How To Manifest Super Fast Without Letting Go?

Today. I want to show you how to manifest super fast without letting go.

What you need to know:

I think I can safely say that 100% of the law of attraction teachers out there, including myself, have taught you this: All you need to do to manifest is to focus on what you want, and let go. 

Let go of what? Let go of the attachment; let go of negativity; let go of your desperation. Then everything you want will come to you super fast. 

Every time someone asks me, "how come my manifestation is not coming fast enough?" I always answer with,"because you're not letting go." Then they say, "I understand how it works, but I just can't let go...I still have a lot of negativity...I still have a lot of past programming, prohibiting me from letting go."

One day I was meditating, and I asked my guides, "If this letting go business is so hard, then what's the point of teaching this? Isn't there a way to manifest without having to let go? Do we not deserve what we want in spite of all the baggage we carry with us?"

Here's the answer I received: "It is entirely possible to manifest what we want in spite of the negativity we carry within us, and in spite of the desperation we carry with us, but there is one step we're missing."

Once I realized this, everything became wide open and super clear. I realized that there is a way to manifest anything you want without letting go. It is completely possible.

Today, I'm going to give you a 3 step process, and a bonus step, to help you manifest super fast without letting go. Why do I say manifest "super fast?" Because when you feel you're not manifesting fast enough, it's often because you are so hung up on this idea that you have to let go, and by getting attached to this idea, you're actually clinging so much harder than needed! The result is that you manifest very slowly. Once you clear up this clinging, you can manifest much faster.

3 Steps to Manifest Without Letting Go

1. Replace worry and desperation with faith.

I don't know if you have any kind of faith. Do you have a religion that you devote yourself to, or do you believe in something bigger than yourself? My blog is not about any specific religion. I welcome everyone from all belief systems. However, I think to make this whole thing work, if can be helpful for you to believe in something that is greater than yourself - A higher power, so to speak.

You can call it God, or you can call it the universe, or you can just call it the goodness or fundamental good of human nature. Whatever you call it, you must believe that there is something bigger than you - bigger than your conscious mind. That is what my blogs are all about.

In spite of your fear, in spite of your worry, in spite of your desperation, if you believe in the higher power, and you surrender to that, what you want can still come to you without "letting go."

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is when Jesus prayed in the olive garden. If you are not a Christian, you may not be familiar with this story. So basically before Jesus was crucified, his egoistic mind didn't want this to happen. So he went into the olive garden and he said, "Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will." I truly believe that this is one of the most powerful prayers in our entire human history.

Here, Jesus Christ showed himself as a vulnerable human being. He's not this Godly, all powerful being - it shows that he is just a human being. He's very honest and humble about how he's feeling, but at the same time, he's aligning himself with this power that is much bigger than his egoistic mind.

Remember the Christ consciousness also embraces the human consciousness. All you need to do is say, "I acknowledge that I have desperation in me, I have impatience, and I'm okay with it. I'm going to open myself to this greater power. " If you can truly do that, all of your desperation, negativity, and disbelief, will fade to some degree because your egoistic consciousness is so much smaller than the greater you. So essentially, faith is much more powerful energetically, than ego's negativity. 

Instead of focusing on how you can force yourself to let go, why don't you focus on your faith in your greater power? Once you shift your focus you're naturally letting go. So letting go is not something you need to do. Remember letting go is just a result of you opening your energy to a higher power, and letting the divine come in so that you can see the result of your letting go.

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2. Start making a list of everything you have, and tell yourself you are happy with these things. 

This is essentially a gratitude list. This is writing a gratitude journal and just being happy and content with what you have. A lot of people come to me and say, "Karen, I don't have money. I want to manifest money. And no matter what I do it doesn't come to me." 

My first question to them is always, "Are you really grateful for what you do have? Are you really grateful for the money you have from this point on? If you're trying to manifest money, start to cherish every single little coin you have."

In many cases, I've come across people who claim to be broke but they don't appreciate whatever amount of money they DO have. They often have coins laying all over the place. This tells the universe that they are not cherishing small money. When they don't cherish small money, big money will not come. This is because money is money - small or large amounts are a result of the same energy.

If I see a coin on the floor, I pick it up and I say, "thank you universe. Thank you for giving me money." This act alone will help you manifest more money simply because you're telling the universe that you are cherishing this particular element or energy in your life.

Remember that in the eyes of the universe, there is no big or small - only your conscious mind - or ego mind - makes that distinction. From universal perspective, giving you a dollar, or giving you $10,000, or $10 million, doesn't make a difference. So my question to you is "Are you really happy and grateful for whatever money you have already?" If you're trying to manifest love, the same rule applies - ask yourself, "Do you love yourself?" If you struggle with this I suggest you practice loving what you already have because that alone will amplify everything. This will make everything you want come to you more easily, because now you're telling the universe that you want this.

When you're rejecting small amounts (small, according to ego mind) of what you think is lacking in your life, you're basically telling the universe that you don't want it. That is why is doesn't manifest. This is very important:  Make sure that you write a list of everything you want. If you think something is lacking, look at what you already have and show gratitude. Don't just write about gratitude - try to feel truly grateful. Once you really choose gratitude, everything you want will choose you.

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3. Get excited about what you want!

I want you to think of a time when you are just about to go on trip. In that feeling place, are you desperate for the trip? No, because you know that tomorrow you're going! At the same time, you don't know exactly what you'll experience on the trip. You don't know what destination will truly look like. You don't know how exactly you're going to feel on this trip. That's why you're excited, right? So I want you to start feeling that way about want you want to manifest. 

Once you start feeling excited, you're not going to be as desperate. Too much desperation tells the universe, "I don't have this thing." Excitement tells the universe, "I'm so looking forward to having this thing!"

So instead of feeling like, "I need to get rid of my current situation," try to feel instead, "I'm excited about my new life. I can't wait to live my dream life!" Once you tune into that excitement, everything will start coming to you naturally and quickly.


> Simply stay in the present moment and be at peace with the present moment.

When you resent something happening now, you're trying to step out of that moment. When you're in this current moment and accepting it fully, you're basically saying, "I acknowledge that this is the life I'm living right now. And I have the power to choose my next moment."

Remember that you always have the power to choose your next moment. In the moment that you're already in however, all your power should be in the now. All your power to choose hinges on your ability to fully accept the present. This goes back to our second step above - try to be content where you are, or at least accept it fully.


Know that you're moving faster toward a place that is even better, because that is the nature of the universe. You see, you're building momentum - the momentum needed to live better and better - happier and happier! That is the life you deserve to live!

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