Ancient Powerful Manifestation Technique: The Sacred Flame Method

I want to bring light to an ancient secret manifesting technique that's been forgotten for centuries. Every time I practice this technique, I just feel an instant energy shift. I know I must share this with you and with the whole world. So stay tuned. I call this sacred flame method. 

In this blog post, we will explore 3 topics.

1. How to use the sacred flame method to manifest

2. How to reprogram your subconscious mind with the sacred flame method

3. How to lose weight using the sacred flame method.


Part 1: How to use the sacred flame method to manifest

What exactly is a sacred flame?

It's about using the element of fire to manifest. If you look at any ancient civilization, you know that fire plays a role in every single one of them.

Our ancestors have carved the images of fire in all those caves. So we know that our ancestors were masters at manifesting with fire. You may say, well, if they were still masterful, how come they didn't have the civilization that we have today?

You know, I would argue that the civilization that we have today is a manifestation of our ancestors and look at what they have manifested.

Have any other species in this world ever able to manifest such an amazing evolution for their species? We are special.

Below is the transcript of my video: 


The problem is that a lot of us today for God, know how special we are. I truly believe that the fire is one of the early divine messages that our ancestors received. Why do I say that? Think about it. There was no way for humans to start a fire in the beginning.

The fire happened to them initially. They were afraid. You know, all animals are afraid of fire, except for humans as our ancestors were clever enough to understand that this is nothing to be feared.

This is a message from the divine. This is divine guidance and divine protection for us. It took our ancestors many, many years to just figure out how to start a fire and being able to create fire. It changed the course of our history. Just think about it.

So what's the best way to manifest with fire?

I think it will be more effective if you find a sacred place in your home, a quiet place, and sit in meditation position; (legs crossed) that's showing respect to divine right and make sure you are not going to be disturbed.

So step number one is you are going to need (3) three candles.

If you can think of any specific color that would help you manifest. feel free to use those colored candles. I usually use wide candles because it encompasses all colors.

So I have three candles in front of you and before I light them, I mentally tell myself that this, the first candle represents my past and the one in the middle represents my current, my present, and the third candle represents my future. Then I will do a quick prayer. My spirit guide tells me to just use this very, very quick prayer: 

"Dear God universe, divine consciousness.. (whatever you feel comfortable about to pray and to say,) please help me open the energy portal to receive divine guidance today and I'm willing to clear my past (blocks) and stay in the present moment with my divine self and open to an amazing future."

Okay, so that's my prayer. After I do my prayer, I just close my eyes. I relax my body and I take a few deep breaths to calm my mind once I feel centered. Now the manifestation method begins.

First, I'm going to light three candles. I light them all at the same time, but after I light all three candles out, focus on the first candle first. look at it and gazed in that candle and when you look at that candle, simply say:

"I'm clearing all my blocks. I'm clearing all my blocks." Just repeat it in your mind and focus your mind on that flame.

If you are sensitive to energy: I bet you are going to see what this flame is burning. You're going to see the blocks, your subconscious programs, every way you sabotage yourself are all being burned down to ashes by this beautiful sacred flame.

If you are not sensitive to energy: you may not see anything, but you may have something that comes into your mind. Anything that comes into your mind is at this point is a divine message telling you that this thing is what you need to clear. But If you see anything and you need to clear it out, while you're seeing these things just say,

"I'm clearing all my blocks I'm clearing all my blocks", say it silently. And if you don't have anything in your mind, still just repeat this mantra. "I'm clearing all my blocks" and do this for about two minutes.

Now you're going to move your attention and your gaze to the second candle. This time you're going to say,

"I am present. I am one with the universe. I am present. I am one with the universe."Just repeat this over and over and over again.

Stare at the flame and visualize yourself, your entire energy field is being fused with the flame. So you're one with the divine right now. The sacred flame becomes you! If you are sensitive to energy: you are going to feel it in every fiber of your being. Do this for two minutes again.

Now you can move to your third candle. This is the candle where you are going to see an amazing future.

Do you know that our ancestors used to sit around a bonfire and visualize their future? In this flame, you intend to see the best outcomes of your dream future life. I'm not talking about what could happen that could sabotage you, I'm not talking about what's the worst that could happen.

I'm talking about what's the best that could happen if you're looking at the third flame, all you need to do is to say, "I am in my dream life." 

And when you keep repeating that; if you are sensitive to energy: you're going to receive visions. You are going to see your beautiful dream life being played out in the flame.

if you're not sensitive to energy: you are still going to have ideas and concepts about what your dream life should look like.

In this segment, I usually do at least two minutes. If I feel good about it, I would do more than two minutes. I will do four minutes, five minutes until I feel that I am one with my dream life.

And once you've done all three, remember all the candles are still burning.

