Chinese Astrology - 3000 Year Old System to Decode Your Life

Today I want to share with you a 3000 year old secret system that you can use to decode your past, and manifest your future. That system is called Chinese astrology. 

Since the very first time I shared about Chinese astrology with you all, I started to receive emails and messages asking me to discuss it more. So many people are interested! The interest is huge, and I know that some of you have already gotten personal readings from me. Almost everyone is surprised at how much I can tell about their past, how accurately we can use this tool to decipher your brain chemistry, your DNA, how you do things, what your karmic lessons are, and more!

As I said, a lot of you have gotten predictive readings from me. I was able to tell you what is about to happen, and what kind of energy you will be dealing with in the near future. That is the powerful part of Chinese astrology. The only reservation I have when it comes to talking about Chinese astrology is that the system is huge, and very complicated. It takes decades of dedication to master, and it's impossible to condense it into this single blog.

Most of the study is in ancient Chinese language, and it's very difficult to find the right translation for a lot of it. I've done some research online to see how they translate this kind of stuff. Most of the translations are quite disappointing, and very hard to understand. So I will translate these things my own way. 

Through this blogpost, I want to give you a basic overview of Chinese astrology, including some particularly important aspects. I can't cover everything in one blog post, but hopefully with this knowledge, you'll be able to look at yourself, and think about how you can use this to create your future! That is the purpose of my work with Chinese astrology.

First of all, according to Chinese astrology, there are five elements, and there's a YIN and a YANG for each one. Today though, I don't want to just talk about the YIN and YANG of five elements. You can refer to this image below to learn all about them. It is the foundation of Chinese astrology but that's just the very, very beginning.

Chinese astrology 5 elements

The most important teaching of Chinese astrology is the so-called 10 Gods. They use the word "Gods," but I don't think that's the best translation. They are really talking about 5 sorts of energies (each having YIN and YAN, making 10 total) that lead to different sorts of manifestations. So how about we call them manifestation patterns. I think that's much easier to understand, and that's a much better label than the "10 Gods."

So where did they get this "10 gods" concept? According to Chinese astrology, there are five different areas - five manifestation areas in your life. Each has two sides, "plus-minus," or YIN and YANG. So that's how we got to the "10 Gods," or manifestation patterns. 

Today let's discuss the 5 areas. Once you understand them, you'll also start to understand how you can use this knowledge to improve your life!

Area 1 - The Energy of self

The energy of self represents your sense of self, your sense of ego, and your confidence. This also includes friends that are like you, or your companions. It is the house of companions. If you have a strong sense of self then your communication skills are also pretty good. With these communication skills, you can relate to people like you. This is the house of self, people and things aligned to you as well. So this energy, according to astrology, when it is well developed, it will then give life to the next kind of manifestation energy pattern. The next kind of energy pattern gives life to your creations.

Area 2 - Your creations

Including things you write... let's say you want to write a book. It is ruled by this kind of energy. If you have children, your children are ruled by this kind of energy too. If you create YouTube videos, your YouTube videos are ruled by this energy. So this is the kind of energy that rules everything you create. When you have strong creation energy in your life, you're creative, and you're very smart. You know how to maneuver your way to success. But if you have too much of it, then it becomes a problem. So in Chinese astrology, it's all about balance. So we always look at your chart and see if these energies are balanced. So the energy of everything you create will develop and evolve, and it will give life to the next kind of energy.



Area 3 - Money

What you create brings money, right?! It makes sense. When you create a book, you sell the book, and you make money. I think this is the most misunderstood energy pattern in Chinese astrology because a lot of entry level Chinese astrologers will look at your chart and say, "wow, you're going to be rich," or, "wow! you don't have money because you don't have this kind of energy pattern in your chart." But that is really not true because this energy pattern simply represents everything that is under your control. For example, If you go out and you have a vacation, you spend money and you buy a bunch of stuff - those material things you buy are under this area.

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Practical thinking or logical thinking also fall into this area. Basically, everything 3D in our world, or physical reality is in this kind of energy pattern

You can see so far that the energy of the self energy generates things you create, and things you create generate the things you own, you control, including material goodies. As this area of energy evolves, it leads us to the next area? What could that be? It becomes the things that control you. That is so interesting, isn't it? How many times have you seen that? People start making a lot of money, but they become more and more and more stressed. That stress is this kind of energy we're talking about. But remember in Chinese astrology, there is never absolutely good or absolutely bad. So this energy can be also very good for you.

Area 4 - Discipline or self discipline

This is also the house of your career or "climbing the corporate ladder."
In ancient China, they didn't have corporations, but they did have a hierarchy system. So for any poor person who wants to become rich, they have to climb the ladder and become a government official. This is the "ladder energy," okay? You have to climb the ladder. You have to listen to your supervisors. You have to behave. So this energy is kind of a double edged sword, because you can use it to discipline yourself to work hard. You can also use this energy to stress yourself. So this is the energy that is generated by the energy of money or things you can control. Now, this energy that can also control you, which is also your house of career. This energy will generate the next kind of energy, which is the energy that supports and nurtures you. 

Area 5 - Nurturing, Self-Love, Energy that Supports You

So think about it. If you climb the corporate ladder, you become really successful.

As your life moves in a positive direction, you're gonna start slowing down and think about life- what is really good for you? What is really bad for you? You want to leave a legacy, you want to do something great for the humanity. So things like meditation, motherly love, nurturing energy, and self-love fall into this area. This energy bucket evolves. It gives life to the very first thing we talked about, which is self.

Chinese astrology energy patterns

So now let's just picture this perfect circle in your mind. Let me ask you a question. What if you take out one piece from this circle, what's going to happen? That's when we have energy out of balance in our chart, in our life. I'm not going to go through this entire circle one more time, but let's just take a piece of this circle as an example.

Let's look at this part of the circle: The self gives life to everything you create, and everything you create becomes everything you can control which is money.

So now let's say, let's just take out the one you create. So you have a strong sense of self, but you don't create anything, guess what? You won't have money, right? So when one piece is missing, then you have trouble manifesting the next piece. -That is the core philosophy of Chinese astrology.

When we study people's charts, we'll look at how their birth chart looks, and which energy is missing. More importantly, we look at the change this year brings, changes the month bring, and finally, changes to the person's 10 year cycle to determine what kind of energy the universe giving you at any given time. This study is so fascinating and I just love it! It's helped me so much. When I look at my own chart, I can see what kind of energy is coming in and how I can play with that kind energy. I can also see what kind of energy is missing and how I can compensate for that.

A lot of clients come to me and say; "Karin, I really believe that I have something special, but I just can't make money. I always struggling with money. What's the problem?"  When I look at their chart with these people, usually what's missing is not the money part. That element can actually be pretty strong. It's usually because they're missing the one in the middle - the things that they create. So in this case, I will tell them to start creating stuff, just start writing books, start writing poems, and start developing that energy! Then we'll have the flow of you giving life to your creation, and your creation giving life to money. It's as simple as that.

So today I want you to think about your life, just look at your life and think about these five areas of your life. Which part of these is missing? There so many other things that these five different manifestation areas cover. You may be asking, where does love come in? Well, that is a little complicated. I'll leave it for the next blog. But if you get this energy flow right. your relationship will also flow smoothly. If you want to get a detailed reading about you, your past, your tendencies, or your future, feel free to book a reading with me! :)


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