Little Known Law of Attraction Technique to Get Out of Debt Fast- 3 Steps I Used to Pay Off $250K!

Today let's talk about 3 steps to get out of debt using law of attraction. I used this exact method to pay off $250,000 in debt! I know it's possible...I did it and you can do it too. Now, let's talk about how to do it!

Do you have a lot of debt? Are you worried about your debt? Lately, I've been receiving a lot of messages from my viewers about their personal debt problems. I've also been observing these huge debt problems nationwide and even worldwide. Every government is printing money and raising debt. A lot of people are spending money they don't yet have. So I think it's important for us to really sit down and talk about the spiritual aspect of debt, and also look at how we can approach this problem using a spiritual approach.

My relationship with debt ended permanently when my husband and I decided to pay off our mortgage. We have ZERO debt now - we don't have car loans, we don't owe anything on our house, and whatever we want to buy, we pay with cash. We do sometimes charge things on a credit card because we want to utilize the points, but we always pay it off immediately. It wasn't always like this for us. In the beginning, back in the days when I had no money, obviously, I had a lot of consumer debt. I didn't have money to buy groceries and, in a way, debt saved me. I wasn't homeless or anything, and I was able to buy necessities with credit cards. As soon as I got into some stable work, I did my best to pay off debt. It was a long road but now we no longer hold any consumer debt. We no longer hold any credit card debt, or personal loans. All these years however, we've had a mortgage. We freed ourselves of this last big debt just a couple of years ago.

I always thought that there is "good debt" and "bad debt." This is what I learned way back when I was younger and when I was into all these fancy investment ideas. I learned that you should raise good debt, use other people's money, and leverage your investment so you can make more money. So, I always kind of bought in to that school of thought. At the same time however, I always felt that something about that approach was not right for me. A few years ago, when I was in meditation, I had an insight that completely changed my paradigm about debt. Now I firmly believe that I don't want to have any debt. I don't even want to use others' money to make money. I also don't want to force my opinion on you now, okay? You can keep going on your route to financial freedom, but please hear me out first. I just want to share with you what my spirit guides told me about debt.

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Here's what my guides showed me about debt:  First of all, let's imagine that in the spirit realm you're not just of this body - you are a cluster of energy - you are wholeness. 

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Every time you feel love, joy, and gratitude, more positive energy gets added to your life force. You will do better, you will manifest better, you will feel better, you will improve your health, and you will also grow spiritually. Remember the only way to brighten up your energy, or increase your energy, is by receiving energy from the universe. How do you do that? - Through meditation, through feeling more love, joy, and gratitude. How is your energy reduced? How is energy taken away from you? By you taking energy from others. This is because there are other people that are just like us - we're all connected. We are not isolated energy islands. We're like little clusters of energy which all connect on some level.

My guides have told me that it's very important to receive energy from the universe. When you receive energy from the universe, everything is given to you for free. It's given to you in a way in which you feel you earned it. However, when you take energy from others - let's say you steal something, for example - in the energy realm, the universe will take a huge chunk of energy from you. This happens even if you feel that your "stealing" is done to balance out some kind of cause and effect you perceive. That's why all spiritual teachers tell you do not steal. That we all know!

Here's an interesting additional bit of information:  My guides tell me that borrowing money, is also a kind of stealing. It's not as bad as regular stealing because we are honorably going to another person and saying, "I'll take a piece of energy from you and I'll give it back to you later." Energetically however, we're still liable. Somebody may tell me, "Well, I'm not paying my student loan because the government is going to pass a law to forgive my student loans." They also sometimes say, "Well, I borrowed money from my mother but I'm not paying her back - she understands because we're family." You can do that in this world however, in the energy realm, or the spirit realm - where your life force comes from - you are still energetically liable. In essence, there's no way once you get in debt to have your debt be forgiven energetically. The only way to get rid of your debt is to spiritually grow. You must grow your energy and honorably pay back what you owe others. That's the only way to get rid of your debt.

