Earth Shattering Month of Dog (Chinese Astrology) & Mercury, Jupiter Retrograde

On October 8th, we're entering into a brand new Chinese month. It is the month of dog in Chinese Astrology. This brings about some earth shattering energy! We're also in the middle of a mercury retrograde, and a Jupiter retrograde, according to Western astrology. This post is all about these energies. I want to help you understand what these energies mean, and how to use them to your advantage.

The Yang Earth Dog month

On October 8th, we are experiencing another big shift. This is a very special month. The month of dog comes once a year. Maybe that's not very special, but this KIND of dog month comes only once in five years, which is the yang earth dog.

Why is it so special? That's because in Chinese astrology, the Zodiac animal dog represents yang earth energy. Remember I just said that this month is a yang earth dog month?  This means we have the yang earth energy also on the heaven stems.

If you've been following me for a while, you know I always talk about heavenly stems and earthly branches in Chinese astrology. Each month, year, and day, is called a "pillar." Each pillar consists of two parts:  The top part is called heavenly stem, and the bottom is called earth branch. The heavenly stem represents what's manifesting outside of us, and the earthly branch represents what's happening internally. The earthly branch is always characterized by a Zodiac animal.

A lot of Chinese astrologists also say that the heavily stem represents what's happening the first half of the month/first half of the year, depending on which time frame about which you're talking, and the earthly branch is all about the second half.

I agree and disagree with this perspective, because I believe that the energies from both heavenly stems and earthly branches remain throughout the whole period of time. That's why they are in the same pillar. However,  what we see outside is sometimes different from how we feel inside. So we may see something happen first, and then we react to it. That makes it appear as if there is a separation between the energy from "first half" and "second half".

This month is very special because how we feel inside and what we see outside are somewhat aligned. All the elements are pointing to the yang earth energy. This is the energy that is super stabilizing, but it's also super powerful. This is the pure manifestation material that you can use to manifest things. 

But this energy could also make you feel uneasy. If you have not done the work leading to this point, you may feel as though you have so much potential, but somehow you're a "little bit off." 

The yang earth energy in Chinese astrology is considered "hot earth" or "dry earth". This energy feels a little edgy. It's the opposite of easing and calming!

So during this month, pay attention to how you feel inside, and your experience outside may very well be a representation of exactly how you feel inside: Edginess, anxiety, unease...That's what the yang earth brings to you.

The earth energy is fixed, supportive, and sturdy. For people who have put in the right work in the past, this is the month you are going to see manifestations. Especially if your core energy is Yang or Yin wood. Your core energy is different from your personal Zodiac animal which is the animal of the year you're born. But your core energy is not that.

If you don't know your core energy, just go to this link to get my free Chinese astrology training kit. It will teach you how to identify your core energy.

Month of dog for different core energies

During this month, if your core energy is Earth, and if you have been putting in the right work, it may be a very good time for you to see abundance coming. That is because the earth element means abundance for wood people. 

If the manifestation doesn't occur for you this month, that simply means you have not put in the right work. By the "right work" I'm not talking about a lot of work or "grinding." I'm talking about inspired action.

If your core energy is not yang wood or yin wood, and if you're in one of the other eight categories, this is the month where you need to proceed with caution. Things might be too good to be true. You may not be fully ready for your manifestation yet.

If your core energy is yang water or Yin water, you need to be extra careful because the overwhelming earth energy will be challenging to you. You might have something in your chart that will help you channel his energy very well though. It all depends on your personal chart, but for a lot of water people, this yang earth energy is a little bit too much.

Possible outer and inner manifestations of this energy

You are going to see things happening in our outer world related to this energy. Collectively, we might manifest something related to the mother earth outside of us.

It could be natural disaster, or it could be something positive. It all depends on how we use this energy. But what we know is that the Earth is shifting. That's why I call this an "Earth shattering month." If we don't make the best use of this powerful Earth energy, it's simply going to explode.

This could affect the real estate market too. This could also impact the commodities market, especially the commodities that are coming from the Earth, or related to Earth.

