Change Your Appearance with Law of Attraction

By Kristina Magyar

What an exciting video! Have you seen it yet? Change Your Appearance with Law of Attraction is so inspiring and a little shocking (in a good way) at the same time. I have already watched this video several times and keep going back to it because Karin is so easy to listen to and this information is just plain amazing. I love it!!!

The reason I think it is shocking is because I have been doing mirror work for a long time and also, have a very strong gratitude practice. It never occurred to me that I could have physical changes in my appearance from combining the two! I am super excited to modify my practice!!!

Looking back on this last year, I can see how I have experienced physical changes to my health. I have more energy. I am more optimistic about my health conditions. And I even receive compliments from others about how happy & radiant I look. 

The changes have been subtle and I can see them. Check out these headshots. The left is from March of this year when I was most ill, and the right is this month.

Shocking right? I think you can see how I have lost weight, my color is back in my cheeks and I look healthier. I am so pleased!  I want to continue using gratitude and self love to keep transforming myself to an even healthier weight. 

I encourage you to take pictures along the way. Had I not had these pictures to see my transformation, I may not have believed it possible.

The gratitude and mirror work are not just about the looks, though. What you can’t see in the pictures is how much better I feel about myself; how energetic and excited I am for the future. It is these ‘non-scale’ victories that keep my motivated and are as important as the visual success. How you feel inside and your ability to keep the vibration high and in line with your desires is the fuel for change. The moment you feel your energy shift is the moment you must take action stepping out in faith toward your goals. I firmly believe that we all have everything we need already inside us to achieve all our goals. Our journey is to learn the tools that will help you take action. Gratitude practices, mirror work, and self love methods are some of the tools I love using. Be sure to check out Choosing Gratitude’s other blogs & videos. It is a great resource for all the tools.


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