Briefly look at all three of them together and say: 

"I am now complete. Thank you and I am now closing the portal." Always open the portal before you do this and close the portal after you complete your practice.

Now after this, you're going to put out the flames and your practice is complete.

I do this for about nine days in a row.

Within nine days you're going to feel an energy shift. It takes about six minutes a day. But here we're also using the Tesla code divine number three, six and nine.

We have three candles. We're going to do six minutes of practice, meditation, and visualization, and we're doing this for nine days.

This is such a powerful practice.

Invoke that divine nature from within yourself and let the flame guide you to find that direct communication with the divine.  That is the purpose of this channel. That is the purpose of practicing this method.

Part 2: How to reprogram your subconscious mind with the sacred flame method

 In this section, let's talk about how to reprogram your subconscious mind using the sacred flame method. 

You may be asking, what's the difference between reprogramming my subconscious mind and manifesting what I want?

Well, they're all related, right? It is really important that if you have a lot of subconscious programs or limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind, no matter what you want to manifest, you are not going to be able to do it. 

You can use all the manifestation methods out there. But If you are sabotaging yourself, whatever you're doing is not going to work.

So that's why it's so important to throw out the garbage in your subconscious mind. I don't want you to focus too much on where each of your subconscious limiting beliefs is coming from, because it's going to take you days and nights, probably take you forever to figure that out.

What I want you to do is: Use this method to remove all of your limiting beliefs, whether you're conscious of them or not.

Your subconscious mind works a lot like a computer. A computer needs hardware and software. Software is like your subconscious programs and limiting beliefs.

These beliefs are really passed down from generation to generation. 

When you were a vulnerable little child, you couldn't decide what you want to install on your computer. You just get it from people around you.

When you grow up, if you are not aware of these programs, these programs will run your life because they already occupied your entire computer. You just don't have the space to install new ones. That's why sometimes old computers run so slowly.

What you want to do is to reformat everything. That's what this process is going to be about today. My spiritual guide has been telling me that The power of the fire element is perfect for reformatting this old computer.

It's all about deleting all the old programs and installing the new ones. The fire element is really a divine gift and it has tremendous power if you use it correctly. 

here is the full video: 

Let's get started. First, use a meditation position. I always find that meditation position is the most powerful position to help me get into the energy of a connecting to the divine.

If you're not flexible, it's okay. Just sit quietly, this process will take approximately nine minutes (9mins). You know that I've been really into the power of numbers three, six and nine (3, 6, 9).

Sit comfortably, take a few deep breaths, get concentrated and speak this prayer to open the portal to divine love and wisdom:

"Dear God, universe, (whatever you feel comfortable with) I am here. I am willing to open the portal to divine love and wisdom today. My intention is to reprogram my subconscious mind, clear all my old programs and install new ones that are in alignment with divine love and wisdom."

After you speak the prayer, you can light three candles right in front of you. And the first you're going to stare at the one in the middle and that one in the middle is going to represent the program itself that you want to clear. 

As you stare at the flame in the middle, silently speak this into the flame and imagine your words going into the flame and make it even brighter, even more powerful.

So your words are going to be very simple:

"I am clearing unwanted subconscious programs."

if you are sensitive to energy: something may come into your mind. Just allow that to occur. Maybe at this point, you will think of a particular subconscious program or a particular belief system that you want to clear. You can focus on that. And at the same time, you can tell the universe that you're clearing all of your unwanted programs and limiting beliefs. You're not just clearing that one, but just by focusing on the one you are getting rid of all of them.

I suggest that you set a timer for about two minutes and after two minutes you're going to move to the first candle.

This First candle is going to be all about the origin of your programs. What is the origin of the program? That's when that program was first installed. this is like rewinding the clock back to the day when you first put that program into your subconscious mind. And when you focus on that, just repeat:

"I'm clearing the origins of all my unwanted subconscious programs."

Why do you want to clear the origin of the programs? Because usually, that is a vulnerable point, right? It's like an open portal in your subconscious mind that somehow suck in these negative beliefs. we want to seal those little holes. That's why we are going to remove the origins of your programs.

If you are sensitive to energy: when you stare at this flame, you may recall some painful memories that you normally don't think of. If you feel like crying, that's great. That means that the origin is being removed. So give yourself two minutes here.

Once the two minutes up, you're going to move to the third candle. The third candle is going to represent the benefit of your unwanted subconscious program. So here you're going to stare at the third flame and repeat this:

"I am removing all the benefits that I receive from these unwanted subconscious programs."

You may be asking "what benefits? I don't benefit anything from these." You're wrong. Every program that is installed into your mind serves a purpose. Sometimes it's a really twisted benefit.

