Feeling stuck is a sign from the universe! A sign of what?

Do you know that feeling stuck is actually one of the greatest signs from the universe? But a sign of what?!

Today, let's talk about the feeling of being stuck. A lot of people come to me trying to get a coaching session, or an astrological reading session. Oftentimes they tell me, "Karin, I feel pretty stuck, or I've been feeling stuck for the past couple of months, or the last couple of years." When I ask them to tell me a little bit more about their situation, I often find out that they can be successful on the outside and still feel stuck on the inside.

Many People who feel stuck have a pretty good job, or make good money, or they have reached some level of personal fulfillment - and yet they still feel stuck. If you met them on the street, you'd never know that they feel stuck. Let me know in the comments down below - how do you feel in relation to this? Do you have moments in your life during which you feel stuck - do you feel stuck right now?

I want to tell you some things which may be the opposite of everything you believe in your conscious mind, but this is the truth:


1. The universe is telling you: "Congratulations, you are now ready for a big leap."

Let me elaborate. In life we have peaks and valleys. If you only look at our outer experience, everybody goes through the exact same arcs - just like in a story, or when you watch a movie. There's a beginning, a quest of the hero, they go through a lot of obstacles and challenges, and eventually the story peaks. Sound familiar? A movie or a novel is a story in which usually, everybody lives happily ever after. However, in our lives, it's not like that because our life doesn't necessarily end after one particular peak - it goes on. Can you think of a time in your life when you didn't feel stuck? I can tell you that's usually a time when you have a clear goal in your mind and you feel very hopeful about it.

It doesn't matter whether or not you have fulfilled a particular goal. It simply means that you identified a place - a target - that you're moving towards and you feel hopeful that you're going to hit the target. That's a time during which you do not feel stuck. When you do feel stuck, it's during a time in which you can not see a clear target or a clear goal. Obviously, when you don't have a target, you don't have a sense of hopefulness. So essentially, what makes you unstuck is not some external change in your life. You really have to find the deepest sense of hope. You have to feel hopeful, and you have to feel that your life is going somewhere.

2. This feeling has nothing to do with what you're doing or what your external circumstances look like. 

I will bet a lot of money that many people you perceive as super successful and super happy are feeling extremely stuck. Feeling stuck simply means you are not feeling fulfilled. So this has nothing to do with whether or not you have reached the goal you set for yourself 10 years ago.

This simply means that you are at another pivotal moment of your life - a moment where you are ready for your next adventure. It's like in a show and you have just reached the end of season one. Now you're ready for season two. It's as simple as that. Most people however are being tricked by their mind. Your mind will tell you that you're stuck because you're not good enough. Or that you're stuck because your life has no purpose, or you're stuck because you're lacking in some way, or you're stuck because you're not doing a good job, or you're stuck because you're not in the right job, or you're not in the right relationship. You are not in the right world. You have to somehow rock your world and go to the other side of the world to do something. Sound familiar?

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I'm here to tell you, you might be ok in taking some of those actions. I'm not suggesting that you can't change your job, or get a new relationship, or move to the other side of world. What I'm saying here is that there's something deeper than these things going on. Something much deeper than simply moving to a different part of the world, or finding a new job, or starting a business.

So here's the thing:  Your deepest joy can never come from external circumstances. No matter what you try to manifest - let's say you try to manifest $10 million. One day you truly manifest that $10 million! I bet you that not before long, you're going to start feeling stuck again if you don't have hope within.

This is because your deepest joy never comes from these outer experiences. Your deepest joy always comes from a moment during which you feel that you are a hundred percent connected to the Universe, or God according to whatever spiritual belief you have. You may believe in a deity, or Buddha, or God - whatever you believe- You must have a direct experience of communicating with, and feeling connected to, your God. The connection with the universe, when experienced, is when you feel that most intense joy.

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3. The universe telling you, Now it's time to seek that connection. 

Feeling stuck oftentimes means that you are very close to that divine connection. It's like a paradox because when you're feeling stuck, you are not seeing the divine, but at the same time, you are the closest to the divine connection.

Now may feel like the dark night of the soul, where everything is dark, and where it seems there is no way out. This is because the universe and the divine magic - or God - never speaks via human terms. Usually God seems to like to play hide and seek with us. When we think that through acquiring certain things in this material world we can find him or her, we find we're wrong. We still have to carry on in the activities of the external world of course, and perhaps through our activities, we can see a glimpse of God. The biggest reveal however, is often right after this moment of the dark night of the soul. If you are experiencing a moment during which you feel stuck, and you don't know where to go, I want to tell you, "Congratulations - This is an invitation from the divine and this is God telling you, welcome home. You are so close to me, just so close."

Many individuals who feel stuck often contact me wanting to do an astrological reading during these periods. This is actually a good time to get a reading because by working with me, one-on-one through these readings, you'll probably understand your divine plan a little bit better. Usually through these times, divine consciousness will come in and shine on your world. So it's not the reading that does the magic - it's you connecting to the divine that does all the magic.


1. Get excited and tell yourself, "You know what, something much greater is about to happen in my world. And I am open to it." Tell the universe that you are celebrating this moment of feeling stuck and not knowing where to go.

2. Try to understand more of your karmic roadmap because sometimes when we're focused on our external world, we forget about our karmic lessons.  This is a good time to learn a little about your astrological birth chart, and try to understand yourself whether or not you use astrology You can still understand yourself better, do more journaling, and go into past memories to try to figure out issues that keep surfacing. Usually times when you feel stuck are good opportunities to find patterns you used to ignore.

3. Pray to the universe or to God - to whatever you believe in. Prayers are very powerful during these dark nights of the soul. This is because this is a time when all human "wisdom" can fade and something infinitely more intelligent becomes available to you. You can't rely on your human wisdom when you feel totally stuck. You can't rely on anything in your physical world. This is the perfect time to give all of yourself to the divine, to God, to the universe.

This is a time during which you can open yourself up through prayer and feel that divine connection. When you get that connection the gate to heaven will open up for you and you'll figure something out. Maybe the solution is moving to a different country. Maybe it is starting a new business or changing our jobs, but it has to come from a feeling of being wide open to the divine.

That feeling of being connected will clearly point to the next step. Don't take the next step thinking, "Oh, I want to get rid of this feeling of being stuck so I need to go somewhere - I need to start a business!" Never start a new thing when you are feeling stuck. This is a time to take a new step - to open a new chapter of your life - and you have to be wide open to the universe! This is because when you feel you are with God, you are one with the universe, that is the moment when the next step will become obvious. That is usually the right next step. It doesn't have to be some huge new mission. It could just be a small step which will lead to a bigger step - then to an even bigger one!

Feeling stuck is a sign from the universe that you are so close to starting a new and exciting chapter of your life! It's like season one just ended. Now you have to enter season two!

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