Feeling blocked from what you want? Read this...

Today let's talk about the #1 trick that your ego plays on you to block you from getting what you want.

Do you feel that you're being blocked from getting what you want? Do you feel that there is some negative thing that exists between where you are and where you want to be, and no matter how hard you push, you just can't overcome it? A lot of people tell me that they feel this way. They feel that they have blockages. So they ask me, "Karin, is there something outside of me that I need to remove in order to clear this blockage?"

The truth about blockages

The truth is this: The blockages you're talking about are not some energy entities inside or outside of you. They are really just different tricks your ego plays to keep things "the same," and "safe."

Your ego plays many tricks. There are probably a million different ego tricks and we all have different types of tricks which affect us. All of the ego tricks have only one purpose, and that purpose is NOT to block you from attaining your dream life. Your ego's purpose is to have you stay exactly where you are and keep you in the belief state that, "you are separate entity from the divine all-that-is," which is the opposite divine truth. You are truly the divine all-that-is. Your consciousness is like a drop of water in the vast ocean. There is no separation between you and the ocean.

If you stop believing that you're separate, you realize that you have never been separated. Dropping that idea is very scary to the ego. That's why the ego has to create all kinds of stories, mechanisms, and fancy mental concepts to keep you exactly where you are.

Today I want to show you the #1 trick of your ego. If you could let go of this trick, you are going to be so much more free, and you'll realize that you can probably instantly live the dream life you've always wanted. Let me explain.

An Analogy

Imagine you are a little child and you have loving parents. Your relationship with your parents is very good, and your parents love you. Your parents have all the money to buy whatever toys you want. Your parents love you so much they will buy you toys, and when you get these toys you're very happy. So, in this story, you are your limited consciousness. The toys are your dream life, and the parents are like the universe. This is not the best analogy, but this is close because in reality there are no separate entities like "you" or "your parents" -you're all one. For the sake of this blog, let's just use this analogy for now.

I happen to be a proud parent of a very good child. I always supply my son with everything he needs, and he's very grateful for it. However, sometimes when he wants something and I say, "well, I don't think you are gonna still need it tomorrow. Why don't we just hold on and see if you still want it next week?" he will usually gladly do that. Do you know why he does it? It's because he's not desperate for anything. It's because growing up he has had everything he needs. Imagine if you're limited to perceiving only my child and the toys he plays with, and you think that the reason he's so happy with his toys is because he can always get these toys, and because the toys are making him happy.

But here's the bigger picture:  Every year we'll get together with my son and I'll make him give away toys he doesn't need. He always gladly lets them go. One day I asked him, "Why is it that most kids are very attached to their toys but you're not?" He said, "I know you and daddy love me, and I can let go of these toys because I know whenever I need new toys you will give them to me." If you can see the big picture of this child and the toys and the parents, you realize that yes, on one hand, those toys are pleasing him, but on another hand, what he's really pleased with is not the toys but his relationship with his parents.

Now let's replace the loving parents with some parents who only have money, but do not express much love. The parents may still buy the child toys but in this case, a lot of these children grow up very unhealthy and unhappy. They tend to get addicted to things. Why? Because they don't have a healthy loving relationship with their parents. In cases like this, they may love these toys more than they love their parents - I know people like that!

The # 1 ego trick

So here's how your ego's limited perception works:  Your ego thinks that all you need are the money, the job, and the soulmate. These are things that are like toys but your ego doesn't really see the source of your dream life. I'm trying to make you open your eyes so you can see and feel the source within you. What is the source behind your dream life, your dream job, and your dream relationship? That is your relationship with your loving parents (in the analogy) - which is the universe. You know that the universe loves you very much, and the universe will never run out of resources to provide you with these "toys." What separates you from the toys is not some block - it is the loss of the ability to feel the connection between you and the love the universe has for you.

Your mother universe is always here - willing and open to love you, support you, and give you whatever you need. The problem is not the lack of the toys. The problem is your relationship with mother universe. My question to you is- let me know in the comments down below- do you fully love this universe? Do you fully trust this universe? Are you willing to partner with the universe? Are you willing to dance with the divine? Are you willing to surrender your ego and tell it that you want more than those toys? Then you won't be just trapped in the chase for obtaining the toys. You will start to truly enjoy your life on the journey towards manifesting your dreams, your journey of becoming more, of expanding your energy, of truly enjoying the fun in life, the joy in life, and you'll be filled with gratitude.

The hidden truth about manifesting

23 years ago when I first started this journey of manifesting I really thought that I needed the universe to help me improve my life, because I had no money, I had no love, I had nothing. I felt miserable, and over the years, I got the job I wanted, I got the money I wanted, I got the relationship I wanted, I got everything I wanted, but then I started to realize that life is so much more than these things. Now I realize that the real joy of life is not in getting those things- even though I don't deny that the things/toys are nice. I fully enjoy the toys, but I know that the purpose of our lives is not just about manifesting things you don't have, its about realizing that you are one with your parent universe. You are one with the divine.

Coming from that place of total love and total wholeness, you are going to NATURALLY experience your dream life. You can call it manifesting, so be it, but it's not about going out there and grabbing something. It's not about getting something. It's about remembering who you truly are. Tell me in the comments down below that you are willing to suspend the belief that the toys are equal to your love for the universe, or that the toys equal in value to the relationship you and the universe share. No, they are not the same, okay? Once you turn to the source of those toys in your life, you will realize how much fun your life can be!

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