How to Lose Weight with 55x5Method and EFT

By: Mousumi Bezbora Phukan

In this blogpost, Karin talks about the 55x5 technique and the Emotional freedom technique that can help you to manifest that beautiful healthy body you have always desired. I am so grateful to her for sharing these techniques with us in a clear and lucid manner.

In this blogpost, Karin talks about the 55x5 technique and the Emotional freedom technique that can help you to manifest that beautiful healthy body you have always desired. I am so grateful to her for sharing these techniques with us in a clear and lucid manner.

Losing weight is probably one of the most daunting and yet the most obvious task people could potentially manifest. It is all about eating right and exercising. The reason why it is difficult for people to lose weight is because they are all putting their focus on the word ‘losing’. They are trying to get rid of the ugly, nasty weight that they don’t want. The energy projected out is mostly negative; therefore let’s shift this energy now and call it meeting your perfect body. Every cell in our body is extremely intelligent. If we allow our body and trust it to go ahead and create the perfect version of us, it will naturally bring forth that perfect weight. It’s very easy.

From this point on just think that it is very easy and not hard at all to lose weight. It is in most cases not a weight issue but a self-trust issue. If we trust ourselves, it is easy to eat normally, exercise moderately and maintain our perfect weight. Just as our body knows how to grow hair or to stop bleeding when we have a cut, it’s also a function of our body to keep us at a perfect weight.



55x5 technique is to write down your affirmations for 5 consecutive days or if it’s too daunting you can write 5 times 55 days. It is a powerful technique but what is most important is that you have to be in the flow of the feeling when you write it down. Therefore writing 55 times in 5 days will create more positive energy than the latter.

EFT is a term for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a self-help technique that uses tapping at different acupuncture points in the body to clear the energy channels and release blocked energies.

Combining the two techniques can be helpful to release blocked patterns of energy and establish a deeper mind body connection. You can EFT for 30 days or 55 days or even for 10 days till you no longer feel the emotional reason for weight gain in your body.

However, do your EFT before writing 55x5 to clear your blocks and doubts. Here’s the tapping script.

Tap on the Karate chop point- 

“Even though I don’t like to look at my body, I choose to feel grateful for being me and I’d like to deeply and completely love, trust and support myself.”

“Even though I feel that I am not enough, that I am too fat, too unattractive because of my weight, I choose to believe that my body is extremely intelligent. Every cell of my body knows my perfect weight. They all know how to get there. All I need is open up to it.”

“Even though I am disappointed in my body and my diet never works, and I am frustrated that I am not exercising enough, I allow myself to feel grateful for my body because it keeps me alive. I am grateful to all the food I eat because they give me energy. I now deeply and completely love, trust and support my body.

Tap on the Eyebrow point

“I allow myself to come easily to gratitude for my body. I allow myself to trust every cell of my body, to naturally tap into the infinite intelligence which will naturally lead me to my best weight.”

Tap on the Side of eye.

“Although I feel that something must be wrong with me, that I can’t lose the extra pounds, I choose to release this belief right now. There is nothing wrong with me. I am beautiful the way I am. I am perfect right now.”

 Tap Under Eye 

“I allow myself to relax and let go. I allow myself to deeply and completely trust my body.”

Tap under Nose 

“I release all the stress caused by not having the perfect weight. I release all the stress caused by thinking I don’t deserve to have my perfect body or stress caused by thinking I am not good looking the way I am.”

Tap on Chin point

“The way my body looks is just a reflection of my past thoughts and beliefs. It doesn’t represent me anymore. I am now ready to reshape my future. I am now ready to reshape my body. It is easy and natural to be at my perfect weight. I am open to meet my perfect body right now.”

Tap on either or both Collar bones

“I am releasing any remaining belief that I am somehow flawed. Releasing any subconscious self-resentment, releasing any old programming that says I am not good enough.”

Tap on the Top of Head 

“I allow gratitude to fill me up. I allow my body to naturally come to its perfect weight. I am beautiful I am gratitude. I deeply and completely trust myself.”


You must be feeling much better now. Changing your mindset will lead you to the right inspired action and in some cases you just don’t have to change the food you eat or exercise. You will naturally drop the extra pounds you have.

 All right now that you are in the right mindset you can now start your 55x5 affirmation.

I now open myself to have a beautiful, healthy and perfect looking body with perfect weight.

I trust myself

I am beautiful

I am so grateful.”

The central message here is that ‘I Trust Myself’. Remember this is not a weight issue, it’s a trust issue. It is okay to make changes with this affirmation. If you are a man you may say ‘I am handsome’ instead of ‘I am beautiful’. Most importantly you should use a word that triggers your emotional response and you can feel the joy of already having that perfect weight. 

Very soon you will start trusting yourself and meet your perfect body in self-love. You will find yourself enjoying the morning workouts, and consider giving yourself a balanced and nutritious diet and enjoying it at the same time. Your body will let you know what is palatable and most importantly you will be at peace within yourself. Stay connected to your Self and enjoy a continuous flow of happiness from within.

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