How to Manifest What You Want 10X Faster?

Author: Stacy Taylor

Would you like to manifest your desires 10X faster? Do you feel your desires take too long to manifest or they are not manifesting at all? Are you consistently using techniques like the 55 x 5 and nothing is happening?

The reality is, when you launch a pure heartfelt desire, not a will to escape from something you don’t desire, that true desire is instantly shot into the Universe to a vibrational reality or parallel reality that already exists. You need only let it in by becoming a vibrational match to the reality you desire.

Keep in mind there may be a buffer of time before our desires manifest, giving our brains time to make sense of the process.

Simple things such as food, parking spaces or text message are easy to quickly manifest. These are the types of things we don’t place a lot of importance on.

Your mind places greater importance on meeting your soul mate or finding your dream job, therefore it may take more time for your brain to become a vibrational match to these desires. One key to speeding up this buffer of time is to release any resistance.

How do we do this? In addition to scripting and visualizing already having what you desire, you can also script that you will be happy even if your desire does not manifest. 

Often when manifesting, we come from a place of desperation. Writing that you will be fine either way helps to change any negative subconscious programming. 



Let’s say you want to manifest your soul mate. Spend time visualizing how great if would feel to fall in love and spend quality time with that person, but also spend time writing about the worthwhile things you can do in your life as a single person, such as friends, career, and travel. At first, it may feel disappointing to consider life without your soul mate, but if you fully embrace that you can still live a full and happy life, you can relax and come from a place of peace, not desperation.

Don’t be scared to script about not manifesting your desire. If you’re afraid, that means you have some underlying resistance and you’re not letting go. Completely letting go means you will be okay even if you don’t get what you desire. If you do have resistance, this exercise is appropriate for you.

Fear and resistance often attract negative situations. Writing about it in a neutral tone, saying you’re okay even if your desire doesn’t happen, takes the charge off out of the situation.

The next step is action. In order to find your soul mate, you need to make yourself available an get out and meet people. Feeling a sense of peace even if you don’t meet that one special person, takes the pressure off. You are still likely to meet great people and make wonderful new friends. These things are not possible if you don’t devote time and energy to taking action. This is the key to manifesting your desires.

The final step is gratitude. Script how grateful you will still be even if you don’t manifest your desire. You may think you can’t be grateful for not getting what you want, but gratitude for being okay will help you manifest what you want easily and quickly. 

Only your mind can create negative, toxic situations, and coming from a place of desperation will only manifest more desperation into your life. The Universe wants you to be happy. The Universe supports your desires. Letting go and allowing the Universe to do its work is a very powerful place to be.

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