Can You Manifest $$$ 10 Million Dollars and/or Change of Eye Color?

Author: Jocelyn S.

Everything is possible for him who believes

"Everything is possible for him who believes". Paradoxically our belief systems are what need to be carefully examined before we can consciously call forth the wonderful limitless possibilities waiting to unfold in our outer experiences. 
We are always manifesting! Manifesting isn't something we need to be taught how to do. It is something we need to understand, recognize, and refine. If you want to deliberately attract the things you want most in life, BE DELIBERATE! Do not be a passive bystander in the creation of your own life experience.  
Thoughts create beliefs. Beliefs create reality
Thoughts create beliefs. Beliefs create reality. While we all have our own unique belief systems, we are also connected through the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness can be described as a summary or paraphrasing of all minds ideas combined. It is the universal truths, and rules/limitations of the 3D reality. We may collectively share ideas on how weight is gained or lost, diseases that can be cured or terminal, How much effort it takes to make or lose money, and so forth. It is important to see how our personal belief systems fit inside the collective consciousness. When we as individuals are able to correct our limiting beliefs, not only do we graduate to a higher level of consciousness but we help to elevate the collective consciousness as well! This is why self-mastery is not only invaluable for our own gain but breaks down barriers of what is considered possible for the masses. 
People have cured incurable diseases holistically. People have lost weight naturally. People have made money from nothing. What would you like to manifest? Is it "possible"? Do other people have it? What would you have to believe in order to become a vibrational match to your desire? 
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 Reality is more flexible than we realize,  especially when we are struggling. Sometimes beliefs are just wrong. They aren't based in fact or simply don't serve us. Mathematics has proven that the world is not flat.  Galileo debunked Aristotle's theory of mass x speed.
Abraham Hicks has said that it is no more difficult to manifest a castle than it would be to manifest a button! 
When a belief is created, our mindsets out to seek evidence/experiences to prove its truth. 
The vibration we create via our beliefs, determines our environment, thus reality. We cannot expect to have beautiful manifestations grow in an environment that is unlike them. Be a vibrational match by choosing uplifting belief systems. 
Many great minds before us have shown us that we can, if we believe,
accomplish the seemingly impossible. We can all unlock a great power within, when we choose to believe in the highest ideals!


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