Clear All Money Blocks In 68 Seconds!(Financial Freedom Part I)

Is financial freedom one of your big dreams in life? Today I want to help you take that big dream off the pedestal, and make it a reality - and we'll do it in 68 seconds.

This post will be part one of a two part series on financial freedom. Today, lets focus on clearing all blocks preventing you from achieving financial freedom. In part two - which will be published next week - we'll cover how to manifest financial freedom. In each of these blogs, I will be guiding you through an exercise that takes only 68 seconds. I will also show you the power of your inner manifestation genius in 68 seconds.

Your "Financial Freedom Number"

If you talk to financial professionals out there, they typically tell you that your financial freedom number is the result of a simple formula:  Your estimated yearly expenses, multiplied by 25. 

For example, if your annual expense is $40,000 a year, you need $1,000,000 to be financially free.

Once you have this amount of money, if you invest that money appropriately, then more than likely you will have enough income for the rest of your life. If you're interested in this, feel free to simply look up some financial planning videos on YouTube, or talk to a financial planner.

For purposes of this post however, all I need is for you to use this number as a tangible goal. Once a goal is tangible, it's no longer a "fuzzy idea" sitting in the clouds. Now it's more realistic and attainable.

Now take a few moments to ask yourself:  "How much money do I or my family need for a year?" Then multiply that by 25 to get your number. There are many actions you can take toward making that money in this action-driven physical reality. For example, you can get a new job that offers higher pay, you can change your spending habits, or you can start a business.

The energy of financial freedom

Today I want to focus on the energy behind all of those actions that can lead to that financial freedom number. As a first step, the most important thing is not which action to take to achieve that, but rather, harnessing the right energy to support you as you go from where you are to where your goal is.

In the realm of who you truly are, actually, there is no distance between you and financial freedom. Once you can think of that:  "It's already there," keep that in mind and heart. However, since we're in this physical reality, there appears a vibrational distance between you and your goal.

 So how do you bridge that vibrational distance?

This is the most important question. If you don't bridge that vibrational distance, even if you achieve that number on paper, there are a million ways your old self could manifest to ruin that financial freedom. We've seen a lot of people who win the lottery, and then go bankrupt, right?

So the financial freedom number is just there to help you and guide you. But it's not about that number. It's really about becoming a vibrational match to the energy the number represents.

Focus on bridging the gap between where you are and what that number represents-the energy that number represents.

Now let me ask you this:  What does that financial freedom number mean to you? Let's say you already obtained that sum of money, and you have it somewhere safely invested, and you are taken care of for the rest of your life, what would your life look like? There are a million different versions of financial freedom stories, but there's one thing I know which everyone must have in this financial freedom "feeling place:"  The sense of FREEDOM, right?

You want to feel a sense of freedom. You want to feel like you are doing things not because you have to, but because you love to, or choose to. You want to live from a place of choice, not from a place of obligations.

Right now you're vibrating like this:  "I am someone with a lot of obligations. I am someone who is doing a lot of things that I don't want to do." What's the financial freedom vibration? It is this:  "I am free to choose what I want to do. I am free to choose how my life unfolds."

The biggest money block we all have

You see, that is the vibrational difference. What stands in between this low vibration and high vibration? Ask yourself! There could be a million things, but majority of people have one big block in common. It is the critical voice inside our heads.

This voice is not real, but we all have this voice inside of our head which says things like, "You can't possibly make it! That financial freedom number is unattainable! What can you do to deserve it? No way! It's just not going to happen!" Every time you take a step toward your goal, that voice will probably come out and say, "This is not going to work!"

This type of thinking is deeply programmed in our ego from the moment we are born. We also expand on this programming by listening to our parents and the belief systems in our environment. By the time we're seven years old, we're fully programmed. We all have this critical voice inside of our head that tries to talk us out of becoming more, doing more, and becoming who we truly are.

