me very much .Thanks a lot

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