How To Use THIS Universal Law to Foresee What's About To Happen In Your Life

 Today, let's talk about what's about to happen in your life. How can you figure that out?

Have you ever wondered why things happen the way they do, and why things happen to certain people in certain ways? Have you wondered if there's a way to really understand what's about to happen in your life? This was actually my very first motivation to study astrology. I wanted to figure out what's about to happen in my life and in the lives of people close to me. In other words, I wanted to understand the algorithm of the universe in order to hack it.

The algorithm of the universe

After studying astrology for a long time - I studied both Western astrology and Chinese astrobiology - I realized that the algorithm is actually very simple. It's much simpler than what I had thought, but I also realized the algorithm does not exist to help me predict what's about to happen. It exists to help me manifest what I would like to call forth. It's not about manifesting what my limited ego wants. It's about becoming a partner with my higher self, my divine self, the entire universe - so that I can really understand why things happen, how things happen, and what is about to happen. Without that realization, I couldn't fully trust the universe. I couldn't fully trust the unfolding of things, and that really limits my ability to manifest the life I desire.

The other day I received a question from one of my viewers. This is an email from Divya. She says, "I truly want to surrender and allow myself to love fully. But then the thought came that if the universe is so loving and cares about me fully, why are there so many people suffering out there? Why is there so much crime? If the universe was taking care of everyone, why do people go to sleep hungry? These thoughts make me feel bad and miserable sometimes. "

Divya, I think you are a very compassionate person - a ver compassionate soul. I want to give you a hug.

If you're reading this blog and you have the same types of doubts, you're not alone. At one point or another, I'm sure everybody who has been on this journey of self realization has questioned God, or the universe. Why are there so many negative things around me? If I am in a loving universe, if the universe is so powerful, why isn't the universe helping everybody? If the universe is all powerful and all loving, why not just lift everybody's suffering, then we'll all live happily ever after. Right?

Sometimes when I sit in meditation in absolute stillness, I feel like I can almost lift the veil of this seemingly real "reality" and have a peek at the world outside of it.

The truth about reality

Every time I lift that veil in my meditation, all I see is absolute joy, absolute gratitude, absolute power, absolute divine light. 

If you have ever experienced that, you will know what I mean. It's so hard to describe this with words, actually. It's really impossible to describe with words. That is what the universe tells me. That is the true reality.

The truth is that the reality in which we live right here is not real. In fact it is a lot like a playground for little kids who can't fully walk yet, and there's a fence around it. When my son was little, I used to take him to one of those places. Basically, you just sit there, you sit back and relax as a parent. There are fences and you just put your child within. They will crawl, and sometimes they get in little fights - a little conflict - they may cry, but then they're fine again. They just play in there. They climb up different things, don't they?

As a parent, you just sit back and you watch them. You know that they are safe, even though sometimes, from their perspective, they're not safe. Or from their perspective, they get in a conflict with another kid and that causes suffering. Ultimately, as a parent, you know your child is safe. That is the closest word I can find to describe the relationship between us and our parent universe - God. the universe is always joyfully watching over us. If you can just give yourself a moment, shut down all thoughts, all the babbling in your limited consciousness, and just sit in absolute rest, absolute peace, and absolute stillness, tell the universe: "I am open to listen. I am open to see the true reality."

The universe will lift the veil for you for a second, and you will see it. You will experience it. It's not about understanding something with your mind. It's about experiencing it. Once you experience that, you know that everything in your life is just a projection of your limited mind. This limited mind is not as small as you think, because this limited piece of consciousness that is reading this blog right now - that is you - has evolved over many lifetimes (maybe even millions of lifetimes). So this limited piece of consciousness has more than you think you have. From that projection, you are manifesting all of these things that are happening around you.

That's why, if you could perceive how this whole thing works, not by understanding it with your limited mind, but by experiencing it, then you'd know that you can actually figure out what's about to happen in your life. You can figure out what's about to happen in other people's lives. Why? Because this limited reality is not just built randomly by your consciousness. There is a very strict rule about it. Some people call it Law of Attraction, but actually, Law of Attraction is just a piece of it. In truth, it's actually the law of cause and effect.

Law of cause and effect (karma)

Basically, you make a cause. It's like you trigger some energy, you set the energy in motion, and that energy manifests. Okay? So the cause is the triggering of the energy and effect is the manifestation of that. Most of us, when we receive an effect, guess what? We try to dodge it. We try to resist it. We push it away. By doing that, we're making a new cause - a new negative cause. Then we receive new effect. That's how people suffer.

There are babies that are born suffering. We can't blame them. We can't say, "oh, that happens because the baby was thinking negatively," right? A lot of Law of Attraction beginners think that all you need to is to think positive. In truth however, this "thinking positive" thing is still quite limited. Your piece of consciousness is actually much bigger. That's why if you're born with a lot of negative causes, sometimes you have to see some negative effect. That's why the important thing in your life is to start eliminating negative causes by not pushing away things.

Once something happens in your life, what that means is that the effect is here - be it positive or negative. You can't dodge it. You can't deny it. You can't say that it doesn't exist. You can deal with it. You can make a new cause, and you can make a new meaning out of it, but don't push it away.

Don't hate it. Don't think, "that's not mine," because obviously it's happening in reality. So it is yours, right? Also, listen to this: When you're looking at these people who are suffering, in a way you're adding another layer of suffering because looking at them, thinking about why they suffer, that's all making new causes. So if you truly understand how this works, you will be very careful with every word you say, every action you take, and every thought you think in your mind. This is because everything is triggering some energy and that energy will accumulate. Sometimes they don't manifest right away. In our 3D reality, there is a delay between cause and effect. Sometimes the delay could be lifetimes. That's why bad things happen to good people. And that is all okay. The most important thing is to understand that the law, cause and effect, never fails.

When you see something manifest, just embrace it, be grateful that it happens, and trust that the universe is always doing it right. Because you know what? You're just in this limited reality. You think something really bad is happening, but in reality, there is nothing bad out there. It's just a fenced-up playground. The universe always has your back. In the beginning of this post, I threw out a question: "What's about to happen in my life?" Actually the question itself is not valid, because it's not "What's about to happen in my life?" - It's, "What am I going to cause to happen in my life," right? In Buddhism, there is a very famous phrase:  "Common people are only conscious of the effect, but Bodhisattvas - who are the transcendence and divine beings in Buddhism - they are only conscious of the cause."

A new way to approach life 

So only focus on what kind of causes you make. This means being very conscious of what you think, what you do, what you say. You can clean up these things. You may still experience some of the negative effects arising through your past causes, but at least you are no longer creating negative karma, or negative effects / negative experiences in the future. This is a lifelong practice. It's not going to be easy. You can't just clean up all of your causes in one moment. However, you can always reach out to your higher self, to the universe and ask for help. The universe will gladly help you and hold you, and offer you support so that you can create new causes. You will make new causes that will make new things happen in your life. So your future is not fixed.

Your future has a million, a billion, different possibilities. In that sense, there is no way to really figure out what's about to happen. Unless, you have full control over what cause you're making right now, right here. So pay attention to that. That's all you need to do. Even the thought of "so many people are suffering" - that is a suffering cause, isn't it? Instead of thinking that thought, why don't you say, "Universe, how can I create more positive and loving energy so that the suffering people will return to who they really are?" That is the energy of great compassion and great gratitude. Once you live in that energy, life becomes joyful and you will manifest less and less suffering around you.

The most important thing is to live in the energy of great compassion for yourself and for others. Also, always be conscious of the causes you're making in the present. These causes will manifest into effects in the future. This is Law of Attraction, 2.0.


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