How Karin Manifested Her Dream Home with $0 Down (Law of Attraction Success Story)

Author: Mousumi Bezbora Phukan

Want to manifest your dream house? Here is the inspiring personal story of Karin 

Talking about her quest for her dream house Karin shares her experience about it and how anybody can be motivated to manifest their dream house, dream object or dream life applying simple and powerful gratitude techniques to basically attract the bright life everyone deserves. 

In her videos we see Karin spreading her message of spiritual ascension from her beautiful house that she and her husband George had manifested. The story unfolds about 10 years ago when Karin and her partner George were living in a beautiful apartment in the beach, enjoying their lives; they were fresh from their schools and were not financially ready to buy their own house.

One day, out of the blue, they were served Court papers saying that the rented house they were living in was to be auctioned. They found out that their landlord had not paid the mortgage for the last 3 months and yet they were paying their rents every month. The court papers told them that they had just a few months more in this house and will be forced to move out after this period. They were now in panic because they were not ready to buy a new house.

Interestingly, George and Karin had a vision board of their dream house .They would meditate and visualize their dream house in a beautiful, green , good neighborhood where their future child would grow in a convenient environment and also that they could afford that house.

During this time, George’s cousin who had a realtor’s license suggested that they should look for their own house as they would qualify for a first time buyer’s mortgage where they could pay a small down payment with the money they had saved. But at the same time they did not want to buy a crappy house either. So they now started house hunting.


Very soon they found a house and they thought that was their dream house but the sellers got back to them after some days to tell them that they were not ready to sell the house. They were so disappointed but after some research they found that it was not the neighborhood they would love to live in. Now they decided to look for their dream house on their own because their realtor did not know much about that neighborhood as she stayed forty minutes away from the area they were searching their house in.

Finally they found their new house on their own; of course they had to hire a realtor to do the closing. It was sheer blind luck that they could purchase the house with just the little savings that they had as a down payment. But that was not the best part of the story. The housing market situation during that time was so bad that nobody would want to buy a house. And so it was President Obama’s tenure and he decided to give every first time buyer some kind of compensation, a lump sum to buy a house. Because of this market crisis the housing prices were extremely low. So they now got a really really good deal as the price of the house was quite cheap compared to its peak price .A few months later they got the government. Compensation in addition to the tax returns that came in from the govt.

After that they were happy but they found out that this special mortgage they got even though it allowed them to get this house with very little money, the catch was that they had to pay a mortgage premium to the Bank.

Interestingly after some time the housing market went up and they started to accumulate some equity and refinance the house to get rid of the mortgage insurance. All of a sudden from owning only about 3%of the house they now own 20% of the house through refinancing. The beauty of the Universe keeps unfolding even now. In the last ten years the market value has gone up and gradually their financial situation got better and better. Now their house is paid off and their net worth has exploded. Now they live in a beautiful house with high market value.

Later as they discussed with a real estate professional, he was surprised about this wisdom to buy the house when the market value was so low and refinance it when the market value went up. But Karin owes it completely as a manifestation of their dream house, the vision that they had held in their minds and how the Universe aligned to make it true.

Lessons to Learn

  1. Karin finally says that the secret to this beautiful unfolding was that they never complained at the time the court papers came for the auction of their house. They waited patiently for the opportunity that was to come their way. If they were not served court papers they would never have the opportunity to buy this beautiful house. They stayed cool and accepted whatever came their way and trusted the Universe.
  2. There will be times the Universe will guide you to take the best decision, the Impulse to refinance the house was a push from the Universe. A lot of people have told them that the decisions they took were even better than professional investors. The decisions were so perfectly timed
  3. Have a Vision Board. Visualize with joy. Have clear vision and then let go. 
  4. See everything as a blessing. The universe knows, so follow your bliss, and let the Universe surprise you with its most amazing magic.

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