Are We Heading For A Doomsday-What Chinese Astrology Say About Our Future?

Are we heading for a doomsday?

Today I'll give you a Chinese astrology perspective on this and I also want to share some messages I've been receiving from my spirit guides about our collective future! 

Are we doomed?

We can all agree that we live in an unprecedented time in history. Since 2020 when the global pandemic broke out, people are suddenly starting to realize that the time we are living in today is different from the past several decades that we've taken for granted.

Yes. we live in a very very special time in history. Lately, some of my clients are worried about their debt,  their jobs, and their financial future. Some clients are also worried about the hyperinflation. It looks like many people are in some sort of panic mode. 

What makes it worse is that you're seeing a lot of narratives online about how we're heading for doomsday, or how the inflation is going to crash the economy... We also are seeing a lot of very interesting astrological events, like last year, we just had great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. This year as I'm writing this blog, we're heading into a blood moon total lunar eclipse which is also pretty rare.  These events are making a lot of people feel anxious, and this collective anxiety is manifesting into this doomsday mentality. Today, I want to tell you what I think! Are you ready?

The short answer is: No, we're not doomed!

No, we are not doomed!

Let me tell you why: First of all, my spirit guides are always telling me that time and space don't just progress in a straight line. And secondly, I want you to understand that there are multiple possible possibilities that coexist all the time. This is scientifically proven. If you read about quantum physics you know that at any given time there are  millions of possible possibilities, and at any time when you make a decision, or when our society collectively makes a move,  there are multiple possible outcomes.  I'm not talking about five outcomes 10 outcomes, I'm talking about millions of billions of outcomes- countless possible outcomes. Is a doomsday one of the possible outcomes? I think yes! but that is just one or a few of the many many many outcomes. That is what I've been told by my spirit guides.

A few weeks ago, I received a very interesting message from one of my viewers, This viewer sent me a link to a Tik-Tok influencer who lives in Spain. According to himself, he lives in the year 2027. In his world, he's the only surviving human. He's showing you empty streets, empty stores, and everything empty. A lot of people watch this kind of content and they get really really scared.  My viewer asked me what I think about it. First of all, you know I'm not in any position to judge whether or not this is for real, I can't say whether this person is really stuck in one of the parallel realities like what I just explained, or he's just showing off some video editing hacks!

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The 9 flying stars in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology we have something called "9 flying star system" or "9 purple white flying star system". This is a system that helps you understand the flow of time. It also helps you understand this spiral journey that we are taking.

According to the 9 flying star system, we never grow in a straight upward line, instead, we grow like the stock market. Just like any companies, or anything that grows in our world, you never see a straight line. You always see ups and downs even in a long-term upward trend.

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Using the 9 flying star system we can roughly understand the up and down of human history. The fundamental building block of this system is the concept of three "yuan" and nine "periods". "Yuan" is a Chinese word. It basically means a period of time. Each yuan contains three smaller periods.

When we put three "Yuans" together you get a whole historical wave!

So, we have the upper Yuan, the middle Yuan, and the lower Yuan.

Each "Yuan" has three periods. So we would have period 1,2, and 3 in the upper Yuan,  and we have the 4, 5 and 6 in the middle Yuan,  and 7,8 and 9 in the lower Yuan. This looks just like a wave, right? This the wave of our history!

Our current period

if you want to get a little more technical with this. Know that all the beginnings of the periods start with a yang wood year.

The yang wood year is always a year ending with 4. Like 2014, 2024, 2034 etc...or you can go back to 1844 1854 1864. So, all the years ending with 4 are yang wood years. According to Chinese astrology yang wood always signifies some sort of a beginning of a cycle.

In a sense, every 10 years we return to a yang wood year, which is literally the beginning of a small collective historical cycle. When you put two smaller cycles together -the yin and the yang- you get a "period" within the purple white flying star system.

So, these are not just some random 20 years, you're always starting the period from a yang wood year and the period always ends just before a yang wood year.

Where we are now right? now as I'm speaking, we're in 2021, we are at the end of period 8 , meaning we are at the end of this historical wave. We are also at the end of the lower yuan, we are literally at the end of an era! 

A new era 

In 2024, we're heading into another period which is period 9 in Chinese astrology.

Each period is ruled by a different element and a different star according to this system. There are nine stars that are ruling everything in our physical reality, and every 20 years they change shift.

We are at the end of the period 8 , meaning our current star is about to retire! The current star is the star number 8, and the element that's associated with this star is earth. The past 20 years everything that we've been ruled by element earth energy. Earth meaning real estate, government, big corporations, you are seeing a lot of transformation in those areas. 

Soon we're going into 2024 period number 9! The next period is no longer ruled by earth, but fire. Fire rules the internet, technology, and the things that are explosive, things that are passionate,  things that are a little bit more interesting. 

Collectively, our society is going to shift into a new era. This also coincides with the age of Aquarius in western astrology, right? in 2024, in western astrology, Pluto enters into the next sign, sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is also this sign of innovation and technology!  You see, these systems are just using different words to describe the same kind of energy. In this sense, our future is not fixed but the flavor of the future is sort of pre-written.

We write our own stories!

This is just like writing a novel. You have to have a setting for your story, and you need to have a few set characters. These things are set, however, how the story develops and how the characters end up are entirely up to you, the writer.

It's exactly the same with our human history. We are the writers! When people tell you we're heading for a doomsday, you can tell them: that is one of the possible possibilities,  but not the only one!

Ask yourself this question: do you really want to and choose to head into a doomsday? Are you afraid of doomsday? If that is the future you choose, you're free to go there, however, if you don't choose that kind of future why don't you make a different decision? why don't you choose again? because the universe gives us choices! we have multiple parallel realities for us to choose from! My guides are also telling me that there are many very interesting things waiting for us in the next period- period 9.

Exciting period 9

That's because we're no longer earthbound, instead ,we can aim for more interesting things. We'll be surprised by the development of technology. If we choose well, we will see a more prosperous future.

However, people who are not aware of the shift might be stuck in a timeline where we are heading to a collective doomsday. so, make sure that you choose well!

According to Chinese astrology, these waves come up and down up and down and they never end, Chinese astrology doesn't really talk about the end of a time because we believe that the end of the time is always a new beginning when one chapter ends another chapter starts!

In a way, I do believe that we're heading to some sort of closure, however, I don't believe that that's the end of all of us- depending on our choices. I believe that we are just heading into a more exciting future. We may have to learn to adapt to new things, new environment, new economy, a new way of relating to each other, and a new way of working with each other, however, you know once we make that shift our future is bright!

If you want to learn more about your own life and your own future feel free to reach out to me and book a one-on-one session with me! :)

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