Why do we have this inner money critic? Because once you have realized the power you have, the beauty you have , the richness you have , the abundance you have, the enlightenment you have - once you realize who you really are, your ego will have to melt away. The ego has only one purpose - it is here to survive. In order to survive, the ego has to keep telling you that you're no good, or that you're not deserving. This way, your ego can continue to survive.

Sometimes, the ego will even play tricks by telling you that you are so much better than others. By doing that, you shift that pain coming from feeling you are not enough, to making other people feel they are not good enough. That's the same thing. This is because the pain will eventually come back to bite you.

So no matter what you do, or what you see, the ego is always trying to put something or somebody down - whether that object is you or others. The ego is never looks at everything with gratitude and appreciation. The ego does not see that everything out there is equally beautiful. It doesn't see that everything out there is already where it should be, and that there is no separation between everything.

Once you get to that place of real self-realization, financial freedom is no longer a problem. It's very easy to manifest that number. You can manifest that number, or much bigger numbers than that.

How to deal with the ego

The most important thing is to remove the ego's chatter - remove might even be too harsh of a word, because the more you resist that ego, the bigger it becomes, right? So we don't want to resist it, we want to become aware of it.

We want to just "put it down." What does this mean? Look, I'm holding a phone right now. I can simply put it away - not destroy it. I'm not kicking it, or breaking it, or fighting it in any way. I'm not yelling at it, or telling it that it shouldn't be here. I just simply put it down, and I'm not going to look at it. It doesn't threaten my existence.

That's what you want to do with your ego. That's what you want to do with the products of the ego, one of which is that critical voice inside your head that says, "I'm not good enough to have financial freedom".

Your ego will give you very realistic reasons why you can't have financial freedom. Don't pay attention to that because you are more powerful than the ego!

The biggest work we need to do today is to take control back from our ego.

Get control back from the ego

Instead of letting the ego drive our life, we want our true self to drive. How do we do that? Get into absolute stillness, and get in the energy that vibrates in alignment with who you truly are.

There are many different names for that energy. You can call it God. You can call that energy The Vibration of the Universe. One of the ways to experience that energy is through Reiki. Visualize that you are receiving Reiki from me for 68 seconds.

Why 68 seconds? According to Abraham Hicks - one of the nonphysical spiritual teachers - if you could focus your energy for just 68 seconds, that's enough time to for energy to start expanding, and this leads to manifesting into physical reality.

For most people who have never trained their minds, 68 seconds is like an eternity. They can't bear not to listen to their ego for 68 seconds. From right now, we're going to focus only on only one thing:  You and your financial freedom are one.

Set a timer for 68 seconds, then focus on the energy of your financial freedom number. Completely silence yourself. You are going to give yourself 68 seconds of stillness in order to focus all of your energies on your number, while receiving Reiki from me. 

During the 68 seconds, you will instantly remove that critical voice. If you hear the voice during the 68 seconds, start the timer again. After trying a few times you will eventually get it! This will help you clear all blocks and become one with financial freedom right now.


All right. We're back. Tell me in the comments section down below how you feel. If you want to expand on this amazing work you just did, let me tell you that there are many other techniques you can use together with this energy work.

I have a lot more techniques to show you but I can't possibly put them all into this one post. So, I asked my friend Andrea Schulman to join me in creating a free masterclass to help you clear this critical voice inside of your head.

Through this master class, we want to teach you how to clear this block and become a money magnet. The best news is this:  It's completely FREE! Before you go into our training, block out about 40 minutes of your time, it will be worth it, and it's completely free.

In this master class you'll actually hear some pretty embarrassing stories that I share about how I first overcame this inner money critic. Andrea also shares her personal stories. It's a really good conversation between Andrea and myself.  In our masterclass, Andrea and I will be teaching you some very powerful techniques you can use in combination with this meditation we just did. So go to this link right now, spend about 40 minutes with us and transform your financial reality! I will see you inside the free master class! 

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