Can You Manifest Without Taking Any Action?

Can the law of attraction help you manifest anything you want without taking any action?

Every day I get questions like; "Karin, I want to manifest a lot of money without taking any action. Karin, I want to manifest this and that, but I don't want to work for it" at the same time, There's another group of people who say: "law of attraction is a hoax. You can't just sit around and wait for the money falls from the sky."

I want to share with you what my spirit guide told me about how the law of attraction works, how you actually manifest, and how is action and inaction related to the law of attraction process.

My spirit guides have been telling me that studying how the smaller things work will help you understand how the big picture really looks like.

I was told to look at how each individual life was manifested. This is really fascinating. If you look at how each individual human life is created, there was an action that has to happen, right?

But I also want you to think from another angle; how many people are trying to manifest a baby? How many keep performing this action but nothing happens and they get frustrated? The action itself may or may not lead to manifestation. That's where the magic happens.

According to my spirit guides, there is a ladder to divine magic, and in a way, you have to go from where you are. You have to climb the ladder. The ladder is the action that I call the minimum required action.

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You have to take some action to get there where you can meet the divine magic, but the ladder doesn't take you there. Remember, your limited action is not going to be enough to manifest the result, the ladder alone is not enough. However, that action is required. That's why it's a minimum required action.

Think about it, if you want to win the lottery, don't you have to go out and buy a lottery ticket? But, just buying that ticket doesn't mean that you're going to manifest winning the lottery, right? 

First of all, if you want to manifest anything, my spirit guide is suggesting I look at what exactly is the minimum required action at the moment. We don't always know what is the minimum required action for the result that we want to create. Anything that moves you into that direction is actually good...I want you to think in terms of how can you take a specific action that takes you more into the feeling of joy. That action may or may not have a direct correlation with the result you're looking for, but that minimum required action has to happen.

That's just the beauty of living in this 3D world. Personally, I don't believe that you can just sit around and sit in meditation and money will just fall from the sky. I want you to think that you want to take a joyful action to go up there and meet with the divine magic, that action doesn't have to be painful.

Many people say that they want to manifest money without working for it because working for money is very painful, well that's how our world makes it look like. There are a lot of actions that you can take that you can enjoy, that you can love, (just like when your parents created you). The process needs to be joyful because that's when the magic happens.

With anything you want to manifest, it's like conceiving a brand new life form. You have to take some kind of action to move towards it, but that action doesn't really need to be painful.

If you really really try hard to have a baby, a lot of times you simply can't because you are putting too much desperate energy into the process. So every time you want to manifest something, I want you to think that some action is required, but how do you perform the action is even more important than the action itself.

In this aspect, I've learned so much from a master in this area. His name is Tony Robbins. I have been to his events and I have read all of his books. I've listened to all of his tapes and I learn so much from him. Even though he is not specifically a law of attraction teacher, I find that his teaching is actually so much more in alignment with the law of attraction,

Think about it. How can you even take massive action if you don't enjoy it? Let's say If a specific action brings you nothing but pain, but desperation; you're not able to continue to do it. Only when the action feels right, in the zone, and brings yourself into the right state (he's all about taking yourself into the right state.) you can enjoy it. If you translate that language into the law of attraction terms, that simply means that you need to be in the feeling place of that.

I remember Tony Robbins used to coach this baseball player, he used to do really well, but suddenly his performance dwindled, he couldn't get himself back to his old performance.  Tony coached him to change the way he carried himself and put a silly smile on his face. Tony put him in the zone where he was performing the magic, in that zone, all he needed was just that one hit and he was back to his old self. Now he is back to be this amazing baseball player.

So I want you to really ponder that. You really don't need to worry too much about how much action is needed, What you really should focus on is the feeling you are having when you are doing the action, and when the feeling is right, the action is actually joyful.

Life is full of actions, imagine if you just sit in your house all day long, doing nothing. You probably gonna die after a year of just doing nothing because you'd be bored to death. But imagine if you move around, you're full of energy, you're full of life, and you want to add value to the world, you want to create something, (all of that takes action) you bring inspired action to the world, and you will be manifesting so much easier because, behind those actions, those inspired actions are the energy, the life force. So that's what I've learned from Tony Robbins, the master of personal development and I have really benefited from it.

So I want you to get this. I think that if you feel lethargic, you feel like your not where you are in life you want, maybe you should get up and take a little bit more action. Maybe instead of trying to sit around and meditate, try Tony Robbins' approach, try to get yourself up and speak your affirmations out loud; He calls it incantation. 

Say, "I am a wealth generator, I am a wealth genius" speak it out loud to the universe. Put all energy behind your action day in and day out. Before you know it, you are already experiencing your dream life.

I have actually put together a very simple loop of 30 minutes ofTony Robbins' wealth-generating incantation, it's Tony Robbins himself speaking the incantation of generating wealth. It's full of energy and full of passion, when I'm going for a walk I listen to it, it fills me with passion, with drive, with energy. I always listen to this in the morning and you can too.

Download it here

Actually, Tony Robbins and his friend Dean Graziosi are doing free training about how they manifest money, how they generate money and I really want to see you at the training. I will be there. It's completely free. I heard it's like two to three hours. They did one last year and I was there and I think this is really, really valuable. They will blow your mind. When you download the incantation loop, don't forget to also register for Tony and Dean's free training. 

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