Ibtissem's Success Story After Taking our Choosing Abundance Course!

Today I'd like to share an exciting success story from Ibtissem. She started her journey with my choosing abundance program just a little over a month ago. In fact, her story is not a surprise to me. I know that when you set your energy right (which the program helps you do step-by-step), you will see your reality shifting! You just can't help it!

Hello, Dear Karin, 
It's been a while and I wanted to write this email for you, to thank you for everything you did for me, thanks to your amazing Youtube channel, and your choosing abundance program, my whole life has changed, I'm talking about positive change.
When I started choosing the abundance program my whole focus was on meeting my fearless manifestation genius self, and I stop worrying about things, and money and the right people coming to me, and I had to confess that dealing with the negative energy that was within me was a challenge in the first place, but later I've learned to deal with it, and accept it and never resist anything, and I was too much focused on living the whole experience of choosing abundance as a new way of life, it's a dream, a sweet process you go through and enjoy every single minute of.
when I woke up of this beautiful dream I found my family offering 1000euro as a sort of help to invest in my career, and my university offering 2000euro that I don't even know for what reason, I can't tell you how happy I was receiving this considerably fair amount of money, and I am deeply thankful that money keeps literally coming to my way everywhere.
Not just that, I have met this adorable Italian friend while staying in Italy, and as my house contract expired, she offered me a room in her unbelievably sweet house with her boyfriend, and she insisted that I stay with her until my life is totally balanced, now I joined them and they became my family here.  I am so happy dear Karin , the right people seem to come to my way, everyone is offering to help me realize my dream, everyone is happy to host me, everyone is helping me get a sustainable job so I can go to fashion school in Milan, I'm just so happy and so ready to totally go for it now, and I know it is on the way. beautiful things are on the way to me, I can feel all of them.
I'm gonna update you with everything because I'm sure there will be so many beautiful things I'll be sharing soon with my beautiful abundance and gratitude tribe ❤️  
Want to learn more about manifesting money? Below is the transcript from my recent video: How to never be poor again.

Let's talk about how to never be poor again.

2020 is the beginning of a new cycle, it means we're starting a new decade. So everything is pointing to a new beginning; the beginning of the new cycle and a perfect time for you to start making some new decisions.

Let's focus on how to manifest the reality of never be poor again. If you feel poor right now hopefully through this blog post, you can start making a new decision and start to declare that you are willing to step into a new reality. This is a perfect portal to step into prosperity. 

Did you know in Chinese tradition, they wish each other prosperity when they first meet during the Chinese new year celebration? They do that for a reason that the new year comes with a lot of new energy. The universe is giving you fresh energy to recreate your life.

Now, I'm going to give you 5 STEPS on how to never be poor again. Make sure to follow these steps consistently. Once you follow them, you will be stepping into a new reality; the reality of abundance and prosperity.

Watch the full video here:


STEP 1: Tap-into this inexhaustible and abundant energy of the universe.

If you feel poor, it's not because you don't have the opportunities or something is wrong with you. The only reason that you feel poor or you live poor is because you're not connected to the true nature of the universe.

What is the true nature of the universe? Inexhaustible Abundance.

Let me ask you a question. When you are breathing, you don't worry about running out of oxygen, right? You just breathe. You never hold this air and stop breathing. The air is part of this universe. We have an abundance of air, We have an abundance of sunshine and in this universe, the energy of abundance is just like the sunshine and air.

All you need to do is tap into the energy given to you by the universe. You need to be part of this. When you are tapped into this energy, you will feel different, you are going to have new inspirations, you are going to be driven to create value. And that's how you're going to manifest all the money into your life.

So how do you do that throughout the day? 

Simply clear your mind and ask the universe to guide you to feel abundant and always look for evidence of abundance.

Look for the abundance of air, the abundance of water, the abundance of sunshine, the abundance of kindness from people around you, the abundance of laughter. When you pay attention to the abundance of things around you, you are tapping into the universal energy of abundance. 

Ask the universe to help you reconnect and you can visualize yourself reconnecting into the universal energy of abundance. 

