How to Test Quantum Jumping & Shift into a Desired Parallel Reality?

Author: Stacy Taylor

Would you like to jump into a parallel reality where your dream life already exists?

Quantum Jumping is a notion out of the study of quantum physics, which teaches there is no concept of time and space. In other words, what we experience through our five senses is a filtered, quantum reality of vast open spaces, not true reality.

According to the theory of quantum physics, we don’t create our lives we are choosing them. In our perception, there is yesterday, today and tomorrow, but in quantum reality, there is only one time, which is now. In addition, every situation you can possibly imagine can be found in an infinite number of parallel realities that exist simultaneously at this moment.  

For example, a lawyer has many options for a career path. She can work for a big firm, open her own firm, work in the legal department of a large corporation or work for the District Attorney. She can even get a medical degree and become an expert in malpractice cases or decide being a law professor is her dream. 

In the world of infinite parallel realities, each of these scenarios already exists. In one she’s a law professor and in another, she’s the District Attorney, and so on. She chooses the path she desires, becomes a vibrational match to that path, and simply jumps from her current reality to that chosen one. 

Since you are reading this post, you might watch YouTube videos related to manifesting and living your best life. Do you ever notice similar content or videos from the same channel appearing automatically in your feed? This is because YouTube is a database. The algorithm understands your interest in this content, therefore delivers more of what you are interested in. All databases work the same and the Universe is just a giant database.


Do this experiment. Search YouTube for one random subject totally unrelated to what we are discussing here. It could be making homemade dog food or learning to speed read.  You will notice your search returns a list of related videos. 

For the next three days, watch only videos related to this one random, unrelated subject matter. You will quickly see similar videos appear in your feed. After a week or two, 80% of your feed will consist of videos related to this random subject. This is because YouTube is made up of millions of different videos about any subject you can think of, that are available right now, and it wants to deliver those videos you are interested in watching.

In comparison, the Universe is made up of an infinite number of realities coexisting in the now. When your vibration matches one of these realities, the Universal algorithm, so to speak, gives you what you want.

Suppose you start to feel negative emotions after watching these videos. You decide to stop watching, but some are enticing and you can’t seem to pull yourself away. You begin to feel stuck. This is what it’s like to exist in a negative reality. 

You decide to ignore these videos and begin a new search for more positive content. In the beginning, It’s hard there’s not much change in your feed. With persistence, however, the positive content eventually replaces the negative and you start feeling better. 

Let’s look at the steps for jumping consciously from one reality to another.

  1. Realize how random and fluid your reality is. Don’t dwell on being stuck where you are. This negativity will become active in your vibration and you will be unable to free yourself from your current reality.
  2. Choose your new reality. Every day visualize yourself inside your new reality and have absolute faith that this new dream life already exists, even in difficult times. When you are feeling it, you are in it. Be persistent and don’t give up. That is when the shift takes place. 
  3. Offer gratitude to your current reality. When you are trying too hard to push away your current reality you are making it much more powerful. Blessing it and embracing where you now allow you to cut the ties with your unwanted reality, affirming you have learned valuable lessons and you are ready to move on.

Life is a moment to moment choice-making process. In each moment, you are choosing your reality out of an infinite number of possibilities.

When you can truly and completely embrace where you are right now, it is much easier to shift into a feeling place of higher vibration that is more joyful. That feeling place of joy is your new reality. When you are emotionally there, and you aren’t bothered by the things around you, watch the amazing things that happen in your life. 

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    This is a very interesting concept and perspective… Thanks for sharing! Life is all about your perspective and attitude, and for making great memories!!!

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