Trigger Fast Manifestation with the Secret Butterfly Effect

Today, let's talk about the secret of the butterfly effect, 3 ridiculous things I did to trigger the butterfly effect to change my life, and how you can do them too!

Have you heard of the butterfly effect? Supposedly a butterfly can flap its wings in South America, and this little thing will trigger a chain of events and eventually, a typhoon will be formed in the other side of the world. Isn't this fascinating? This is something that happens in our physical reality, and scientists were able to actually trace it through a long string of causes and effects.

But now we're not talking about the scientific aspect of this butterfly effect. I want to talk about how this secret can be used to manifest your dream life. A few months ago, when I was reading about the butterfly effect, my divine inspiration - or guides - told me that I should put this to the test and see what happens.

3 Ways

1. I bought a cleaning robot

In Feng Shui, they talk a l lot about keeping your house spotless - keeping your house clean. My house has never been really dirty, but at the same time, it's not perfectly clean because I just don't have time to clean it. My husband doesn't have time to clean it either. So we hire somebody to come once in a while to clean the house and to do a deep cleaning. But when this cleaning person is not here, during the day, the house can collect dust. I know that is kind of against the principles of Feng Shui, but I was always just lazy about dusting. I was okay with the situation as it was. So my guides started telling me, "why don't you try to keep your house clean?" I can't come up with the time to clean my house every day. So I bought this cleaning robot to clean the house every single day. So now at a time of our choosing, we start the robot and voila - there's no more dust in the house. This is something which I knew would improve the energy flow in my personal space - and guess what?

Once I started putting this cleaning robot to use - and it didn't happen right away - but one thing lead to another, and I noticed that after two or three months, a lot of things started happening in my life.

2.  The area that attracts money and financial abundance is the most important area of your house - always keep it clean.

This is also based on the Feng Shui principle, and according to Chinese astrology or Fung Shui, it is said that it's really important to keep a certain area of your house always very clean, and very welcoming. I have a big tree in my front right yard and it's always shedding leaves. So right by my front door, it's never really completely clean. I was always kind of lazy when it comes to cleaning it. We have a little area rug when you come inside, but that area rug was a little old and it didn't look very clean. So I switched out the area rug and I put a new one in there. I started sweeping just a little bit to clear the pathway when people come into my house. That's the area that should always be kept clean and welcoming. That small thing also started to shift my energy.

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3. I got a few more plants and put them in the right spot. 

I got a new plant to put close to the front door so that when you open it, you can see it. I also have a plant now, next to all my wealth anchors. I talked about my wealth anchors in my previous blogs. It is where I put cash I got from different trips from different countries into this thing called an abundance egg. Whenever I have a small money, I put it in there. I also know that plants and water will enhance the energy of money and abundance. Now I have a plant to next to my wealth anchors and I started to clean that area more often too.

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So 3 seemingly ridiculous little things that anyone can do, right? You can do it too! Let me know in the comments down below if you can do these things. If you can't buy a cleaning robot, just start cleaning your house more often. Basically get a cleaning robot, or cleaning your house - and making sure the entrance of your house is really clean and welcoming - and putting a plant next to your wealth anchors - just these 3 little things.

When I did them, I really didn't think much about it. I started doing them just out of fun. I was telling my guides, "show me what butterfly effect can create." After that, I noticed that one thing lead to another and somehow, my husband and I started talking about redoing our patio. We were able to get connected to a great company and we completely transformed our patio. My business has been growing exponentially after I did 3 simple things.

Anyway, these little things that I did in my environment were not direct causes of these amazing things happening in my life. However, these things lead to certain discussions, and certain discussion leads us to certain people. Then these people leads us to ideas. The ideas leads us to opportunities and then opportunities became reality. That is the butterfly effect in action in life - this is how is aids the manifestation process. 

So today, if you don't have any divine inspiration to make little changes in your life, you can do the exact 3 things that I did. Or ask your spirit guides, ask the universe, "What little things can I do to start feeling a little bit better?"

It's all about starting to feel different. In Chinese astrology, there is a huge emphasis on how your environment - the 5 elements in your environment - could influence your energy flow. every time I do a reading for someone, I would tell them, "Add more wood into your life," or, "add more fire." I would give this person one or two elements to add into their life. I know that maybe some people would think, "Oh, just brush it off." They wouldn't even listen, but I bet you the people who do listen, and people who actually do these things, will see their lives transform. You don't have to move mountains or even do these things right away but do them - they can and do make a difference.

Feel free to book a reading with me and let me study your chart. I can help you find what element you should add into your daily life - it can be in your environment or in your personal space.

Most importantly, start asking your inner guidance system, "What little things can I do to start feeling better, to start feeling more grateful, to start feeling more relaxed and more content," because all of these feelings - like I said - will trigger shifts in your energy field. These energy field shifts will trigger bigger things and great openings. You'll get great ideas and great energies. These things will manifest into physical reality, then your life will change.

So follow the secret of the butterfly effect and every day, ask yourself, "If I'm a butterfly today, how can I flap my wings?" That's your homework for today! 


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