How to Manifest Anything You Want Without Having To Be Positive All The Time

In today's post, let's talk about how to manifest anything you want without having to be positive 24/7.

I often hear people say that the key to manifesting anything is to just be positive. When you have a down day, your "perfectionist" law of attraction practitioners could say,"You just need to be more positive". This is true, and not true. When you are going through a hard time, it's almost a little bit insulting to be told "just stay positive," right? Sometimes I receive messages from my gratitude tribe members, and they say they are going through a personal tragedy, and they ask me how to stay positive.

If you are being abused or you're suffering a loss, and you asked me, how come I'm not positive? You know what? If you are happy and smiling when someone you love the most just left you, or if you're being physically abused and you're like, haha, this is great - That's not a perfect manifestor. That is a psychopath. Trying to stay positive is not wrong either. BUT, I don't want you to be afraid of your "not so positive" moments in life - that is key. I don't know if you have watched the movie "Inside Out." It's an animated film which deals with why we have negative emotions, and what we need to do with them. Dr Deepak Chopra once said, "it is impossible to keep a positive mind 24/7, however, it is possible to keep a peaceful mind."

Think about it: Can you just jump for joy 24/7? Probably not! However, through your practice, through more meditation, through more tapping into the essence of what you want, you are going to become more and more in touch with the deepest and wisest part of yourself - your higher self - and you're going to have more and more inner peace. As you have more and more inner peace, you're going to manifest more and more life experiences that are peaceful - that are pleasant - so that you don't get triggered to feel negative, tired, annoyed, or angry as often.

Just ponder that. Let me show you three steps to start manifesting anything you want without fighting to stay positive. Just drop the idea of you having to be positive 24/7.

Number one is to really understand this: One moment of gratitude, one moment of being centered with who you are, is going to cancel out a thousand moments of feeling not so good, or not so positive. Why is this so?

I remember once Dr. Greg Braden did a prayer experiment. I remember hearing him speaking about this in a speech.  In a city, they gathered a group of spiritual masters from different religions, different faiths, and he had them all pray together for an extended period of time.  And during that time, the crime rate of that city dropped significantly. It's impossible for that to be a coincidence. So think about it: when the spiritual masters are generating peaceful and grateful energy, there are also criminals in the city, right? However, just this small group of people generating higher energy is canceling out a lot of lower energy.

So what I want to say here is don't be so afraid of your own negativity. Don't be so afraid of sometimes not being so positive. It is Okay. What you need to do is to understand the power of your being, understand the power of gratitude, and know that you don't have to be positive 24/7.

Let's say in the morning you're able to step into the power of gratitude and then you go to work and something happens and you lose it. It doesn't mean that everything you did in the morning was canceled out and you have to start from scratch. It means that you'll just put a temporary brake on your manifestation and when you come around, and you start to step into the essence of what you want again, guess what? You just continue from where you left off.

So don't make this more complicated than it needs to be. A lot of times the reason why you stay stuck in negativity is that you keep blaming yourself for staying stuck. And you keep thinking that you know there's something wrong with you and you have to find some magic pill to take to be positive 24/7 - it's not like that.

Step two is to start focusing more on moments in life where you can feel at peace, where you can feel grateful. You don't have to go to that place of jumping up and down with excitement  -  that's great, but know that you don't have to be there all the time.

All you need to do is to give more and more attention to peace, learn to focus more and more on the peaceful aspect of yourself. And as you give more attention to this part of your life, it will grow. You will naturally not trigger as much negativity.

Step number three is a really, really important. So pay attention. There is a difference between negative thoughts and negative emotions. You may think thoughts and emotions are the same, but they are not. Emotions are energy in motion. Emotions can be felt in the body. So when we are practicing law of attraction, what you want to invoke is emotion, not just thoughts. Let's say you're trying to invoke a positive emotion such as love, joy, or gratitude. When you try to invoke these emotions, you want to feel it in your heart. You want to feel almost like you are a little teary-eyed. You feel the energy moving in your body. That is when your law of attraction practice is working.

Likewise, when you feel sad, you feel it in your body. You want to cry. So here's something that I really want you to know. Negative emotion is actually not detrimental to your manifestation. What's detrimental is negative thought patterns. What do I mean by that? Let's say something tragic happened, You lost a loved one and your reaction to it is an overpowering emotion of sadness, right? This emotion alone is not really bad. It's just the energy moving and you're reacting to something that just happened. And when you have a negative emotion, it's usually your soul crying out and asking you to embrace yourself for healing. So when you're feeling sad, when you're feeling this negative emotion moving in your body, you feel like crying, just give yourself a hug. And tell yourself, I understand. It's okay.  We're going to get through this.

When I'm experiencing anything like that, the first thing I do is I pull out a piece of paper, I started writing how I'm really feeling. I write about the feeling, the sadness, feeling frustrated, feeling like I have failed, feeling I'm small.... I just write down all of these emotions without judging them. That's the best way to heal. And that's the fastest way for you to turn this into the feeling of love and joy and gratitude. Remember, everything in the universe is made of the same material. All you need to do is to fully embrace your negative emotions and you can transform them. So don't be afraid of your negative emotions. However, what's more detrimental to your manifestation? It is negative thought patterns.

What's a negative thought pattern? It's a thought you keep thinking. If you think a particular thought all the time, the thought can be a judgmental thought. It could be a negative thought like self- hatred. You know those kinds of thoughts. When you keep thinking about them, the thoughts will become beliefs and beliefs will shape your reality. Your reality will create certain life experiences and that will trigger your negative emotion.

What we need to get rid of is not a negative emotion, because remember, it's just the product of your negative thoughts. Whenever you feel negative emotion, that's always a sign that there is some negative belief out there that's manifesting into your reality. That's basically what it is. It's just an alarm that goes off and you can't blame the alarm. Sometimes I cook something in the kitchen, I forgot to turn off the stove. When it gets too hot, the alarm rings off, right? Do I blame the alarm? No. What I do is to turn off the stove because the stove is the problem. In this analogy, the stove is your negative thoughts. Think for a moment: What kind of negative thoughts are creating your negative emotions? Awareness is Key! Do you have a negative thought, like "I'm such a loser." Sometimes these thoughts are just in your mind, you don't even realize you're thinking them, and you wonder why you're feeling so bad. So whenever you become aware of the thought, you see, you have the power to change the negative thoughts. You basically become aware of the thought and you replace it with a new one.

Just tell yourself, "I am going to switch this thought into a new thought, which is, 'I am always a winner. I am here to win.'" Just like that. So don't beat yourself up because when you beat yourself up, that's another negative pattern, right? You're like, "Oh, I'm no good. I'm not thinking right." Don't do that. Instead say, "you know what? I noticed that I'm aware that I'm not thinking the right thoughts. So I would like to replace this thought with a new thought, which is 'I'm okay with my negative emotion. I am willing to start thinking again.'" So once you are able to become aware of your thoughts and once you're able to always heal your negative emotions, you will become more and more at peace with yourself and you will need less and less healing. As you become more and more complete, as you become more and more aligned with your inner being, with who you really are, you naturally manifest anything you want. You naturally become a manifesting genius.

Let me know in the comment down below, what are some of the habitual negative thoughts that you keep thinking. Be willing to switch them into new thoughts and be willing to step into the power of inner peace and gratitude. 

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