How I Manifested My Dream Car - 3 Secrets to Manifest a Specific Thing You Want!

Today, let's talk about how to manifest something specific. I'm going to use a case study for this - how I manifested my Mercedes Benz. 

Through this case study, I will help you understand how to manifest something specific. There are 3 key things to understand in the manifesting process when it comes to a specific goal. A lot of times people ask me, "Karen, I need to manifest $20,000," or, "Karin, I need to manifest so and so into my life." This entails manifesting a very specific goal.

When it comes to specific goals, it becomes a little tricky. Here's why our minds will make us believe that the "specific thing" is what our soul truly wants. 

Oftentimes I talk about focusing on the essence of what you want, and doing your best not to pay too much attention to specifics. However, specifics can be important because we live in a specific world, right? We live in a physical world. We want to be able to touch things. We want to be able to hug the person we love. We want to be able to hold the money we want, and spend it on things!

The first key concept to manifesting something specific is to understand that there is divine timing at play, and that manifesting a specific thing will come via that diving timing.

What does this mean? Let's start with the beginning of my case study. I got this car about a year ago. To me, it's really nothing special. I never really made a video to brag about it. It is a good example of how I manifested something specific though - this very specific car. This is the exact car I wanted to manifest. 

I've always been teaching people to focus on the essence of what they want. All my life, I've never really been a car person. I actually never had a desire to manifest a specific car up until like maybe a year ago. This is because I always believed that a car is just a vehicle that will help you drive from point A to point B.

I don't need a car to boost my ego. I don't drive a car to tell the world that I'm rich. I prefer having the money in the bank, to be honest. I drove a mediocre economy car for years and I was fine with that.

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But it all changed when someone asked me two years ago: "Karin, what is your dream car? You always talk about your dream life - you were able to manifest moving to this specific country, and moving to this specific state, and having this specific climate you enjoy, and the life with the specific man who you've loved for the past 14 years. You even talk about manifesting your specific dog! - why have you never talked about manifesting your dream car?"

I thought about it - I thought, "You know what? Actually, there IS an essence to having a very nice car that I never really looked at."

I never looked at the feeling of being in this little space of my own, on the road, and just marching forward, feeling really free - feeling the smoothness of driving! When you have an economy car, it doesn't drive very smoothly, does it? I've come to enjoy the feeling of the leather in the interior, and the feeling of being a little pampered, right?

So that's something that I didn't really look at until someone asked me about it. I just wasn't really into manifesting a car - then it all started when I considered the essence of having a nicer vehicle. 

You see, at that time, I had no idea about what kind of car I wanted. I only had the idea that it would be nice to experience a feeling which I assumed would exist in a more luxurious vehicle. That should be the beginning point of your manifestation. Eventually, you make effort to start really manifesting these feelings (the essence of what you want) - like when you close your eyes, imagine being in this really nice vehicle!

I asked myself, maybe there is a specific make or model of car that I want. Again, I'm not really a car person. I really didn't care too much about what kind of car I wanted to manifest. I started asking myself though, "what kind of car should I manifest?" That's is how I get from the essence of what I want to something specific.

The next day - suddenly - I recall now that I had this memory come back to me about when I was really young. I was a teenager and at that time my family didn't even have a car. I remember there was this rich kid I knew - his family had a Mercedes. I remember back then thinking, "this is like the ultimate luxury!" I think that in some part of my mind I associated that car with a sense of attainment.

So when I activated the essence of what I wanted, the essence started to form into something more specific. Now this specific memory came back to me. 

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So, the number one key is that you have to wait for divine timing - for the divine to tell you exactly what you want. It comes as an inspiration from your soul rather than a nudge from your Ego. You have to look at how happy you feel when you think of an idea.

When I thought of the idea of manifesting a Mercedes, it was like, "Yes! Great!
Let me do it." I did not begin this manifesting process by thinking, "Oh! Look at the crappy car I'm driving right now! I hate this car! I want a Mercedes!" I never had that kind or process.

I only thought that this car - this specific make and model - makes me feel happy. I then knew that the specific direction I was going was correct.

The second key is to allow the universe to bring you closer and closer to that specific thing you want.

When you're visualizing something, or when you're meditating on something, or when you're writing an affirmation - I want you to always ask yourself, "Am I doing the work, or am I allowing the universe to do the work?" There's a huge difference between these two - even though you could be using the exact same Law of Attraction technique.

I know many of you here, in my Gratitude Tribe, are using the 5 x 55 technique, or the Tesla Code technique. These techniques are designed to help you clarify your desire. Please don't think that when you're writing something 3x or 55x, you are doing the manifesting. If you think that you are doing it, then you're not going to manifest the specifics

The specifics can only come from the universe. It's like divine inspiration. Think of last time you got inspired to write a book, or when you got inspired to write a piece of music, or when you got inspired to sing, to dance, to act, to love, to hug - were you really forcing yourself? 

Look for that divine spark. Look for that divine inspiration. That is what will help you understand, specifically, the direction to move to get you closer to your specific manifestation. 