This powerful yang Earth Energy is going to make us feel it inside as well. You might feel this as too much pressure and stress suddenly coming over you. It might make you feel that you are stuck and not making progress.

Yang Earth energy in the year of OX

Now let's look at how the yang Earth energy interacts with the year pillar.

This is important because this year we have a Yin metal ox. About two months ago the Yin metal energy started to take a break and began disappearing (see this blog for more details). Since the Yin metal element is out of the picture, we're not going to talk about it today. We will focus on the ox energy of the year instead.

The ox in Chinese astrology is Yin earth. It's also an earth energy. This Yang Earth dog energy and the Yin earth ox energy don't get along very well. Traditionally, we think that the dog energy and the ox energy have a "torturing relationship." This will make our internal world even more turbulent. 

If you have very powerful sheep energy in your chart - if you're born on the year of the sheep, or the day of the sheep, depending on your chart- the ox energy, the dog energy, and the sheep energies will form an unpleasant triangle. So if you have strong sheep energy, this month is going to make you feel even more crazy. Don't panic! This craziness could also make you transcend and manifest something amazing. Either way, this month is going to be big for you.

Western Astrology - Mercury and Jupiter in Retrograde

When it comes to these important times, I always like to look at both Chinese astrology and Western astrology. They always explain the same event in different lights, but they never contradict each other.

According to western astrology, we are in the middle of a mercury retrograde. What is a mercury retrograde? It's simply mercury appearing to go backwards in the sky. This means, "something is slowing us down." Mercury retrograde often slows down our mind. This seems like a good way to describe this dog and Ox fight we've just been talking about!

Personally, I am not too scared of the mercury retrograde energy because I always find it to be a good time to go within. During mercury retrograde, if I focus on doing research, looking for insights from my past, or looking for knowledge from old books, I always get amazing insights. You may not see a lot of success when you move forward, but you will see a lot of insights when you move backwards.

That's why I always believe that the universe never gives us "bad" energies. There is always a time to move forward, and there's always a time to go within, to reflect on ourselves, and find that great teacher within.

Even though the mercury retrograde ends on October 18th, I don't think you should celebrate just yet because Jupiter is still in retrograde, and Jupiter entered into Capricorn on September 15th. It will stay there until mid November, right after we come out of the month of dog.

When Jupiter goes into Capricorn, the expanding and optimistic nature of Jupiter is overshadowed by this pessimistic and contracting Capricorn energy. This period of time could make most people feel uneasy! Isn't this all in alignment with what I just said about the month of dog?


Now you may be asking, "Well, Karin, how can I navigate this energy? How can I use this energy to my advantage?"

First of all, I want you to pay attention to your body because the yang earth energy is all about your body, especially your muscles. This is a good time to exercise your muscles, do some strength training, and/or yoga.

When you make your body stronger, you are channeling the Yang earth energy to work for you. This is a time when you want to focus more on your body, instead of focusing on your mind. Just let go of the garbage inside your mind, because Mercury's in retrograde - you more than likely won't have many good ideas anyway.

The one thing that comes from exercising your body is that you're going to build flexibility. Remember, your body is really a reflection of the universe. Everything out there can be found within.

When you build flexibility in your body, you're also building the energy of flexibility. This flexibility energy is much needed in this energy of dog because the dog energy of the yang earth lacks flexibility. We want to compensate that with the flexibility we build within through exercising our bodies.

You also need to build mental flexibility by asking yourself, "how can I be more flexible? How can I be more resilient?" This question will lead you to some amazing insights, and help you overcome the negative effect of this month's energy. This inner query will strengthen you. The yang earth energy is so powerful and strengthening. If you really use this energy well, you're going to come out of this month feeling much more empowered, and much stronger.

If you want to use some remedies from Chinese Astrology, such as geology, you can try to add some wood and water elements to your environment. That's because by nature, the hot, yang earth needs water to cool it down.

Use a fountain around you and/or go to a river.  The yang earth doesn't really like the vast ocean, but it does like little creeks, little ponds, and small lakes. 

You can add more plants around you too, to add balance to this overwhelming energy. 

I hope you have a safe, empowering, and prosperous month of dog!

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