This 1000-Year Old Chinese Astrology Secret Will Change Your Life! (Tiao Hou)

Today I want to share with you a thousand-year-old Chinese astrology secret technique called Tiao Hou.

Tiao Hou in Chinese Astrology: What's it all about?

Tiao Hou is a school of Chinese astrology. "Tiao" means balancing and "Hou" means season, temperature, or climate. So this is basically a technique about balancing the "temperature" of your Chinese astrology chart. This may not make any sense to you, but keep reading and let me explain!

Tiao Hou is a rather complicated technique too, and some astrologers only focus on this one technique, and they can do so much with your birth chart with this one technique. Today I want to introduce you a very simple Tiao Hou technique that is beginner friendly. You don't need to get a Chinese astrology degree to understand this. You don't even need to get a Chinese astrology reading to do this. You can learn this yourself, and you can use this technique to improve all areas of your life. It's a very, very powerful technique and it's ancient too!

So the idea of Tiao Hou - even though it's called "balancing temperature," - is not about temperature at all. It's all about returning your energy to its natural state of balance and harmony.

In truth, this is the goal of all Chinese astrology practices. There are many different schools, and they all use different techniques, but this is the goal of all of them. When you compare Chinese astrology with western astrology you see that the main difference between Chinese astrology and western astrology is that western astrology focuses more on the complexity of your inner psyche. It studies how complicated it is, and tries to help you understand yourself.

Chinese astrology is not about the complexity of your psyche. It's more about "now I know what I'm like, now what can I do about it?" It focuses more on the "what to do" part. It simply gives you a practical and simple way to adjust your life, adjust your attitude, adjust your energy, and help you live a happier and more fulfilling life - and manifest what you want, of course. That's the difference between Chinese astrology and Western astrology. The Tiao hou school is even more so. The Tiao hou school is all about finding the element that is missing in your chart, or finding the element that could help your overall chart, and help you return to a state of balance and harmony. All Chinese astrology schools do this but the Tiao hou school focuses more on the remedy than others.

Tiao Hou and the cycle of life in Chinese Astrology

So before we talk about remedies we need to understand the core concept: In Chinese astrology we don't think that everyone is born with a perfectly balanced chart. This means there's a lot of work that one can do to improve one's chart and improve one's energy. This will, in turn, to improve life conditions. Even if you already have a perfectly balanced chart, you can always find areas to improve. The Tiao hou school basically studies your whole birth chart and usually, they will assign you a remedy.

The remedy is usually one or two of the five elements. According to Chinese astrology, everything is made with these five elements. They are water, wood, fire, metal, and earth. In Tiao hou school they focus more on four of the five. They take the earth out. They focus more on metal, wood, fire, and water.

Here's why: You know the Chinese astrology study is from ancient Chinese people who work in the field. They're out there observing nature. They believe that every season, nature changes, and energy shifts. If you could flow with this energy, if you could balance this energy, then you have a balanced, happy, and fulfilling life.

So they observe the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Some of you who reading this may not experience four seasons where you are. Where I live, I don't experience four seasons. I only experience a very, very hot summer and a not so hot summer. But don't worry, these four seasons are just symbolic.

They symbolize the flow of energy. According to Chinese astrology, everything flows like waves - they flow up and down. Chinese astrology is all about understanding the timing of things.

Spring symbolizes the beginning of things like your childhood or your youth, and summer symbolizes the flourishing and the thriving stage of everything. Autumn symbolizes the declining of things, and winter symbolizes extinction. However, winter also symbolizes getting prepared for next year, getting prepared for a new form of life.

In Chinese astrology, there is no concept of beginning or ending, or birth or death. It's basically birth, and then the peak of things, then the decline of things, and then preparation for the next stage of life. So it's a never-ending cycle.

The Tiao hou school observes these natural phenomena and they assign a temperature to each stage of development. For example: The spring is warm and at this temperature the energy of wood flourishes. So the spring is ruled by wood. And then when the summer comes, it's hot, right? Since the temperature is hot, this season is ruled by fire. The fall season is ruled by a cooling element,  metal. Winter is cold, and it's ruled by the cold element: water.

You may have noticed that earth is not associated with a season. That's because earth is the center, so earth is in every stage.

Use Tiao Hou to transform your life

I just briefly explained the philosophy of this Tiaohou school. How do you use this for yourself?

Let's focus on the season you're born. What determines the season you're born? That is basically the month you're born. In Chinese astrology the month you're born determines the temperature of your chart (in most cases, not always so).

Why is that? Because the month of your birth oftentimes symbolizes the environment you're born into, such as people around you - and that is represented by temperature according to Tiao Hou.

Now pay attention: If you are born in the spring, this means in your environment you are given a lot of warming wood energy.

If you're born in the spring, you're born in the month of tiger, rabbit or dragon. This is roughly between February 5th and May 5th. If you're born within this time range, you can consider yourself being born in the months where the wood energy is plenty.

When you're born in the spring, according to the Tiao hou school, the energy you need is metal. Why? Because the metal is cooling energy and the wood is warming energy, so they flow in balance with each other.

If you're born between February 5th and May 5th you want to add a lot of metal energy into your life. What does this mean? You can decorate your home with more metal elements. You can use more modern designs, and you want to go in the direction west because west is ruled by the metal energy. The metal energy also rules finances. You can put coins around you. Adding these energies around you will not immediately change your life - this is not going to work overnight - but if you do this consistently, you are going to notice the difference. This is the element that you could use throughout your life, overriding all the other cycles. 

Now if you're born between May 6th and August 5th, you are born during the month of snake, horse, or sheep, we consider this time as summer. This means in your environment you're given a lot of fire energy. We want to create a balance with this fire energy. What you do?  Add water element.

You can go swimming, put a fountain around you, or move closer to lakes and oceans. Also, water is ruled by direction north, so for you probably moving north of where you're born is very good for you. Consider doing these little things to shift your energy.

If you're born in the fall which is August 6 through November 5th, these are the months of monkey, rooster, and dog. If you're born in one of these months, you need wood energy, because you have a lot of metal energy around you, and for you to create balance, you need wood.

You can put plants all around you. The direction of wood is east, so for you moving to the east is beneficial. Good opportunities come from the east. You can also face east to speak your affirmations. Decorating your home with wood will help, and add a lot of green colors around you too!

If you're born in the winter which is between November 6 and February 4th these are the month of the pig, the rat, and the ox. If you're born in one of these months, your chart is considered pretty "cold," and you need fire to warm you up. So you may want to consider adding a lot of fire elements around you. Also, fire rules south, so for you moving south would probably increase your life force. Colors like red and pink are also ruled by fire.

Shift your energy with Tiao Hou

If you use one of these remedies based on the month you're born, you're going to start making small energy shifts. When you take little baby steps, one day you wake up and your whole life will transform because you have accumulated enough little shifts. Little shifts will manifest into explosive changes when the timing is right.

So start using these elements and meditate with them, you are going to restore balance and harmony in your life. Once your energy within is harmonious you are going to manifest an amazing life!

Chinese astrology is not meant to be studied just with your mind, it's a very practical study and you need to practice it, and use it in your daily life. Use the five elements in your daily life, and use the Tiao hou remedy that you discovered for yourself every day.

The most powerful way to use these elements to change your life is to meditate with them. If you don't know how to meditate with these Chinese astrology remedies you can get my Chinese astrology meditation bundle. Within the bundle I will guide you through meditations using these Chinese astrology elements. I will link it below or you can find it at Let me know in the comment down below what is your remedy element, and how you're planning to use it!

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