How To Manifest A Dream Job- My secret formula and 3 advanced tips

In today's blog let's take a deeper dive into manifesting dream jobs.

First, make sure you watch this video below and learn my secret formula. If you prefer reading, the upcoming paragraphs will be a transcript of the video. 

If you've already watched this video, skip the video transcript, jump to the bottom of this post and read my 3 advanced tips!

I want to share with you my secret and my unusual way to manifest jobs. In the last 10 years of my corporate career, I have manifested three high income jobs, one after each other. Each time I was in the previous job when I was looking for the next better job, I was never fired or anything. And what's best with this is that, my success rate was 100% each time I just went on one interview with one employer and I got the job and each time ...I was able to drastically improve my income. So what is my secret? 

Are you in the process of looking for your dream job? Actually, your dream job evolves. That's been my experience. You know, I worked in the corporate job world for many, many years and I know that once I get a dream job, after few years, I feel like there's something better and I will try to get the next one. And it's really, really fun. The last three years, I have not really been in a job because I started my own business and I'm in a different kind of world. But it's always fun to look back and think about how I can help you manifest your dream job if that's what you're looking for. If you are into law of attraction, the typical approach to manifesting a dream job is obviously you visualize yourself having your dream job and maybe use a vision board, or do a script about what you want in your dream job, right?

And then you just let go and let the universe deliver the job to you. In a nutshell, that's how you manifest anything. My method is not in any contradiction to this traditional one, but it's a lot different. After I got my master's degree, I was looking for a job. I had a few months gap where I couldn't find a job. That was a very hard time of my life actually. Financially it was a big struggle .That was also the time when I first got to know Abraham Hicks teaching. I tried to use the traditional way to manifest a job, but here's my problem. I was very, very desperate for getting my new job. My rent was coming due and I had a lot of expenses, but I didn't have an income.

Since I had so much desperation, it was almost impossible for me to fully enjoy my vision of the new job. It was also very, very hard to let go of this. You know, when you're in the state of desperation, it's very hard to manifest anything no matter what method you use. You know that on this blog, I share a lot of different manifestation methods, they all work, but all of them are based on the same principle. You have to do them out of joy, out of fun, out of gratitude, not out of desperation. When you are trying to manifest a new job out of desperation, it just doesn't work. So that was what happened to me. I was listening to Abraham, but I just couldn't get myself to that place of, being perfectly fine where I was. At that time I was also single and I was trying to manifest a relationship. I just had a lot of stress. It was very, very hard to break out of my negativity pattern. One day I was sitting there doing my meditation and I suddenly started crying. I just felt so miserable. I felt that I have failed myself. I had gotten myself this education, but I was deeply in debt and I didn't know where my future was heading and I didn't know how I can add value to this world. And that moment I heard my spiritual guide asking me, do you really want to add value or do you just want to get a job and make more money? And I was thinking, Hmm... Even though on the surface I said that I wanted to add value, but a huge part --at least for at that time, a huge part of that was-- I really, really need a better income to pay rent.

I asked my spiritual guide, " If I can't even afford to live in my small apartment and then how can I add value? " I remember the answer I received was: just jump out of your own shoes and start thinking from the perspective of an employer. Fast forward many years I was in a position at my job to interview people.I have interviewed a lot of people and I noticed that almost everybody that I interviewed came from that mentality of me 13 years ago where I was begging for a new job. And at the time my spiritual guy told me that when you are in that desperate place, when you go to an interview, you actually carry that energy with you and your perspective employer can sense that.

At the time I didn't understand it, but when I was in the role of an employer or a interviewer, I actually sensed these people's energy. I realized how desperate they were. If I look at them from a different light, they were all brilliant people, but because they were so desperate for the job, they all appear to be timid. The message I received from my guides were: I have to see this whole thing through the eyes of my employer. What do yours your perspective employers think? They need to fulfill a function in their company and they want to find the best person for that function. They don't care how desperate you are. They want the person who can add the most value to that particular role they're looking ti fill.

