Holiday Simple EFT Tapping to Tap Into Joy

Hi everyone, the holiday time is here and we have many celebrations at this time of the year. Do you feel joyful? If not 100%, Here's a simple EFT sequence to help you tap into the holiday joy!

Karate Chop Point: Even though I don't feel completely joyful and at peace with my life right now, I choose to deeply and completely love myself.

Even though my life may not seem perfect to my ego right now, I choose to deeply and completely accept myself.

Eyebrow Point: I tap into the joy all around me.

Side of Eye: I am grateful for being me. For this reason, I now fee a sense of joy arising from within.

Under Eye: I am joyful to be alive and breathing, knowing I am loved and guided by the divine.

Under Nose: I am joyful to be who I am. I am perfect.

Chin Point: I am willing to release all my resistance and blocks and accept joy into my heart.

Collar Bone: I joyfully love and embrace myself.

Under Arm: I joyfully open my heart for all the new opportunities coming my way.

Top of head: I am one with this universe. I am JOY. 

EFT Tapping Points:

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