EFT Tapping: Release Money and Abundance Blocks & Attract Success with Gratitude

Author: Jocelyn S.

We have all heard the saying that happiness comes from within. Not surprisingly everything comes from within. Every "thing" was at first a thought form, before a physical object. Yet we outwardly struggle with finances and the material world,  trying to get things superficially before we have them internally. To go within is the first step of alignment, and frequently overlooked. More often than not,  we want to go out there and conquer the world with physical action, all while neglecting our inner being.   The difference between "doing" and "being" is the difference between having and not having. In order to BE the type of person who lives in abundance, you must get into alignment with your desire. 
EFT , or the emotional freedom technique, happens to be one of the simplest and most powerful ways to get back into alignment. Eft is the gentle tapping of meridian points on the body, to help clear out the energy fields as well as replacing negative thought patterns with positive affirmations. As human beings, we can be nearsighted when it comes to our own problems. Sometimes we carry around limiting beliefs we are not even consciously aware of. Eft is such a magical technique because it clears out all the negativity from our energy fields, whether we have consciously identified it or not. 

When we are living in alignment we will have plenty of money, radiant health, success and happiness. It's only when we are out of alignment that we experience lack or pain. Not having what we desire doesn't mean we need to go out and try to obtain it. It means we have a block around the subject, that needs to be tended to first, before any physical action can be taken. Through eft tapping we can release our negative mental baggage! 
When tapping for money, it may be helpful to set the intention for feeling abundant, rather than a specific dollar amount. As Neville Goddard says "Feeling is the Secret". Rating your level of discomfort before beginning is a great way to track your progress. After a few rounds of tapping, you will know by how you feel if you have aligned to zero , or need to do a few more rounds. Once the blocks have been cleared , in place of them you can tap in some uplifting statements.
EFT is also backed by science and has been proven to lower cortisol levels, and bring the mind and body back to homeostasis. It is a great technique to explore , and you don't need to be an expert to see results. Just  dedicated effort and a willingness to release. 
Always remember, happiness, success, health and wealth are our birthrights. As we remove our blocks, we become abundant in all aspects of life. 

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