From 2D Vision Board to 4D Vision Hologram? (Law of Attraction)

Do you use a vision board? The Vision board method is an effective law of attraction manifestation technique. Today I want to show you how you can supercharge this method and upgrade it to a 4D vision hologram!

What's been your experience using a vision board to manifest? Let me know what are some of the amazing things that you put on your vision board! If you're brand new to law of attraction you may not know what a vision board is.

A vision board is basically a clipboard. It's a board upon which you can clip many different images or words to help you visualize your dream life.

For example, if you want to manifest a dream car, you can cut out a picture of the car and put it on your vision board. For many years, I used a digital vision board. You don't need a physical board but many people have fun with one. Although you can print it out (if you're using a digital one), what I do is I use all the desired images, put them together into a collage, and then I use it as a wallpaper for my computer. I also use it on my cellphone and for my iPad! Vision boards are amazing. I've manifested amazing things using vision boards.

Today I want to do something fun - even though this is an amazing law of attraction manifestation technique as it is, we can always upgrade it. 

A lot of people told me that after having a vision board for a while, they just got tired of it. They got tired of looking at the same images. They get so used to them and because of this, they just don't give them inspiration feelings anymore. That's why, when you feel that way about your vision board, it means it's time to throw it out. Remember that techniques are just vehicles to help you get from point A to point B. It's not like one technique is better than another, or that you should definitely practice this one or that one - always use your inner wisdom to determine if a particular technique works for you. I think that it's time for us to give this vision board technique a little energy boost - a little upgrade, right? So one common problem with the classic vision board is that it's a 2D object which often just hangs on your wall.

A lot of times, when you use a vision board, you don't really feel that you're in that picture. This is because you just look at it. What we want to do is move from just having something to look at, to really, really experiencing it.

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That's where the concept of a hologram comes in. What you want to do is not just create a vision board, but you want to look at your vision board with your energy. You're going to visualize yourself as a projector. Then you're going to project this vision all around you and make it into a hologram!

So how do you do that? First of all, when you meditate, make sure you meditate somewhere near your vision board - where you can see it clearly. Then as you stare at it for a little bit, focus on one image. Breathe in that image and breathe in that energy. Then as you close your eyes, you can shift from 2D to 3D (later I'll show you how to shift from 3D to 4D).

You shift from 2D to 3D by making these pictures or images on your vision board come to life. So in your meditation, think about how you can implant those feelings in your physical environment. What do I mean by that?

Let's say you have a picture or an image on your vision board in which you are someone with a lot of money. In this case, you're working on manifesting financial abundance. You may visualize money coming down, perhaps raining down, on you. You might say, "well I can't make money rain down in the house in order to aid in my visualizing." But you can find a specific object and let that object represent the feeling of money raining down. For example, I have a physical object. I call it an abundance egg. In this egg, I keep coins and money from all around the world. Every time I travel somewhere, I get a coin in from that country. I bring it back and throw it in there. So this abundance egg is manifesting money, attracting money from all around the world. That's my energy. You see, you don't have, to necessarily have a picture representing that energy. You can have the energy going into a physical object. That's what I'm trying to teach you today.

Everything you have around you, whether it's the pillow you sleep on, or the pen you use to write, you can inject your energy into it. What do I mean by injecting energy? Simply when you're holding it, you give it energy. You visualize the energy of whatever you're trying to manifest - abundance, gratitude, joy - into that object. Then when you're using it, just quietly say, "I'm activating this energy."

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You don't have to carry a vision board with you anymore now. You carry these objects that contain energy. That's how you move from 2D to 3D. So you can initiate this process in just one meditation session. You'll think of all the energies you're trying to manifest, and you think of the object you want to put that energy into. They have to be physical objects that you can see and touch because touch is a very powerful sensation. When we can touch something, we can feel it, and we can get the energy much more powerfully than by just looking at a picture.

So now we have just shifted from 2D to 3D and transferred energy from the picture on your vision board into physical objects all around you. You can even put energy into your car if you want! Let your car be filled with a certain kind of energy. You can do it however you want. Wait for seven days for everything to sink in. Now we are ready to shift from 3D to 4D! After seven days, we're going to start the process of shifting from a 3D object to a 4D energy hologram.

How do we do that? Remember that you now have your physical object with your desired energy, so every time you're holding the physical object you are filled with your desired energy. For example, I have these cheap little sunglasses - they are really just a toy. Let's visualize projecting a hologram out of this particular object. I always like glasses, sunglasses, or goggles because our brain associates these things with holograms, or projections. Remember everything in your life - whether you can touch it or not - is made up of energy. Why don't you deliberately project the energy out instead of just letting the habitual energy pattern play itself? So now before you go into a meeting, or before you're about to meet someone new, I want you to put on your projector and deliberately project the energy, and visualize a hologram all around you. In that hologram visualize this meeting going really well. Before you go on an interview, you do your hologram - visualize before you do anything, and play with this within the hologram.

Now you have transformed your 2D vision board into a 4D Hologram!

This can be so much fun! I hope you enjoy this law of attraction manifestation technique! You can be so creative with this too. I can't wait to hear your ideas on how you're going to do it. So let me know in the comment down below:  What's going to be your energy, and what's going to be your object that's going to contain that energy? How are you going to design your hologram? Know that your entire life is a hologram. Why not design it yourself starting right now, and let your entire life be a manifestation of your vision board right now - not five years from now, not next month, not in the future - right now. Let's do it right now.

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