How to Get Good Grades- Law of Attraction Secrets for Students

Author: Vishal Sharma

Are you a student in a school wants to score better in your exam?

Are you in a student in a college or university wants to get your degree with distinction?

Are you a student preparing for a competitive exam and want to crack it with fewer struggles?

So in this article, you have the answer to all your questions……

You can use the law of attraction in an effective way in order to get success in your exam

You must have seen that some people get success in exam with fewer efforts and some struggle too much. Is this exam strategy or subject mastery which is making these people successful? Yes, these things are highly important to get success in your exam but something is more important than your exam strategy and that is your MINDSET while preparing for your exam. Your success mindset is the key to get success in your exam.

You must have read about the great inventor Thomson Edison. He was the great inventor in history. He has done remarkable research. He failed 10000 times but he was still trying and got success. It was his mindset which was helping him to be connected with the source energy and got success in his work.

You need to understand that you are connected with the source every time. Your mind is connected with infinite intelligence and have unlimited potential. If you are confused you can always ask the question from the universe and you will always get the answer. Thomson Edison has one said “Ideas comes from the space”.


You can use the following Law of Attraction tips to get exam success:

  1. Meditation: As a student, meditation is a super powerful tool for you. It will not only help you to improve your memory and concentration but also help you to manage your stress and take better decisions. You can use the following meditation:

Sit in a comfortable position in the morning, close your eyes, focus on your breath and release your negative thought. Relax yourself

Visualize that your crown chakra is opening (A place above your head) and receiving divine light and wisdom from the universe. Imagine that it is lighting your body mind and soul and you are now filled with all the infinite knowledge.

Visualize your exam success while meditating. Imagine that you have already achieved your exam success and you are sharing it with your family. Feel the joy and happiness and see the smiling faces of your family. You can also ask the universe to show the path in your journey. Use this 10 minutes every day.

  1. Use energy centres in your body to increase your energy: We all have energy centres in our body and we can use them to connect with the source and increase the level of energy in our body. For example, You can press your third eye chakra (A place between your eyes) and you will see a shift in your energy. While doing this you will feel connected to the source energy.
  2. Use Affirmations: You can use some positive affirmations about your exam success. It will help you to reprogram your mind to get success in your exam. The affirmation that you can use to receive infinite knowledge from the universe is “I am open to source infinite intelligence and success in my exam (You can use your particular exam name) is guaranteed.

 You need to study your subject properly and with your study, you can use the above-mentioned law of attraction tips to boost your success. Always remember the gratitude, feel immense gratitude in advance for your exam success. Once you will use these techniques with your study you will take inspired actions and success will be yours.

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