High-Speed Manifesting Secrets with Andrea Schulman

Are you ready for some high-speed manifesting secrets? Today, I have a special guest joining me on this blog to help you manifest much faster so stay with me!

In today's blog, I have a special guest Andrea Schulman - maybe you're already watching her videos! Andrea is also a law of attraction YouTuber so make sure you check out her channel by clicking here!

Today Andrea and I got together and we decided to talk about how to help you make your manifestation happen much faster. We came up with three high-speed manifesting secrets.

In this blog, you will see the second one and a half of the three secrets that Andrea and I discussed. The first one and half secrets can be found on her channel so check it out over there! I'm sure that these secrets are gonna help you, inspire you, and speed up your manifestation process so you can manifest your dream life. All right Andrea, are we ready to talk about the next part of our high-speed manifesting techniques? We revealed a lot of good secrets on your channel already, so for those of you who haven't seen that yet, make sure you hop over to Andrea's channel to watch. For now thought, let's just start right here with what we have left to share!

Let's talk about how we can program our mind for success. I'm gonna share with you today the Tesla code 369 method.

I've talked a lot about this method on my channel. If you're not new to my channel you know what this is but here's a quick recap:  Basically this technique is inspired by some research based on Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla believed that the numbers 3 6 9 are magical numbers, and he believes that these numbers can help you amplify the results of your manifestation process. So the process I developed based on his work goes like this:  Firstly, come up with a manifestation statement - meaning you write down exactly what you want to manifest. Don't write anything that includes negativity - you don't want to have anything that shows impatience, for example. It should be a purely positive statement. Once you have that, know that it's the the seed of your desire! Then you're going to use the magic number 369 to water that seed. You're going to write this affirmation or this statement 3x in the morning, 6x sometime during the day, and 9x before you go to bed. This process will allow you to channel the numbers 369, and this is very important. Secondly, and equally important, is that this process gives you a practice - some kind of a routine you follow. This is how we program our minds to change our world. Whether we like it or not, we receive negative energy signals from our environment. Using this method will help you fight against that. You can do this and it will help you ignore what's going on around you to some extent. This will provide a very clear routine to manifest, and amplify the positive energy in your life.

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Andrea: How often, and how many days do you usually do this for?

KarinI usually suggest people do this for 33 days because the number 3 is part of the formula. A lot of people actually see results before the 33 days however. In that case, I tell them they are free to stop. But they can then move on to their next goal - they can start the next round of 33.

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Andrea: For anybody who's coming over from my channel who hasn't heard of this before, could you maybe give an example of how you write out the phrase? Like, what's a good statement? Let's say I wanted to manifest my dream home -how might you put that into that statement that you would plug in with the Tesla code?

Karin: That's a really good question! I always talk about two very important parts of this statement. The first part is gratitude, and the second part includes the essence of what you want. Gratitude is simply thanking the universe right? So you can say, "Thank you Universe," or, "Thank you, God, thank you for giving me..." Then the essence of what you want is usually a feeling state - it's not just a new job for example, but the feeling satisfaction from getting that new job. It's the feeling of being respected, the feeling of having fun, or having more money, right? You want to put together all of these feelings. Spend some time and think about the feelings you're going to feel if your manifestation became reality. The feelings are what's really going to take you to the actual physical manifestation. It's not just the word "job." The universe doesn't understand new "job." The Universe understands the feelings of satisfaction, joy, having fun, making more money, having abundance, feeling free, feeling respected, feeling excited, - it's understands these as vibrations you put out when you're actively feeling those things. So you can say, for example: "Thank you universe for helping me experience joy and satisfaction and more abundance through my new job." You see - so that way - you have a complete statement, and it doesn't have to be long. It can be a short statement. Write it 3x, 6x, 9x as I described before. You can also just meditate on it, or read it aloud if it's very long. I always find that writing, to me, always works best though.

Andrea: Yeah, I feel like you're more engaged when you write. It actually takes more time than just thinking the statement. It is possible to accomplish your goal without writing of course, but I could see how writing might be more effective, absolutely! Would you like to talk about our next high speed manifesting secret?

Karin: Yeah! let's talk about our next high-speed manifesting secret! Andrea, are you ready to share what it is? Let's reveal it to everyone!

Andrea: So, the next high speed secret is non-attachment. This is really the key if you want it super-fast. You have to be in that state of releasing, of detaching.

Karin: Exactly! yeah, exactly, so here's a question:  If I want something so badly, like I want this new job so badly, how can I be non-attached? How can I detach from thinking about it all the time. This is what most people ask isn't it? So, what do you think - how would you answer this question, Andrea?

Andrea: Well, the first thing I think, is to understand that - like you said - that's kind of the problem, right? Sometimes I think people cling to the attachment because they think, "If I stop thinking about this, it's not going to manifest!" The truth however, is that when we're doing that, we're repeatedly focused on it not being here yet - not being here, not being here, etc. So law of attraction going to match us. It will not bring it to me, not bring it to me, not bring it to me. We have to first - like you said - acknowledge what we want. That's key! But you have to understand that constantly focusing on it and clinging is not going to work.

