How To Make Your Dream Job Chase You with Law of Attraction

Let me tell you a secret:  If you can stop chasing your dream job and do this instead, your dream job will chase you! Let's leverage the law of attraction!

Today, I'll share about how you can make your dream employer chase you!  With the global pandemic and the declining economy in many parts of the world, it's no surprise that many people are losing their jobs, or are looking for new ones. I've been getting questions about this almost daily. "Karen, I lost my job. What should I do? I don't want to be in this job anymore. How can I manifest my dream job?"

I happen to have a couple of clients that were just recently able to manifest their dream job! In the process of helping them I realized this:  All the people that are able to manifest their dream job follow this one key thing. This one thing that I taught them, which is, do not let yourself chase your dream job. 

Instead, let your dream job chase you. All the people who are truly able to do that were able to get their dream job with no problem! The people who are stuck are the ones who keep chasing their dream jobs in desperation...

Today, let's talk about exactly how you can stop chasing your dream job. I'm not talking about the practical and logical actions needed to get a new job. Obviously you need to apply for a job, and you need to go on interviews. I'm not saying that you should stop doing these things, but the energy you put into these activities is the key.

You can have two people doing the exact same thing. Both are applying for jobs online and going on interviews. But one could come from the energy of not chasing the dream job, and the other one could come from the energy of desperately chasing. Guess what happens?

The first one will always get the job because your dream employer can sense the desperation. I usually wouldn't hire people who are most desperate. Now let's talk about some specific strategies that you can use to stop chasing.

The first thing you need to do is to put your job search application work and your interviews on sort of an autopilot mode. What do I mean by that?

When you are in the job search process, obviously you need to go online and find jobs and you need to apply. So what I want you to do is before you start doing these actions, give yourself a goal that is easy to reach!  For example:  Apply for three jobs a day.

Your focus is then not, "when am I going to get my dream job?" This is because you know that the divine thing will happen when your energy is right. So what you want to do with your easy-to-reach goal, is basically lay out the foundation. So tell yourself, I'm gonna apply for 3 jobs a day or 30 jobs a day, whatever you can handle. Focus on that instead of, "when will I get my dream job?"

It doesn't matter what number you set for yourself. When you set a goal for yourself to apply a number of jobs every day, simply go on those job search sites and find jobs that could potentially be a dream job. Then just apply for them without investing too much emotion into it.

What I see most people do is that they find a job description they really like, and they start to react very strongly: "Oh my God, this job is so great! I'm going to apply for it, and I'm going to get it!"

When you put a lot of emotion into it like that, you are increasing your desperation, and you're chasing after it. If however, you're simply objective - you say instead, "You know what? This could be my dream job. Let me just apply for it and see what happens." Then you apply and forget about it.

All you need to do is reach your daily quota of 3 jobs a day, or 5 jobs a day, or whatever number you want to use. Then you tell yourself, "you know what? I've done enough. Now I am letting go of the process - I am allowing the universe to handle it."

The next thing that happens is that the universe matches you with the perfect interview for perfect job, and the perfect employer. This is how law of attraction works!


When you come back from the interview, also, just let go and tell the universe, "You know what? If this is my dream employer, let them offer me the job." Mentally you have to put the whole process on autopilot, without thinking, "Oh, maybe this is the one - maybe that is the one." Instead, apply the same steady energy to every job for which you are applying. Then allow the universe to match you with a perfect employer. When you approach the process like this, you won't radiate any energy of desperation. As such, you're going to have a much stronger attraction power to manifest the perfect job into your life. This strategy works every single time when you do it the right way - but this strategy alone is not enough.

We're just scratching the surface. This is sort of the action journey we're talking about - not the energy journey...

The second thing I'll be sharing with you is the true secret to stopping the chase, and letting your dream job chase you!

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Focus on these 2 questions.

Question #1 How can I offer value?

Question #2, How can I get paid what I'm worth? 

These 2 questions will help you become aligned with the perfect job energetically, allowing the law of attraction to do its magic.

