How I Manifested $10,165.46 with Nikola Tesla Code 369 Method

Today. Let's talk about how to manifest anything you want in 17 seconds and leverage the Nikola Tesla secret divine codes 3,6 and 9.

I was able to manifest over $10,000! Now let's talk about how exactly you can do it.

A few years ago I came across the work of Nikola Tesla. I learned that this man is a brilliant, brilliant scientist and inventor, and without his invention, our world wouldn't function the way it is today.  Also, it is said that he has done some amazing work in the field of time travel.

Nikola Tesla is divinely inspired to unveil the secrets of the universe. I don't know if you have heard of his secret code.

According to Nikola Tesla, numbers three (3), six(6) and nine (9) are divine numbers. These numbers are encoded in our numbers system and they reflect the quality of the divine.

What is the quality of the divine? Indestructible. It is said that a circle has 360 degrees, three plus six is nine (3+6=9) and no matter how many times you divide the circle, you always get the number of either three or six or nine.

I don't want to go into the mathematical details of this, but this idea really fascinates me. I have been asking my spirit guide to show me a way to really leverage these numbers In my day to day manifestation technique.  A few months ago I was inspired to create this method. I call it Tesla Code 369 method.

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I combined the power of 3,6,9 with Abraham's 17-second rule. According to Abraham, if you focus on a thought for as long as 17 seconds, that thought starts to attract other thoughts and other energy forms to make these thoughts bigger. If you could hold it for 68 seconds, manifestation will begin.

So that is the power of 17 seconds.  Interestingly,  Seven minus one is six (7-1=6) So you see the divine is always speaking to us. It always depends on whether or not you want to listen to it.

I tested it for 33 days and here are my results.

I set out an intention to manifest some unexpected financial abundance and I was able to manifest over $10,000! Now let's talk about how to do this for yourself in order to get started. Let's go back to Abraham Hicks 17 second rule.

Remember, when you hold a thought for 17 seconds, that thought is going to gain momentum. Actually here we don't need to do something for exactly 17 seconds. You don't really need a timer, but make sure that your thought is going to last longer than 17 seconds. So what I do is I will craft a statement and when I write that statement, that statement should last longer than 17 seconds.

For example, if your goal is to manifest a dream job. Instead of saying " I want to manifest a dream job" ,  what you want to do is say, "thank you"- Remember, always start with gratitude. "Thank you for this amazing job that brings satisfaction, joy, financial freedom, and love and amazing people into my life."

When you're writing a statement like this, remember I mentioned a lot of feelings  States, right? like joy, amazing people, financial freedom, whatever you can associate with this dream job. That's crucial. Often, The Reason why you are having trouble manifesting what you want is that your feeling States are not amplified, So with this statement, your goal is to amplify that positive feeling place by focusing on the essence of what you want.

This is really the starting point of this technique - it's also the start point of any technique. When you are writing it, the writing will take longer than 17 seconds.

So now you have it. Every morning when you get up, you're going to write it three times. And when you're writing, make sure that you focus on the feeling. When you are writing it, imagine yourself, visualize yourself being in your dream job, in your dream relationship. Whatever you are manifesting, you have to get yourself in that being place. Write 3 times.

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Now we're leveraging the secret code three. We're using three to initiate this 17-second magic. 

Now sometime during the day. I prefer lunchtime. I'll take out my notebook. Again, I'm going to write this statement six times. When you're writing this time, you're going to feel that the energy will be different because you already initiated the energy in the morning. You may think that when you activate a desire and you let go of it, the desire is no longer there. You may think that only when you're consciously focusing on it, it's manifesting. That's far from the truth.

It's very important to get in the feeling place, the positive being essence, feeling place and then get out and completely let go.

And then sometime around lunchtime,  It doesn't have to be precise. Sometime during the day you can, when you find a moment, write your statement six times.

This time we're leveraging the secret code six.  Remember what you have already initiated in the morning is still working, and now we're amplifying it six times. So you do that six times and you get in the feeling place and after you're done, simply get out and then before bed, this is going to be your last rounds of writing this statement.

You're going to write it nine times again. This time you want to get in the feeling place and then get out. Preferably you do this right before your bedtime. That way you can go into your dream state, going to your sleep state with the positive feeling that you have generated.

If you want, get yourself a notebook and dedicated this notebook to this practice.

So in the morning, you initiate your manifestation with secret code three and sometime during the day you amplify your manifestation by using six and before bed at night, you complete your manifestation using the secret code Nine.

Three, six and nine will be embedded in your manifestation energy This will amplify your power in manifesting your dream life, and make whatever you wish to manifest come to you much faster, much more effective, much more in alignment with the rhythm of the universe.

Remember, every day you are completing a circle of three, six and nine.

I have personally tried this, and this is the most powerful manifestation technique that I have ever tried and I highly, highly recommend that you try it!

If you could do it 33 days, which adds up to six or 45 days, which adds up to a nine, you are going to see your life transform.


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  • i do not understand : focus on a thought for as long as 17 second !!
    how many time I can use 17 sec at a time ?? 17 sec for x 3 time or 1 time ?

    Saurav J.
  • This WORKS I used this rule to speak to a guy, I broke his heart to the point he hated me. Didn’t speak to him for a long time. Today he followed my instagram. I tried again with someone else and they messaged me for the first time in two years. IT WORKS. Thank you for this.

    Annie Bailey
  • HELLO AND WHAT I GET FROM IT IS 369(12=3, 4+5=9,7+8=6(15=1+5)), SO 369= 1245789.

  • Thank you for sharing this.
    After I finished reading your article, I glanced at the time and its 19:39 and my batteries on 36%. I had already decided by half way through I’m starting in the morning and that was definitely my confirmation… So excited!!
    Thank you 💜

  • Thank you for sharing this application of the 3-6-9 Tesla code. I’ve been looking for a way to apply it to speed up my manifestations. I am so grateful. Blessings upon you and yours.


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