Warning: 3 Harmful Metal Ox Energies & How to Neutralize Them

I want to talk about 3 harmful aspects of the upcoming metal Ox year energy. We all know that the metal Ox year is starting February 3rd 2021, and I want to prepare you for these energies. I'll also show you ways to use the energy to your advantage instead of being harmed by it.

Metal Ox year starts February 3rd, 2021. This is just the technical definition for when we actually enter into the metal tiger month of the Chinese solar calendar. February 2021 is a big transition and actually, my guides always tell me not to be too attached to these dates because humans - our conscious and egoistic minds - make the dates. The divine doesn't really pay attention to these specific dates. It's all about the flow of energy and these dates are just here to help us understand the energy.

So, Metal Ox energy is coming in slowly, and once we pass mid February we're really going to feel this energy more strongly. This is the energy of the metal Ox. We're making a transition from the yang metal rat year to the yin metal ox year. I have another blog focusing on my predictions for the metal ox year (Click here if you haven't read it).

Today I want to focus on a few aspects of this metal Ox energy. We're going to focus more specifically on what you can do, and not what could happen. l always say to everyone, including all my clients, that there is no good or bad energy which the universe sends us. It's really all about how you use that energy - how much you understand the energy - and how well you can flow with it. That's what my blogs are all about. They are not focused on predicting disasters, or telling you that the sky is going to fall. 

3 Aspects of the Metal Ox

The animal sign Ox is a representation of the energy of earth. So you can also say that this year is a combination of the yin metal and yin earth. The first half of the metal Ox year is February through July, and the yin metal energy will be more prominent during this time. Then, during the second half of year, The Ox energy is the yin earth energy. It will be more prominent, but simply know that throughout the year these energies will manifest themselves.

1. The conflict aspect that comes with the yin metal energy

In a lot of ancient Chinese astrology books they associate metal with war. This is because all weapons are made of metals, but it's really about something more than that. The quality of metal is a very cooling quality, and it's not an expansive quality. This energy brings much restriction and you may feel like there's a pressure cooker around you. That's why during metal years there is more of a tendency to have conflict arising from friction. That's the nature of this energy, and the yin metal comparing to the yang metal we had last year is making this conflict more subtle. For example:  You could have someone in your life who you don't like and in this energy it's not gonna make you to start a physical fight, (or even a verbal fight really) but it will make the atmosphere between you more strained. You will feel the heaviness in the air when you're interacting with this person. That is typical of the yin metal energy.

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How do we neutralize it? How can we use this energy to our advantage?

Let's go back to the wisdom of Chinese astrology. Of the 5 elements, fire is considered detrimental to the element metal. So what represents fire then?

Fire is passion and since this is an yin metal, I want you to use a quiet restricted passion, not explosive passion. This is rather like a strong belief within yourself. So when you have a conflict with someone or when you have people around you who give you a lot of pressure the universe is telling you to focus on the  deep desires and belief systems you have within. Don't focus on them so much. 

Let's say everybody around you tells you you're going to fail at something. That is a manifestation of this yin metal energy. What you need to do is - instead of paying attention to them and getting sucked into that energy - focus within. Focus on your desire of being a winner and, focus on your dreams, and your goals. Let other people's opinion fall away. That's how you use the fire element to melt the metal element.

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2. Financial strain is possible.

Why this? Well, it's a combination of the yin metal energy and yin earth energy. In traditional Chinese astrology, the earth element is actually quite abundant, and many Chinese astrologers think that having the earth elements in your chart is an auspicious sign for financial prosperity. However, when we put this metal cap on the abundant earth it's like the abundance is being confined. It could manifest in your life as a feeling of "money drying out." You may feel as though you have nowhere to get money, and/or a lack of growth. Overall, in your financial life, that's how this energy could potentially manifest. So with this kind of energy, I don't advise anyone to go into risky investments. 

How do we neutralize it? how do we use this energy to our advantage?

Use this time to start learning about strategies. Then, when the cycle changes, you'll have the knowledge to jump into more lucrative investments. Whenever energy like this nudges us to slow down and wait - this is an ideal time to go within, educate yourself, and create a better version of yourself. That's what this energy is telling you.

This is a good time to start something, a good time to dream big, and a good time to design your future. However this is also a time during which you may put in the work and not see the rewards right away. This is because the reward time has not come yet. This is a time for you to go within, start working on yourself, and start planning your future. Visualize your future and enjoy that most important factor. Feel the joy of that vision and preparation.

Joy is also related to fire and that fire is going to melt this restriction - this confinement that the metal Ox year creates.

3. The potential to feel stuck

The yin earth energy which we have this year is probably the most fixed energy out of all the different energy patterns in Chinese astrology. The Earth doesn't move and yin earth is even more passive. So this is not a good year to move to a new home, or move into a new country. This is a year that will drag you down and pull you back to your roots. This is a good time to think back to your past and learn lessons, or return to your roots. It could be your family traditions, it could be your cultural heritage too. Somehow, this is something that brings you back to where you started. That's why this energy could make you feel stuck. A part of you may feel like you want to go out to explore but the energy is not letting you. Maybe a part of you wants to expand - wants to go out and grow and explore - but the energy of the year is telling you to stay where you are (maybe even take a few steps back). So don't expect to expand too much this year! Of course, this advice doesn't apply to everyone. It really depends on your personal birth chart. I'm just talking about the general energy here. This is simply not a time to expand into new things.

How do we neutralize it? How do we use this energy to our advantage?

Use this is the time to discover the value of things you already have. In other words, count your blessings. Count the blessings you already have, and express gratitude! If you don't know how to use this energy you could feel stuck. At the same time though, if you become aware of this energy, you'll know this is a time to count blessings and discover my inner treasure.

Remember yin metal is also associated with treasure so the yin metal Ox is telling you to look within and find the inner treasure that you already possess. This is tremendously important because if you are not aware of your inner treasure, you will never find treasure outside of you. In general, this is a stabilizing energy, and you can use it to stabilize yourself instead of using it to expand yourself.

Bonus Tip: 2 Meditations

Now let me give you a bonus tip, I'm going to give you 2 kinds of meditations you can use to neutralize these harmful aspects.

1. Inner Flame Meditation

While in sitting meditation, I want you to look within and in your mind's eye focus on a flame that starts from the area around your heart. Visualize it and look at this flame. It will tell you so much about your life, and about the gifts the universe gives you.

2. Inner Treasure Meditation

Go within. When you're in your meditation visualize in your mind's eye the treasure you have within. You might visualize your treasure as certain qualities you possess, or you could visualize your treasures as actual jewels inside, or gold. Whatever comes to mind that can symbolize treasure - that's your inner treasure representation. Focus your attention on that for about 5 - 10 minutes and let that energy expand.

So that's the key for this year - finding the stability within, finding the treasure within, and finding the passion within. This will help you negate all the harmful aspects of this year and manifest your dream life in 2021!

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