EFT tapping to get out of debt and manifest financial freedom
EFT is a powerful tool for manifesting business success. In this blog, I will teach you how to get out of debt and manifest financial freedom using the EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping technique.

In just 3 minutes you will experience a shift in your energy - from feeling stressed to confident and abundant. This is the exact shift you need to move faster to pay off debt and manifest financial freedom!

 To learn more about EFT, read this blog post! 

You can use this script below to tap a few more rounds and amplify the magic!

Karate chop point: Even though I’m having trouble seeing a way out of debt, I deeply and completely love honor and accept myself.

Even though I don’t see how I can become financially free, I  deeply and completely love honor and accept myself.


Eyebrow: By full accepting and loving myself where I am, I drop all resistance to financial freedom.


Side of eye: I feel myself open up to new possibilities leading me out of debt.


Under eye: The universe is full of magical opportunities that can reverse my debt situation easily and effortlessly.


Under nose: I fully align myself with the divine and abundant nature this universe.


Chin: I am excited to see how the universe reshapes itself in response to my new point of vibration.


Collar bone: Getting out of debt is easy for me, and it is inevitable.


Under arm: My debt is shrinking in my mind, in my vibration, and in my physical reality.


Top of head: I am one with this abundant universe. I am financially free! I’m so grateful for my financial freedom! 

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