Choosing Abundance Program Success: Will's $12,000 manifestation!

Today I want to share with you all another amazing success story from Will about his $12,000 manifestation. Aside from the money, (And more important than the money) he also manifested a new direction in life: starting his own business. At this moment, there's a lot of fear and panic around all of us. His inspiration success story is something we all need to hear! 


Hello Karin,

I want to send you a quick shout-out of what happened.

Firstly, thank you for your Abundance Course. It was excellent. It really changed my life and steered me in a new direction.

When I got back from December vacation, in January 2020, I was in desperate need of money to pay my bills. I was still working on your abundance course then. I decided to use the 33x3 method. I did that twice in January. And then, a week before my mortgage would need to be paid, I decided not to give into the fear, and also did the 55x5 method and really focused on gratitude. Well, on the last day of the week, a project that has been stalling for over a year suddenly, and miraculously, went through and I got paid $12'000.00!!!

When I finished the course, I used your abundance affirmation and started the 3-6-9 method. Then an interesting thing happened. I was led to a business course which I am now doing and I am fired up about starting my own business. Something I never would have done if it was not for the growth and confidence I gained through your course. Also, more projects went through that were just spinning, and I am now three months ahead with bills - enough time to finish my business course. And then covid-19 happened and now I have the time and the money to pour all my efforts into my new business.

I want to tell our Gratitude Tribe that this stuff really works, and I am looking forward eagerly to write again when I start to make money with my new business.

Very exciting. Very grateful. Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,


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  • Tina On

    Thank you Karin! Your teachings are wonderful. Simple and effective

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