Bend Reality with Your Mind – Try these 2 Experiments Today!

Author: Vishal Sharma

You can always bend reality with your mind.

You are a divine soul. You are the magical creation of God You have all the power within you.

Just think about it everything in your life including you, your family your materialistic things, and all other things that you see around in your daily life were just an illusion.

All these things were not real until some people thought about it. All these were ideas in someone’s mind and it became a reality. So whatever comes into your mind any of your goal or desire that you think it is not realistic or you cannot achieve it, all your ideas, your dreams, your desire has the potential to become reality because your mind has the power to Bend Reality.

How we can define reality?  When it comes to reality, people think it as a very heavy, dark something which is not in their control. And if you think about your reality this way your mind will always take you there and make you believe about your thoughts because your mind is so powerful. whatever you think with your feelings it will take you to there where you will experience it.


But you take reality as reality as simple as it is, you can change it, you can bend it, and you can have the reality that you want to have in your life. Steve Jobs has said “All these things around you which you call life were created by the people who were no smarter than you. You can change it, you can mold it and make the other new things which the other people can use” What the Steve job is talking about here He is talking about bending your reality with your mind.

You need to understand your mind. People think that some people have a genius mind and some have not. People think that people who create some impact in this world have different minds. But the reality is all we have the same mind. The difference is how we are using it. How we are utilizing our brain capacity. Currently, we are using very little capacity of our mind if we can utilize it more we can achieve more.

What do you think is the main difference between a genius mind and an average mind? The main difference between genius and the average mind is creativity. The people like Albert Einstein are known as creative people in history why they were more creative? Were they perceiving it from their surroundings or it was a natural gift to them? The answer is they were more open to infinite intelligence. These people have opened their minds to receive infinite wisdom from the universe and that’s why they created something which the other people cannot even think about.

Now you know that you can bend the reality. Always remember reality is not fixed you all have the power to bend it. Affirm to yourself that I am a genius mind who can bend reality.

Now I am sharing the two experiments for bending reality with you.

Test 1.  Go to a place nearby you where a lot of people come and go. You can choose a street or something nearby you. Find a place there and take a notebook with you. Close your eyes and repeat the affirmation “Reality is not fixed I am a genius mind that can bend reality”. And then set an intention whatever you want to see more women or more men. After that start counting and writing in your notebook how many men or women you see. 98% of the time you will see more people about you had set an intention to see because the mind is so powerful. It always shows you the things that you want to see. It may possible that sometimes it does not work so do not consider it a failure it may happen if your intention is not clear or your mind is in confusion. Do it with full faith and focus and you will see crazy results

Test 2.  Pick a beautiful day. A day full of sunshine and sky is clear. Do not do it with a rainy or cloudy day.  Pick a sunny day and there should be some piece of clouds in the sky and then pick a piece of cloud.

Before doing this affirm the affirmation that is shared in test 1. Start staring at the piece of the cloud and say I would like for this cloud to disappear. If you will do it with clear intention 9/10 times the cloud gets disappear or it will get scattered.

Try these experiments and see how you can bend your reality. Always remember you can bend your reality. Your mind is super powerful.

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