How to lose weight with an ancient law of Attraction technique

How to lose weight using the sacred flame method.

You know, when it comes to losing weight, the traditional approach is to join a gym, right? Dieting and exercising.  I'm not saying that these things are not effective. If you have the perseverance in dieting and exercising, it is the only way you will lose weight.

But have you thought about why most people can't lose weight?

It's because most people can't muster up that energy to consistently do the exercising and the dieting. You see, exercising and dieting are a result of your inner energy blueprint. That's why it's so hard for a lot of people to consistently take the right action because they don't have the right energy blueprint.

This blogpost is all about helping you correct that energy blueprint you have within you so that when you print it out.

When you take an action, it is an action that is in alignment with your soul's desire. That's the purpose of this post.

I am not a professional dietician or professional trainer. This blogpost is merely about how you flow your energy.  Once you have the right energy, everything will be very easy. You'll be back in the flow again. You will naturally be divinely inspired to do the right exercise, and eat the right food. 

So first of all, you need to understand that your body is an intelligent system. Your body is a replica of this entire universe. Every single cell of your body is specifically programmed by the divine to know exactly what to do to keep you at the perfect health and the perfect weight. 

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Your body knows exactly what is your perfect weight and your body also knows, what kind of food you need to eat to get to that perfect weight and how much exercise or what kind of exercise you need to do to get to that perfect weight. And then you may be asking: If my body knows everything. How come I'm not there yet?

That's because you are not letting your body guide you. What you're doing is you're letting your ego guide you. You're letting your ego tell you you're no good. You don't trust yourself. You can't eat this, you can't eat that. There's a lot of I call "violent" energy within yourself that is holding your back from fully coming into the flow. Because when you're in the flow, you let go, you trust, you don't feel tense. You don't feel like: "oh, I'm no good. I don't look good enough..."

Every time you look at yourself in a mirror, you feel self-hatred, you feel disapproval of yourself, you feel distrust, you know any of these feelings? Know it's usually an indication that you're not trusting your body.

It's like you're traveling in a vehicle and you have a perfect person who can drive this car, but you don't allow that qualified driver to do the driving. But rather you put someone who doesn't know how to drive a car in a driver's seat.

That's exactly what's happening when you feel these ways.  I say it again, self-hatred, disapproval, and distrust. These are the main reason why you are stuck in your current weight or you're stuck in your current reality. 

So first of all, before you do anything, you need to become aware of these feelings whenever they arise from within yourself. You need to become aware and say,:

"This is an indication that I am not putting the right person in the driver's seat and I'm willing to switch out the driver."

So who's the right driver, the universe, or your body? Your body is divinely connected to the entire universe. Your body is the universe. Your body is divine power.

So just allow your body to do the drive, or you may be asking, well, how do I let go and let my body be in the driver's seat? There are many ways you can practice this. You can use a simple affirmation to do it, but a lot of times, since you've been programmed to believe in certain things and to flow your energy in a certain way, It does take work and patience to get back to the natural state of yourself, which is being in the flow.

Let me give you a specific method to bring yourself back into the flow: the sacred flame method.

We're going to use the element fire to help you manifest your perfect body or perfect weight. Remembered energy fire is for Burning the unnecessary, for shedding the unwanted. That's perfect for shedding the unwanted weight for yourself. So what you're gonna do is: prepare three candles and sit in a meditation position.

First, open the portal with this prayer.

"Dear universe, God, (whatever you feel comfortable with,) I am here to open a portal so that I can be back in the flow to manifest my perfect body and my perfect weight."

Just set your intention out there. Then light the three candles.

first, focus on the middle candle, this candle is going to represent all the self-hatred, self disapproval, and the distrust that you hold against yourself.

Once you can remove these, you know everything else will come easily. So what you're going to do is stare into the flame. and say:

"I'm releasing all self-hatred, self disapproval, and distrust I hold against myself".

Visualize all the dark heavy energies leaving your body. You know the unwanted weight you hold in your body is just a representation of the unwanted dark energy that you Harbor in your energy field. Okay? To visualize all of that energy leaving you, You're going to feel lighter. Do this for two minutes. 

Then move to the first candle, the one on the left. And this time you're going to remove all the origins of these disapproval, distrust, self-hatred.

Just say, "I'm removing all the origins of my disapproval. South hatred and distrust. Remove that."

And when you're doing that, you may have memories coming back to you. You may have memories telling you, this is the moment when I installed that limiting belief that I'm not good enough. After you feel a sense of release, you can say:

" I am now in alignment with divine balance and harmony."

Remember when your body is in perfect balance when your body's in perfect harmony, weight is not a problem. You naturally get in the right weight. So you see, everything we've been saying here is never about losing that weight. It's all about guiding yourself gently to the perfect divine beauty that you have within yourself. 

You already have that energy blueprint. All you need to do is to rediscover it and become realigned with it.  So once you are there for about two minutes with the first candle, now you're moving to the third candle.

This is the fun part. This is where you're going to visualize how your life will look like if you were in perfect weight.

If you're sensitive to energy, you're going to see the perfect body and the perfect weight and see your perfect life in this candlelight.  Spend two minutes here and just let your visualization grow and have fun and celebrate.

And if you don't have an image and any visualization coming into your mind, you can just say:

"I am in the flow, I am in perfect balance, I am in perfect harmony with my body." Just repeat these is going to get you to that point.

After you're done with this meditation, you can say:

"I now close the portal with divine love and wisdom."  And after that, you can put out the candles and your meditation is complete. This takes maybe six minutes a day. (5-6mins) Do this every single day before you look at yourself in a mirror. 

Your self-image is going to shift. You know, all the unwanted beliefs that you have against yourself are going to disappear.

Once you have that, your energy blueprint will be different. From there it will be very, very easy for you to pick the right diet to pick the right exercise. You know, these aren't a problem. Most people spend all of their energy here, but they don't fix their energy within. That's why these steps rarely work.

So I want you to fix the energy within before you go into the world and fix the dieting and exercising. And also another very powerful way that will make everything happen faster is using Subliminals.

Go into your subconscious mind. Nothing is more effective for your subconscious reprogramming than subliminal. Find a weight loss subliminal and listen to it while you're doing your meditation, and also listen to it while you're falling asleep.


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