This is the number one thing you need to understand about debt, and most people don't. Once I was shown this spiritual picture about debt, I completely changed my approach in my financial life. I stopped borrowing money. I used to use business loans to buy inventory for my business. I stopped doing that as well. I started buying inventory using cash. I used to have a mortgage, and I thought, "Oh I can use that for tax deductions." I stopped doing that too. Once I saw what debt really means in the spirit realm, I realized that the most important thing for me is guarding my own positive energy, my life force. Without this beautiful, bright life force within me my life is never going to be good no matter how much money I make. This is why I stopped using debt, and I recommend you do the same thing. If you can't right away, at least start eliminating your consumer debt. That is really the worst type of debt that you can have - it really harms you spiritually. 

The 3 Steps

Step 1: Fully recognize what debt means, spiritually.

I just discussed this above so now we can move into:

Step 2: Start to work on this spiritually.

Every day I sit in meditation and I start visualizing all the money I owe to other people. I visualize this like straws growing out of my energy body, and others are sucking energy out of me. I visualize cutting these straws. I cut them all and visualize myself being whole again. I might create a guided meditation about this. If you need one let me know in the comments down below. Once you do that, you're going to feel more spiritually centered. You will feel more focused too. Remember the more life force you grow, the more energy you're going to have and the more money you will attract into your life. It will be easier, and it will be for you to use to pay off your debt. That's exactly what happened to me. When I cut out the debt that was sucking energy out of me, guess what? I manifested a much higher income. I also manifested much better business success. I even manifested this channel!

If you don't know how to meditate, or if struggle getting into that energetic place, I recommend you to download my total life transformation mini-course that's completely free! In that mini-course, I will help you transform your life force in 3-5 minutes using some very powerful tools. I'll also show you the magic words which boost your manifestation power. It is all free at 

Step 3: Visualize financial freedom

Actually, not just financial freedom, visualize freedom in general. Feel free! If you could see energy, you would probably never have debt. This is because no matter what it is whether it's a car loan, a credit card loan, or a mortgage, it's always heavy energy that sits on your energy field. Once you lift that up, you're going to feel much lighter, and much freer. Life will become much more joyful. When they lure you into taking more debt, usually they only show you a "super low monthly payment," remember that monthly payment is only the very small tip of the iceberg. I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy a house, or that you shouldn't have a mortgage. I'm simply saying is that once you get into that, be fully aware of what it really is, so that it will motivate you to pay it off as soon as possible. You can say, "Well I'll sacrifice the next five years of my life to pay off my mortgage," and that is totally fine. At this step, focus on financial freedom. Most people who are burdened by debt wonder, "How can I get rid of my debt?" They ask gurus, they ask teachers, and they have financial advisors too. I'm here to tell you, "Don't ask that question so much!" The more you ask that question the more you attract this problem into your life. What you need to ask instead is:  "How can I achieve freedom? What does it feel like to be financially free?" So, tell me right now, what if you are financially free? Visualize the life you would have if you were completely free. If every dollar, or every euro or whatever, is completely yours, how good would that feel? Get into that feeling place.

Every day visualize the wholeness. Also visualize the freedom. When these two types of visualizations work together you will have a total explosion of positive life force. Remember that everything you manifest in life first has to happen in the energy realm. First this transformation has to happen within. It has to happen spiritually, then it will be manifested in your physical reality. Once you can live your life truly from that energy of being free, you're going to manifest better income, and you're going to manifest perfect people. You're also going to manifest perfect opportunities to help you pay off that debt. At the same time, you can always use worldly resources, like the financial advisors out there.

There are YouTube videos about how to manage your finances, and how to budget. You may also use these things because you want to work both on the spiritual track, and in this physical reality. So don't shy away from learning basic financial knowledge, and become an expert on your personal finances. If every one knew how to manage their own energy related to money, I think our world would be a better place. 

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  • Cindy On

    With student loans, credit cards, and a car loan I have around 75k in debt. If I didn’t have money going to make these payments I would have almost an extra $1200/month. I in meditation I realized that this debt is my money but I borrowed it from my future and it is now captive. So, for every extra payment I make, consolidation, or step toward financial freedom (no debt) I visualize it as just another key to unlock another cage my money is sitting in.

  • Sandhya Pallavo On

    I have heavy debts

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