How To Triple The Result of Tesla Code 3-6-9 Technique in 5 Minutes

In today's blog post, I want to show you a way to Triple the result of your 3-6-9 Tesla code method. And what's even better is that this technique only takes about five minutes a day.

I introduced the Tesla code 3-6-9 manifesting technique here in our gratitude tribe. And I know that a lot of you are currently practicing it and if you don't know what it is, read this blog post to learn about it!

if you're practicing it, you are probably already seeing some results. Now, no matter where you are in your cycle, no matter if you are almost completing your 33 days, or you just got started, you can use this technique.  I'll be sharing this with you today as a booster to your 3-6-9 technique.

Before we go into this booster technique, I want to introduce you to a concept called your 3-Point of power. First of all, let's focus on number 3.

3 is the beginning of the Tesla code, right? 3 is really a number that represents  foundation and stability.

A triangle is considered the strongest geometric shape of the whole universe.

Even in the Christian religion, they talk about Trinity, And that is represented by this triangle.

So I want you to visualize your entire manifestation practice as a strong triangle.

your first point of power will be the 3-6-9 manifesting method.

So, what are the other two?

I want you to think about this: we want to use two other practices to enhance the power of 3-6-9 and make them blend into a booster technique.

 Watch the full video here:

One is scripting and the other is meditation.

Now you may be asking, how can we blend the scripting and meditation with 3-6-9? Is that going to take too much time? I can't spend the whole day doing this! 

So here's the solution: We're going to spend only five minutes a day. If you already have completed your 33 days of writing your 17-second statement, I want you to just stop writing and start practicing this booster technique only 5 minutes a day.

But if you are still working on your 33 days, use this technique to add it on top of what you're already doing.

First of all, know that we need a little additional time other than the five minutes a day to create your script.

Remember, you already have your 17-second statement from 3-6-9 method, right?

So that statement is typically pretty concise and I don't think you have a super, super long statement.

Now I want you to take that statement and put it on a piece of paper. What I want you to do is to take your statement and elaborate on it. Spend some time to create your manifestation script. Create a story of what your life would look like if your goal has already been achieved.

If you don't know how to do scripting, I do have another video talking about how to bring out the magic in scripting. Make sure you watch this video:

Create your vivid script and write about who is going to be in the story, how you will be feeling in your future life, and every single thing that you can think of - put it into a script. And if possible, write it with a pen and paper.

if you want to just type it or write it on your phone, it's okay. But I always prefer writing it down with pen and paper.

for now, we can shift to the other point of power, which is meditation.

So what I want you to do is to light three candles in front of you and sit with your back straight in a meditation position, relax and put your script near you. Breathe in and breathe out a few times to relax then close your eyes. When you're already relaxed, hold your script close to your heart.

Have it be right on your heart.

Why do we do that?

Your heart is a powerful energy center. Your heart is actually the Chakra that is manifesting!

A lot of people think that you are manifesting with your brain. That's not true. You're manifesting with your heart because your emotions and feelings are from your heart.

And these are the energies that will turn thoughts into reality.

Now, you're going to breathe in your dream, then breathe out all your resistance. take a deep breath: Inhale your dreams and exhale your resistance.

Now in your mind's eye, you can visualize that the script is going to multiply in power by 2, then by 3.

you're going to be surrounded by three scripts that will be shaped like a triangle then sit in the middle.


after you feel comfortable, you're going to see that these scripts multiply again.

You're going to see yourself being surrounded by six scripts.

You can visualize each one of them emitting power and light.

And once you take a few breaths again,

you're going to see your script multiply again into nine,

and you're going to be surrounded by your nine scripts, each emitting tremendous power, and energy.

Now you can visualize all the words in your script.

Remember that you're still holding it to your heart, but in your mind's eye, just visualize that the words coming out of the paper or the phone or wherever you wrote it.

The words will turn into energy.  

Then the energy you visualize will turn into matter or physical reality.

We just went over 3 steps of manifestation.

We start with words and we turn words into energy, and then we turn energy into physical reality.

Actually, the universe turns energy into reality, right?  And you are a part of the universe, You are co-creating. So that is how everything is created in our universe and you're just facilitating this 3 step process.

This is your five-minute visualization. 

You may be wondering, well, can I just do this practice instead of 3-6-9?

Absolutely you can do it. But, I find it more effective if I use this as a booster of my existing 3-6-9 method.

If you don't have time to do 3-6-9 just do this once a day. If you have already completed a whole 33-day cycle or 45-day cycle of your 3-6-9 method, you can just let go of that for a little while and focus on this meditation.

how long do you need to do it?  

Since it only takes five minutes, I would recommend you to build this into my daily routine. I'm actually doing it every day for as long as I feel like doing it. And if you want to set a time limit for yourself, feel free to do it for 33 days or 21 days. To enhance your results, play our "Manifest New Reality" subliminal (see below) in the background while you meditate!

Keep manifesting and enjoy the process!


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