Right. What my spiritual guide told me was that first I need to start figuring out what kind of value they're looking for and then start just being that value. Instead of just thinking, Oh, how nice would it be if I had the job? See that's all about me, me, me, that's very ego driven. And my spiritual guide told me to forget about what I need, what I want, but rather just ask what value are they looking for? What kind of quality are they looking for? Do I have these qualities? And when I'm at an interview, how am I going to present these qualities? So the next day when I started to look for job openings, I, instead of reading the job requirements, I started to sense what kind of value they are looking for. And I try to picture myself being the HR department, the hiring manager, and I visualize myself being them, and I visualize them interviewing me, and finding that I am the perfect person for this role, and I visualize them being happy to find me.

I think this is really, really important for anybody looking for anything. If you are trying to manifest a dream relationship, your dream partner is looking for you. If you're a business owner trying to manifest more clients, your dream clients are looking for you. So all you need to do is to really be at the right place and the right time and offer that value that they are looking for.

This way it became much easier for me to just have fun and visualize myself being this hiring manager and I'm finding the person, the perfect person that turned out to be me. I could have fun with that visualization. I started doing that and also I started to take inspired action to polish my resume, my cover letter, and myself introduction. When you go into a job interview, the first question they're gonna ask you is, tell me about yourself. I started to practice my self-introduction based on the value they are looking for and I was affirming every day that I am, ______(whatever value they are looking for ) To start affirming that is your second step. And the third step is to match their job description with your personal qualifications. Usually when somebody post a job opening, they have a clear idea on what kind of person they're looking for.

They usually have a list of qualifications. What I want you to do is to look at yourself and ask yourself, do I have these qualities? If you do, you need to make a list of your own qualifications and justify why you are the best person for that particular list. When you go in, present yourself, you say "you are looking for someone with this qualification and I do have it. You're looking for this education and I have it. You are looking for a team player. Here's an example why I'm a team player, I always give them really, really concrete examples.

Step one: visualization from their perspective.

Step two: affirming I end the value they're looking for.

Step three: take inspired action and practice my worldly skills to present myself.

Before I go into any kind of interview, I study the company, I visualize being a person who's going to interview me. And it's very interesting that each time when I interview with somebody, that particular person who would become my future boss, all had some kind of connection with me one way or another. It's almost like a divine intervention. So till this day I deeply and completely believe that your dream job, your dream boss is always there looking for you, but you really have to be in the right wavelength.

It's very similar to manifesting any kind of relationships. This is a relationship. You are manifesting a relationship with a future employer. And once you have all these steps, everything else comes easily.

Let me give you a few bonus tips. You can obviously have your vision board, and you can write about what you want from your job, what kind of people you want to work with, what kind of office you want to work in, you know, but all of them has to serve that one big question: do you have the value that they are looking for?

I know that you deserve your perfect job. So tell me in the comment down below what kind of value you think your dream job is looking for and why do you have that value? Practice that with me, with the gratitude tribe. I know you can do it!

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3 Advanced tips for manifesting your dream job 

Tip 1: visualize yourself completing your first big project at your dream job

What would be your first big project at your dream job? Write a detailed description of it. Then visualize how you are completing it with success. Have as much detail as possible. This is a much more powerful visualization than the one about getting hired.


You may be asking: I haven't even started, shouldn't I be visualizing a successful job interview? Well, when visualizing your first big project, you are sending a signal to your subconscious mind that getting the job part is done. This will allow you to have more fun. When you have fun, you are in the state of letting go. Letting go is the key. This will also give your subconscious mind the power of belief that getting the job is a sure thing. Your belief shapes your reality.

Tip 2: Write an appreciation letter from your future employer to you.

Now that your big project is done. What would your future employer say about it? Visualize yourself being appreciated. Feeling appreciation adds the fuel to your manifesting magic within. In fact, the feeling of appreciation is much more powerful than the feeling of having money according the language of your soul! In fact, your soul does't really understand what "having"means. She/he only goes by "experiencing" and "feeling".

Tip 3: dress up for your dream job now!

Now let's have some fun. Ask yourself now: What would I wear on the first day of my job? How do I look? How do I do my hair? Now simply dress yourself that way TODAY! This will trick your subconscious mind into believing that your dream job is already here. Have fun with this!

Make sure you contact me if you have a success story to share with the gratitude tribe!

Love light and gratitude




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