Chinese Astrology 3000 Year Old Remedy for 12/21/2020

In this blog post, I want to show you a 3000 year-old secret remedy that can help you change your destiny on December 20th, 2020! 

What to expect according to Chinese Astrology

If you've followed me for a while you know that I put up some prediction content in the past year or so. In the last few weeks I have specifically talked about the date December 20th, 2020. I said that during the time around this date we're going to go through some major energy shifts. It's like an energy tsunami, and it could be dangerous for people who are not aware of this.

The other day, I did some searches and I actually found quite a few Youtube videos about this specific date - December 20th or December 21st. I've even read some blogs that say December 20th will be the day the world will end!

I personally don't agree with that. I don't think the universe wants to destroy us. 

Today I want to tell you some remedies that will help you navigate through this intense period of energy. Remember everything in this universe is energy , vibration and frequency and nothing else. Don't be afraid of any kind of destructive calamity, but rather just be aware of the energy - be aware of how you feel constantly. That is the key that can unlock your destiny, and the key to change your life.

I believe you can use astrology to help you understand the kind of energy with which we are dealing. Astrology may not be able to predict exact events, because astrological forces can manifest in different ways into this physical universe, but it can tell you what kind of energy is flowing through your universe during a particular time. Having this knowledge can greatly help you use the energy, or remedy its possible negative effects. 

Chinese Astrology Insights

Let me explain using the teachings of Chinese astrology. According to Chinese astrology, there are 5 elements that make up universal forces in which we live. They are metal, wood, water, fire and earth.  What's very fascinating is that you can actually change your destiny by becoming more aware of these universal forces, and by changing things in your environment. This is because these energies, or energy elements, work in the realm of time. Every year, and every month, there are different kinds of elements presented to you by the universe. This same energies can also present in your space. After all, in ultimate reality, space and time are one.

We live in space and time. So using Chinese astrology you will not only understand your destiny, you can also change it by working within your energetic and physical space. 

Let me tell you about the ultimate remedy that no other Chinese astrologer will tell you. It is found in the power of your thoughts. That's what Law of Attraction is all about. The most powerful remedy from any intense energy clash is simply gratitude. That is why I have always focused on the importance of holding a vibration of gratitude.

Let's now discuss the 3000 year-old secret remedy I mentioned. Where does it come from? Chinese Astrology is fundamentally based on a book called The I Ching. This book is about 3000 years old. The book is written in ancient Chinese. Even though it is really hard to understand, the book is all about study of change, and the divine dance of Yin and Yang.



The universe has two core energies- Yin and yang. Yin is the submissive, the yielding the soft. Yang is the aggressive, the power, the "charging forward" one.  Neither is good or bad. We need both of these energies.  So one is forthcoming, and one is allowing. Based on yin and yang, there are five core elements that rule the universe. These are the five core energies which are the building blocks of our human experiences. They are metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

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According to Chinese astrology, the five elements build a perfect circle of life. This circle of life exists everywhere based on these five energies, and we need all the energies in our lives. However, we don't want the energy flow to be out of balance.

When does the energy flow go out of balance? That's when a certain element is too weak, or missing in your chart, or in the chart of the current time. Let's look at a very simple example:  The element water gives life to element wood - think about it - when you pour water onto a plant, the plant grows, right? So water gives life to wood, and wood gives life to fire because you can burn it. So, if you have the right amount of water, and you have the right amount of wood, and you have the right amount of fire, these three elements will be in perfect harmony and you will have a great harmonious life.

Energy balance - what Chinese Astrology seeks to achieve

Unfortunately though, in many cases, these energies are not balanced. Take this year, for example. According to Chinese astrology, the water element is greatly enhanced this year because we're dealing with a "metal rat" year. Metal gives life to water, and rat itself represents energy of yang water. (Each Chinese zodiac animal represents certain energies.) We have excessive water element this year.

As a result, you will more than likely see a lot of flooding in some parts of the world. You are also going to see some fire in some parts of world. Why is that? When water and fire are not balanced they both act out. That's why in order to balance these two energies, we need to find that "middle man." In this case, that "middle man" is wood.

In your personal chart, if you have very strong fire energy, but you don't have enough wood, this year is going to feel very intense because this is an overwhelming water year. Going into the winter, the water element is going to feel more and more "at home." This means the winter energy is going to give more strength to the water element. That could lead to big flooding, problems in the air, or out of control infectious disease. This is because the water element rules everything that is flowing around us. Like I said, the year 2020 is like a magical portal. It is going to close a chapter of our collective history, and open up a new chapter. People who are not willing to let go of the old baggage will have a hard time reaching into the next chapter of our collective history.

That's why so many people are left behind. Now let's talk about how we can use Chinese astrology, and the I Ching, to help you shift your energy patterns.

Before we go into this, I wanna just to throw out a disclaimer, we all have different birth charts. This remedy is relatively safe for everybody, but it may not be the perfect remedy for you because I haven't seen your chart. If you want to know exactly what kind of energy with which you're dealing, feel free to book a reading with me. I would be happy to talk about some personal strategies with you. 

What I'm offering here is more generalized for everyone. If you feel your life is negatively impacted by this year, more than likely you don't have enough yang wood energy in your chart, or the yang wood in your chart is being suppressed.

Some practical tips

1. Use a lot of plants in your living space because plants are the best representation of yang wood. 

2. Use a lot of bright green colors. Green may not be your color, but if you feel a lot of negative energy this year, you may want to insert some of it around you. For example, if you're not fond of wearing bright green, use green underwear, or something that has bright green inside. You can also wear hats, or shoes that are green. The color green contains very powerful wood energy.

3. Eat more green vegetables and drink more green juices during this time. What you eat and drink have an effect on your energy.

4. Leverage the energy from animals around you. According to Chinese astrology, the 12 Zodiac animals all represent certain kinds of energy. Tiger has a yang wood energy. I've seen people who keep tigers as pets. I'm not talking about doing that or course, but Cats are "mini tigers." So you can get a cat or even a stuffed cat. You can also hang pictures of cats or tigers in your environment. 

5. Wood represents direction to the East. You maybe want to move a little bit to the East or find a job or an opportunity to the East of where you live.


In Chinese astrology, everything in life has its own energy of a certain element, and you can use so many different things to help you change your destiny. That's why I like it so much. If you're interested in developing some personal strategies, reach out to me and let's do a private reading!

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