Do Not Delay your Manifestation Any More. You Can Manifest Now! Here's How...

Let's talk about how to manifest anything you want right now.

Lately I've been getting a lot of questions and comments like, "Karin, I need $2,000 in 10 days," or, "I want to manifest in 24 hours," or, "I want to manifest this in 3 months."

You asked me if it's possible to do that - 

The moment you put a time limit on your manifestation goal, you're already putting off your manifestation indefinitely. This is because the only way to manifest is in the now. You cannot manifest in 3 days, in 24 hours, in a month, or in 3 years. No, it's not like that.

You are manifesting right now. You either manifest it right now, or you don't manifest it right now.

We are experiencing this 3-D reality, where we have a perception of time and space. At the same time however, there is also the ultimate reality - in that reality time and space don't exist. Everything happens right now. Everything happens right here.

This may be hard to understand, but it's really not that hard nowadays. This is in part because of our technology. We're tapping into the ultimate reality so much more now than in past generations.

For example, as you read this blog, I have no idea where you are - maybe you're in India, maybe you're in America, Maybe you're in Europe - wherever you are though, you and I are together here, aren't we? I'm maybe thousands of miles away, but in this true reality in which you are experiencing these words, we are together.

I'm writing this blog post on June 1st.  When you read this though, it's not June 1st anymore. I preschedule my blog posts.

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So in a sense, the blog doesn't come out as you read it. However, when you're reading it, you're reading it right now. You're reading what I'm saying and you're feeling the energy I'm sending out for you right now. That's exactly how the ultimate reality works. Let this sink in for a bit.

There are billions of blogs on the internet right now. They're all popping out at all times and they can be accessed in your news feeds right now. They may be from different locations, but it doesn't matter as you read them. They are all happening right now, right here on the web.

So from this perspective - collectively - we are evolving into the ultimate reality. We're just achieving it in different ways. Don't see this ultimate reality quantum field as something that is so out there - it's a living, breathing experience. 

The more you can perceive the ultimate reality where everything is here and now, the sooner you can get to live in your dream life. This is because everything you want is also right here and now.

Any blog post you want to read is already here on the web. Sometimes you won't see it immediately. It may take a while to find one because there are so many of them. If you see your manifestation goals this way it really minimizes the impatience, and the desperation.

Once you remove the desperation, and the impatience, from your manifestation process, everything will come to you easily.

Think about this:  How did you find out about my blog post?

You either did some kind of search on google, or somehow Facebook just pushed my blog to you, right? That's how you're going to experience your dream life. It's going to just happen to you. When Facebook pushed this blog post to you though, there must be an intent for you to be connected to me.

Let's say you're someone who's never really been interested in Law of Attraction. All you're interested in, for example, is mountain climbing. More than likely you will never see my blog post in your lifetime. Manifestation happens naturally and automatically. It's like magic - but at the same time not magic - because there is an intent.

You have to send out the intent to the universe to get to my blog post. You probably read some other people's blogs, right? That's called taking inspired action. 

Once you have the intent, you have the inspired action. That's when things start to happen for you right away.

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So to manifest anything you want right now you must remember these: 

#1 Everything you want is already here.  It is a fact. It is the truth. It's not just a theory.

You must surely, truly believe it from the bottom of your heart. You must truly understand it and truly live it, as if everything you want is right here.

#2 Experience what you want right now.  You can never experience financial abundance tomorrow. You can only experience it now.

Have you heard of people who manage to make a lot of money, but end up in ruin - never getting to enjoy the money? There are a lot of people like that.

So let me ask you a question. Are these people really rich? Do they really feel abundant? The answer may not be what you think.

In the same way, you can be with the most beautiful, or most handsome person, in the world. You could be sleeping right next to them. If you don't feel love toward them however, or if they don't feel love toward you, then there has to be a sense of emptiness in the relationship.

In that situation there is no true love - no feeling of love. You can never love somebody tomorrow. You cannot say, "Oh I'm going to love you tomorrow, but I don't love you today." 

Anything you want, no matter if it's a lot of money or a great relationship or looking great, all of these things are really just what your ego perceives as what you want.

What you truly want is the feeling that you hope comes when you truly tap into these physical conditions. So what I want you to start doing is telling yourself that you can tap into that feeling right now. You can tap into the feeling of freedom right now, you can tap into the feeling of love right now, you can tap into the feeling of being so confident, and feeling so beautiful, and feeling so handsome right now.

You may be saying, "Well, my physical reality doesn't support this feeling." Practice this for a moment:  Close your eyes and drop the expectation that your physical reality has to match that feeling. It doesn't have to.

The more you generate those feelings, the more you'll be divinely inspired to move towards the physical reality.

So practice this day by day - whenever you remember - take a moment to stop and tell yourself, "I am manifesting what I want right now." Say it to yourself, affirm it to yourself, and feel it in your body.

A lot of times when you say an affirmation you just repeat it, like any other thought that pops into your head. You may say it because you think you should, in order to manifest something. Instead of thinking that way, try instead to feel it - focus your energy on your heart and feel it right now. Feel that, "I am manifesting right now." 

Manifestation is a process of bending reality. If you don't know how to manifest, you're trapped in your 3-D reality. No matter how great your reality seems to be. What I'm trying to teach you is to become free from your 3-D reality. You can enjoy your 3-D reality, but it is not your ultimate reality. What you're really doing in this process is not to just make some money, or to look better. It goes way beyond that.

This is about blurring the line between the physical and non-physical reality. To most people, the line seems to be definite. The truth is that the physical reality is just part of a larger reality. It doesn't mean the physical reality doesn't exist - it simply means that it's only the little bit of reality that you see with your senses.

Your goal is to blur the line and go beyond your physical reality. Tap into spirit realm - the reality that's beyond what you can see, and what you can touch. That's where your freedom lies. That's where your feeling of abundance is. That's where your feeling of love is, and that's where your feeling of infinite beauty is. So go there! Be there right NOW!

And once you're there bring that feeling back into this physical reality. That is the joy of life - that is called manifesting right now.

Let me tell you something:  Life only happens right now. If you don't manifest what you want right now, you don't manifest it.

You must learn to experience it right now with, or without, the support of your physical reality.

How do you do that? Simply take a few deep breaths and let your energy focus on a very simple feeling. The feeling is gratitude.

Let's say, for example, you're trying to manifest a physical reality where you have a lot of money. Instead of trying to grab a million dollars from nowhere, why don't you focus on the few dollars you already have in your hands?

Just look at it, appreciate it, and feel grateful for what you have. That feeling of gratitude will anchor you. It will take you right into the feeling of abundance, which you truly want. At that moment, if you feel abundance, more abundance will come to you. 


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