Remember the first question always comes first. How can I offer value? If somebody is interested in your resume - and they call you - that means there is a potential match. At this point, what I want you to do immediately is start studying the company and ask yourself, "how can I help this company? What are my unique experiences, and unique characteristics that could help the company?"

Most people always look at their own shortcomings first and make up a bunch of reasons why they don't fit what the employer is looking for. But a lot of times, these job descriptions created by the hiring manager, the hiring company, can be adjusted to their dream candidate. So if you see something that is not exactly a perfect match, don't worry. Instead of thinking about how you don't qualify for the job, or how you can pretend that you qualify, think of something that is unique to you. Think of how you can offer value to that company. Learn about them and learn about their business, and find out how they can potentially benefit from you.

When you go on the interview, all you need to do is talk about how you can help, how you can offer value. Really focus on that - in your visualization, in your meditation - just meditate on how the company is now doing better because of you. The company is making more money because of you. The company is thriving because of you - visualize these things instead of visualizing like, "I'll be so happy at this job....this job is perfect for ME..."

I remember one of my clients that I coached into manifesting her dream job. She wanted to go into a specific field within which she didn't have much experience. She did however, have experience in a broader field - put it that way. She was really worried that she would not be qualified for the job. I asked her, "Look at your own experience for a minute - how much value did you create in that broader industry you're very familiar with? What did you do to offer value to that last company?" Suddenly she started listing so many amazing things! I said to her, "Just be very specific and write down a few examples of how you offered value for your previous employers. When you go to your next interview for your dream job, talk about those things." Then she was still like, "I still don't have the experience for it though." So I told her, "You know, experience is a very subjective thing. For example, think about the job of being president of a country. Think about it. Those are the highest positions in the world right? How many people have been a president before in another country before they become president of your country?" Think about that. So if the highest job ever in human society can't get anybody with the right experience, then how come you can't do the job that you want? If you think that way, you can minimize the stress of feeling like you don't have the right experience, and/or not being good enough.

So I told her to focus on what value she can offer. With that, when she went on the interview, she nailed it. They really loved her. They offered her a second interview. The second interview is always about two things:  1) the employer is recognizing your value, and 2) what kind of value can the company offer YOU that will make you take the job. 

That bring up the second question from above:  How can I get paid for the value I can bring?  A lot of people struggle with this, believe it or not. They give, and give, and give, and they don't know how to receive - or they just think from the very beginning, "I want this high salary," but they don't offer value to the employer. So what I want you to do is to first convince your employer, your future employer, that you have what they need. That's part one.

If you're employer is a good one, they will naturally offer you the right pay. Now you need to manifest your value, and manifest your value into money. Because obviously we all need money!

If you're in a business, you need profit. If you are an employee, you need to get paid. So when you're focusing on the second question at the right time, you're no longer chasing after the employer because now they're already chasing you. They're attracted to your value. Now is your time to ask for them to pay you fairly.

If they're not a good match, feel free to let them go and find the next one.

Remember: The law of attraction will create the perfect match between a perfect job and a perfect candidate (that's you!) All you need to do is to allow it.

The third thing you need to do is to be grateful in advance for your dream job. You may be saying, "Well, I will be grateful once I find my dream job."

What I'm telling you however is, "be grateful before you have the job." Every day when you're meditating - when you're practicing your law of attraction techniques - just say, "thank you for the dream job," and visualize yourself getting in the job and feeling really grateful for it. When you go on an interview, be very grateful that they gave you the opportunity to talk about what you have to offer.

Once you get the job offer, thank them and be very grateful for this entire process. Gratitude is actually the attraction factor that will attract the right job to you. So this particular client of mine followed all of these steps. And guess what? Within three weeks, she got an amazing offer in the field that she wanted to go into. This is how powerful it is once you stop chasing your dream job.

Once the dream jobs are chasing you, you will know it. Once you're in your dream job, make sure that you offer gratitude every single day.


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