So, for me one of the ways I like to think about non-attachment is like an analogy of a surfer on a wave. If you have ever watched surfers before, what they do is they kind of hang out in the water. They hang out, and they wait, and they relax. They're not stressing out about when the wave going to come because if they're out on a day with waves another one is coming soon. In between waves they're kind of just sitting there waiting, and just kind of relaxing, and enjoying. They are enjoying the day - that's what you want to be doing - know that the wave is going to come. The other thing that I like about that analogy is that it really helps you kind of get in tune with the idea of inspired action and how this relates to detachment. A lot of times people are trying to work themselves towards their dream which is another form of attachment, right? "I'm trying to make it happen!" The surfer waits though, right? When the wave is almost there, they can see it, they can feel it, and then they start paddling to get on the wave. They don't paddle for the waves to come. They don't need all the waves coming at once, or NOW. So if you're ever struggling with like, "How do I act? How do I make this thing happen?" If the wave is not here ready to go, we're not getting on it. If you can't sense the wave - that it's time to get that job or it's time to close on that house - if it's not quite there, you don't need to work on it. You need to kind of sit back and wait for it to catch up to you. 

Karin: I think this also ties in the abundance consciousness, right? Abundance is not just about abundance of money or financial resources. Abundance is really the law of the universe. Everything is abundant:  Your soulmate is abundant, right? Your dream job is abundant, money is abundant - there's plenty of opportunities out there for you. I think that if you can rest in your mind believing and having faith that there's plenty of what you want out there, you stop clinging and getting attached to one specific wave. Most people spend too much time resisting the current wave too! They might think, "I'm not there yet, I don't have that anymore, it's passed, I missed my chance." It's not like that! Another wave always comes.

Andrea: I was talking to some guy on my channel the other day and he was telling me about his home that he manifested and there was a home he really wanted. The market for whatever reason there was like a bidding war on the house. Somebody else got it and he was kind of bummed. He kind of let it go, and kept it moving. Well then they found another house that was better than the last! Same thing happened! Instead of getting upset he thought, when the right one comes the right one comes. Well, the third house that came had been on the market for a little while so there was no bidding war. It was a better house at a lower price. Had he not waited for that wave, he would have paid so much more on that first house! It didn't have nearly as much as he wanted!

Karin: So if a wave passes and you didn't catch it, it wasn't your wave to begin with, and there's another one coming! I think it's harder for people who are trying to manifest love to understand this because when we talk about money or jobs you kind of think oh yeah there are many jobs, right? When it comes to manifesting soulmates or relationships however, people tend to be even more attached to a specific person. Oftentimes I get clients coming to me wanting to manifest a specific person. I always tell them is it possible to manifest a specific person, absolutely. After all, nothing is limited. However you have to come from this this energetic place of, "I'm here to experience divine love, I'm here to manifest a relationship that will make me feel divine love." When you're in that place to discover the person who helps you feel that divine love, you may find that he or she is not that specific person you once had in mind because your conscious mind is limited in what your soul can see. We're not always seeing the big picture. So, when you're trying to manifest a relationship you may want to kind of zoom into a specific person  because you have feelings for him /her.  That is totally okay - however - you do have to exercise that non-attachment. Take a step back and say, "I am here to experience divine love, I am manifesting the perfect partner for me." Trust the Universe to present the perfect person to make this possible.

Andrea: Yes! This is true because so-and-so may only be a representation of what you want. He or she is not really what you want. I mean how many people end up getting who they wanted and end up getting hurt by that relationship.  Stay open to the idea that there's a higher power - there's a divine - it has your best interests at heart. You can trust it. If you say, "I want divine love," it's going to give you the perfect thing. Don't get in the way by saying, "well it has to be this one! Gotta be this guy over here...he's the only one!" It might be and you can certainly pursue a relationship with him.

Karin: Absolutely yeah. I always say, if so-and-so is the perfect partner for me, please help me experience divine love through them. But it's more about you experiencing the divine love, the divine gratitude. One part of practicing this detachment is understanding divine timing. Andrea like you said, everything has a timing and one way to make it a little easier to understand is to study astrology. I do a lot of study on Chinese astrology, especially lately. I focus more on Chinese astrology because it includes more remedies rather than western astrology. So if you have blocks for example, remedies can help to remove them. If you can understand your core energy through Chinese astrology, that it already a big help. You can actually download a free Chinese astrology training using the link below in the description - this will allow you to discover your core energy. Then you can start looking at the energy coming at you from moment to moment. Then you can know for sure if this is "just not my time." This month may not right, but it's okay! "I am perfectly satisfied being in the now." It's not just about understanding divine timing, it's also about being okay, and being in the now, always be in the present moment.

Thank you for being here today Andrea! I hope you enjoyed this fascinating discussion between myself and Andrea. Make sure you also go to Andrea's channel to check out the other half of these 3 high-speed manifesting secrets!

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