Back to our case study:  I was talking about how I got really specific about the car I wanted. I decided, "I want the Mercedes." Then when I was on the street, I began noticing Mercedes vehicles everywhere! If you want to manifest a specific car, do it joyfully. Think of the car, and feel happy, feel excited! Then begin paying attention to the cars around you. You will start noticing that you're pulling in more and more of that specific car into your experience. That is a sign from the universe that it's coming to you.

A lot of people stop there - they start desiring a specific car, and then when they see all these people driving that car, they start feeling self-pity. If that happens, you are out of the game already.

To manifest something specific it's very important to let the universe do its work. Typically the first phase of the universe delivering this thing to you is showing you that other people have it. The universe is really here to help you understand this:  YOU AND OTHERS ARE ONE. The more you see other people have it, the more potential there is that this thing is available to you.

The third key is to understand that you rule this specific thing; it does not rule you. You have to come from the place where you're empowered. YOU RULE YOUR DESIRE! THE DESIRE DOES NOT RULE YOU!

Many people fall into this kind of trap: Once they have a very specific desire, they forget - or give up - their own value. They begin to think that they themselves have no value without the specific thing they want to manifest coming true. The object becomes the total source of their joy or sorrow. They think that their value is only expressed through fulfilling that goal. That is a completely wrong approach! When you come from that approach, oftentimes, your desire won't come. This explains why, when people say, "Oh, I want so and so to love me - I can't live without that!" the specific person won't love you. They may not even look at you.

That's because you are lowering your value so much. You are thinking once I have that person loving me, I will be so happy. The reality is however, that you are loved already! You are the source of your relationship. You are the source of your money. You are the source of everything you want. You really have to come from that empowered place when it comes to manifesting something specific.

When I was in the process of manifesting this car I told the universe, "I rule this Mercedes, and the Mercedes doesn't rule me." This means I put myself as number one. I decided that I'm not going into any debt buying a fancy car (that's what most people do and I will never do that. I won't accumulate debt). Number two is, "I'm not going to save up for a LONG time just to have this car."

Actually, I had the money in the bank to buy this car the next day, but that's not what I wanted. I just wanted this car to come to me in a way that was easy, in a way that was fun. I don't see how fun it could be if I really need to struggle for it. So I said: "If this car is the right car for me, let it come to me."

So one day I remember I was driving my old car and I had no problem with that. It started breaking down though, and it needed significant repairs. I took it to the repair shop. I likely heard my guides telling me, "This car has fulfilled its mission. It needs to go." On that same day, they had a promotion at the Mercedes dealership. One thing led to another, and within the same day, we went to the Mercedes dealership. When we went there, a car was on special and it was exactly the one I had pictured in my visualizations. The price was so much better than all the other competitors because they had a very special promotion for that specific car, on that specific day. It was at a price we could easily afford. Not only that, the fact that this car was the only one there, the last one - that was the universe telling me, "This is your car!" So I GOT IT! 

What I want you to understand is this: Manifesting is a very natural process. When it comes to manifesting something specific, remember this:  What you desire should be specific enough to make you feel excited, but not so specific that will make you upset. Make sense?

This is because there is always a point at which you can get too specific and, vibrationally speaking, you're too far from there! Then you can start to feel the tension which comes from that vibrational distance. It's not going to work well. Many people don't understand that oftentimes when you become too specific too early in the process, you get disappointed. You can also get impatient. All of these feelings are going to increase resistance and push your desires away.

So, It's very important that when you first set out on your journey, focus on the essence of what you desire. Then as you entertain that feeling, visualize more. Then, as you become more and more aligned with what you want, the universe will naturally make this essence more specific.

This is because, like I always said: The essence of what you want is what you AND your soul want. It is just energy however, and that energy needs a container (the physical form). The container is the specific thing. When the energy is not ready, the container is not going to show up.

Most people make the mistake of wanting the container at the very beginning - that just doesn't work. It's a fake container that your ego came up with to try to fill an emptiness you feel inside.

So play with the journey, and move along with the journey. Play with the energy. As you play more and more with that energy, you're going to get specific ideas. Then you can try to visualize - visualize yourself in those specific situations. Then see how you feel. If you feel right, if you feel you're excited about it, it's a good sign!

Remember, it all boils down to this feeling of a deep sense of openness - a deep sense of excitement. This is because THAT is the feeling of the divine. You have to learn to distinguish this feeling from the egoistic PUSH of HAVING to do something or GET something. The ego thinks, "If you don't get this, you're going to be miserable!" That is always the voice of ego. Once you can tell the difference between divine inspiration and ego's greed, your life is going to transform.

I tell a lot of my clients to avoid getting so specific about what they want to manifest because I feel like the energy in them is simply not ready. Being specific will only put them further back.

If you feel like you're ready to get more specific though, go ahead! You are going to know what the specific situation you want is! 

Just like, when I first met my husband - after like two dates - I knew he was the man that I was going to marry. I was right! Fourteen years later, we're still together.

Sometimes in our knowing, we can be specific. You have to develop a sense for it though, because it could get tricky when you're not ready.


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