STEP 2: Understand the nature of money.

You may be asking, what is the nature of money? you may be answering Money is all I need, I need money to buy stuff. Well, that's just the superficial meaning of money. Money is a vehicle to help you exchange value. Before money was created; people were exchanging actual commodities. But today with more advanced technology, we're trading money with things or value.

So why was money created? There has to be a value that the money is representing. If you want to have money, you have to give value because money is a representation of value. The more value you create, the more money you make.

Look within and ask yourself:  "what value do I bring to the world? How do I increase this value? How do I improve the quality of the value I created?"

For example, you have a job, but you really hate it, you just do the bare minimum to get paid. But think about that bare minimum is still creating value. What if tomorrow you go to work and you start to really apply yourself, you start to really be the best in your field. When you do that, your energy is going to shift, you're going to attract new opportunities, you will attract more money. If you're in your own business, Think about how you can add value to your customers and that's the only way you can attract a prosperous business. And that's what I am praying for, what I'm focusing on every single day in my own business.

Once you start to tap into the universal stream of abundance and add more value, you are going to see the opportunities coming into your life and as soon as you see some money coming into your life. 

STEP 3: Put giving as part of your budget.

you may be saying: "I am making a little money, I can barely get by, I can barely buy enough food and keep the lights on. I don't have money to give"  Well, that is wrong because when you're hoarding money, when you are thinking that money is not enough, You're sending out this energy of lack to the universe. When you say you don't have it, you're cutting yourself off to the universal abundance.

For example, you can give away a couple of dollars every month, no matter how much you make, you can always squeeze out just a little bit to help other people. Give a few dollars to the homeless people on the street every month or go to and find a campaign. Give a few dollars to someone you feel that you can help. By practicing this energy of giving, you are increasing the flow of money into your life. That's why as soon as I start to give my nine-year-old son some money every month for candies and school supplies, I advise him to give a portion of his money to other people, by doing that he can develop the habit of giving. No matter how small it is, it may be just a few dollars a month. But giving is giving. Learn how to give and you will know how to earn.

STEP 4:  Circulate money, Not spend money.

What do I mean by that? Are there times when you don't have a lot of money then every time you spent it, you have this cringing feeling inside,? I want you to change that feeling into; "I am circulating money out of my energy field, and by circulating I am receiving more back."

When you're breathing, you're breathing in and out. When you're breathing out you're circulating money out and where you're breathing in you're receiving, remember if you feel like you can't part with your money, the universe is going to reflect that energy back to you.

So every time you need to circulate your money, Say this: "I am using this money to help the world to be a better place" 

When you are spending in a grocery store to buy food, your money is going to pay these people to have a job, right? 

Every dollar you spend has a noble cause, tap into that daily. Remember every time you circulate money, you affirm to yourself that you are circulating, and everything you circulate, helps the world to be a better place. Surely, It will always come back to you 10 folds. So remember this affirmation: "I circulate money. Everything I circulate comes back to me in 10 folds. "

I learned this tip from the late Reverend Ike and I think this is probably one of the most important lessons I've learned about money and wealth.

STEP 5: Create wealth anchors in your house. 

What is a wealth anchor? Find something that represents money to you.

For example, I like to have some cash laying around all the time; You can go to Amazon and buy "play money".  I have an "abundance egg" in my house. This is basically a jar. Whenever I have cash or change I put it in there, and whenever I travel to a different country and kept some cash from that country, I put it in there. Now my abundance egg is filled with currencies from all over the world. Simply b looking at it reminds me to feel abundant. When I see it, my subconscious mind gets a signal and that signal starts to create my reality.

So, It is important to have a wealth anchor.

I also want to give you a couple of bonus points. Once you do these 5 STEPS the maximum thing that will happen to you is to be inspired to create more value throughout the work you do or the business you round or be divinely guided to great opportunities or great people.

Pay attention: Once your energy has shifted, your physical reality will also shift. Pay attention to signals, Pay attention to signs, pay attention to things that are in your life, things that people around you talk about. And that's when you know the universe is telling you your wealth consciousness is expanding.

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