Effortless manifesting – it’s as easy as it feels!

Author: Celliene

Are you driving yourself crazy double checking, and triple checking, that you’re doing ALL the specifics of manifestation techniques, but you're still not seeing results?  Does it feel like it’s so difficult, and so much effort?

Truthfully – there’s not a moment when you are NOT manifesting!  The house you’re living in? The people around you (love ‘em or hate ‘em!)?  They’re all in your life because of choices you made. Manifesting is not “making” in the strict sense of creating – such as sewing a dress, baking a cake, or building a house.

  Remember that the Universe has ALREADY created everything for you - your only task is to CHOOSE your life! The power of choice is in you, it’s in all of us – this is the power that you exert to bring about that which you want to manifest.  What a relief to know that it’s not up to us to “make it happen!” Take comfort in knowing this truth – the Universe manifesting your life, and your mind was not intended to make this world, but rather to CHOOSE the amazing world you want.  The larger version of you is Source, and your mind is simply the observer of this Source energy. You only have to ALLOW this energy to do the manifestation work, and it will be done!

What does this actually mean?  A great example Karin uses, is going to a restaurant for a lovely meal.  You choose the people you want to share the dinner with, you choose the restaurant to visit, and you select the meal of your choice from the menu.  Of course, you do have to invite your dinner guests, you do have to go to the restaurant and most importantly – you do have to tell the server what you are ordering!  Okay – what comes next? Do you go into the kitchen and start cooking the food? Do you tell the manager how you want the food presented? Of course not! You completely let it go and allow the meal to be brought to you.  You wait for it to come to you! And while you’re waiting, you just patiently sit and chat with your dinner guests, maybe you play with your phone or do something else that you want to do – having a lovely time!  


This is a great way to think about the process of manifesting your dream.  Choose what you want, and when you’ve made your choice, just relax and wait for it to come to you.  Don’t be so obsessed with what you chose! The job of your conscious mind is only one single thing – to make a choice!  When you’re in that feeling place, as if you’re sitting in the restaurant, waiting in a relaxed, comfortable way, knowing that the dish you ordered will be brought to the table (and if you’re like me, you’re quite excited too, to taste the delicious food that’s coming!) – that is when manifestation becomes effortless.

To manifest effortlessly, you must be very clear on the role your mind is playing and play only the part that your mind is supposed to play.  Otherwise you're going to delay the process further and further, and you may never see what you ordered! The role of your mind is to make that choice and also to take action.  In the example, the action was to tell the server what you are ordering! You need to do that and then let go. The same goes for your real life. There’s a big difference between “effortless” and “no action required!”  Effortlessness is when it feels good, right, fun and enjoyable. “Effortless” is feeling neutral.  

Now on Spotify: 

Imagine if you could just work towards your goal with no resistance.  With no worries and no doubts, the right people and opportunities will just show up!  Action is required for manifestation, but this is joyful, fun, interesting and exciting action – something that you want to do.  Learn new skills, learn how a business works, incorporate a business, open a new bank account for your business. That’s not hard work, but it’s a lot of work!  It’s important to get moving and to take action. Without action, life would be horrible! The Law of Attraction is not a way to escape from our daily responsibilities – so honor your responsibility but remove the internal forces that are holding you back. When action feels painful, that’s showing you that you have a lot of resistance regarding the goal you are trying to achieve.  Ask yourself “is there another way to do it?” or “would I rather be doing something else?” or “why do I have so much resistance?”.  

Many times, you think you’re not good enough, or not doing what you’re supposed to, or you feel guilty.  This is your inner child telling you something – maybe that you need a break, or to tell yourself that you love yourself.  Sometimes lack of action, or lack of motivation, or procrastination, are simply caused by not loving yourself. Be loving and kind to yourself.  Karin uses the example of the housewife whose husband comes home from work and says “You’re not doing enough! You’ve got to do more!” How do you think the housewife feels?  She’s not going to feel very effortless when she starts her chores the next day! Now imagine the husband came home and said something like this: “Honey, I love you! The house looks great!  Thank you for all the work you do!” The next day all those chores are easy to do, and she’ll happily look for even a few more things to get done!

So, if you find your manifesting process starts to feel painful, treat yourself like the loving husband treated his housewife!  Appreciate yourself, be loving and kind to yourself in order to make every action effortless. If the manifesting process is feeling like it’s too hard, and not fun anymore, it’s a good indication that you're not appreciating yourself, you're not loving yourself, you're not giving yourself enough credit.  

A handy tip to make manifesting easy is to fill your life with things you appreciate, that fill you with joy.  Karin calls these “ease anchors”. Her personal favorites are pets and travel – so when she’s feeling a bit too obsessed with her goals or what she’s doing, she just goes to the internet and watches a few videos about pets, or some inspiring cruise or travel videos and that instantly take her to the place of allowing.  So, find your ease anchors and when you find yourself starting to obsess over things that aren’t manifesting, escape into your happy place that has nothing to do with your day to day life or people around you. Just submerge yourself into these happy things and places, and put yourself into that place of allowing.

  • Choose it, don’t “make it”
  • Take action – do things that feel effortless and enjoyable in line with your goal
  • Allow it to come to you (waiting in the restaurant for the dish to be served to you)
  • Ask yourself questions to work out what the resistance is about
  • Be loving and kind and patient with yourself when you feel resistance.
  • Use ease anchors to fill yourself with joy

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