For example, I know people who always get sick, like subconsciously, they believe that they are just not a healthy individual. And when they get sick, guess what? They get a lot of attention. There are certain things that they usually don't get when they're well, they get these things when they're sick, they end up having this program and they keep manifesting sickness because subconsciously they crave attention.

So if you don't remove the benefits in your program, your subconscious mind is going to attract other similar programs to fulfill that benefit. Now let's remove the benefits of these unwanted programs. You're going to focus on this candle for two minutes. 

Now after six minutes, you have removed the programs themselves, the origins and the benefits. Now you should feel much lighter. 

Now, look at all three candles together. Repeat silently: "Installing new programs that are in alignment with my divine purpose."

You don't have to specifically ask what is the new program, but at this point, if you are clear with your divine self, your soul is going to show you some new programs, such as: you are going to be always optimistic. You are going to trust your life. You are going to feel connected to divine gratitude, whatever these new programs are, just allow all these new divine programs in your mind.

You can visualize your subconscious mind open like a portal, and all of these divine lights are just going to come in. And with that, you're going to feel not only lighter, but you're also going to be filled with joy and do this for three minutes. 

now we have completed our nine minutes of meditation to reprogram your subconscious mind. 

Just sit in the same position and simply say: "My work is complete. I now close the portal with divine love and wisdom"

Okay, so now your practice is complete.

I suggest that you do this for three consecutive days at least because a lot of us have a lot of garbage in the subconscious mind and the just one session is not going to be enough, just keep doing it. 

Part 3: How to lose weight using the sacred flame method.

Now let's talk about how to lose weight with the sacred flame method. right now, we are in January and most people at this time are being pretty diligent about their new year's resolutions.

Of course, the number one new year resolution is usually losing weight. Statistically speaking, this is the time when most people are joining the gyms.  Do you know that statistically, most people who join the gym at this time will fall out at some point in February? So the new year's resolution usually doesn't last for more than a month. And I don't want that to happen to you. 

You know, when it comes to losing weight, the traditional approach is to join a gym, right? Dieting and exercising.  I'm not saying that these things are not effective. Obviously, if you really have the perseverance in dieting and exercising its the only way you will lose weight.

But have you thought about why most people can't lose weight?

It's because most people can't muster up that energy to consistently do the exercising and the dieting. You see, exercising and dieting are actually a result of your inner energy blueprint. That's why it's so hard for a lot of people to consistently take the right action because they don't have the right energy blueprint.

This video is all about helping you correct that energy blueprint you have within you so that when you print it out.

here's the full video:

When you take an action, it is an action that is in alignment with your soul's desire. That's the purpose of this post.

I am not a professional dietician or professional trainer. This blogpost is merely about how you flow your energy.  Once you have the right energy, everything will be very, very easy. You'll be back in the flow again. You will naturally be divinely inspired to do the right exercise and the right food to eat. 

So first of all, you need to understand that your body is a very, very intelligent system. Your body is a replica of this entire universe. Every single cell of your body is specifically programmed by the divine to know exactly what to do to keep you at the perfect health and the perfect weight. 

Your body knows exactly what is your perfect weight and your body also knows, what kind of food you need to eat to get to that perfect weight and how much exercise or what kind of exercise you need to do to get to that perfect weight. And then you may be asking: If my body knows everything. How come I'm not there yet?

That's because you are not really letting your body guide you. What you're doing is you're letting your ego guide you. You're letting your ego tell you you're no good. You don't trust yourself. You can't eat this, you can't eat that. There's a lot of I call "violent" energy within yourself that is holding yourself back from fully coming into the flow. Because when you're in the flow, you let go, you trust, you don't feel tense. You don't feel like: oh, I'm no good. I don't look good enough...

Every time you look at yourself in a mirror, you feel self-hatred, you feel disapproval of yourself, you feel distrust, you know any of these feelings? Know it's usually an indication that you're not trusting your body.

It's like you're traveling in a vehicle and you have a perfect person who can drive this car, but you don't allow that qualified driver to do the driving. But rather you put someone who doesn't know how to drive a car in a driver's seat.

That's exactly what's happening when you feel these ways.  I say it again, self-hatred, disapproval, and distrust. These are the main reason why you are stuck in your current weight or you're stuck in your current reality. 

So first of all, before you do anything, you need to become aware of these feelings every time when they arise from within yourself. You need to become aware and say,:

"This is an indication that I am not putting the right person in the driver's seat and I'm willing to switch out the driver."

So who's the right driver, the universe or your body? Your body is divinely connected to the entire universe. Actually, your body is the universe. Your body is divine power.

So just allow your body to do the drive, or you may be asking, well, how do I let go and let my body be in the driver's seat? There are many ways you can practice this. You can use a simple affirmation to do it, but a lot of times, since you've been programmed to believe in certain things and to flow your energy in a certain way, It does take work and patience to get back to the natural state of yourself, which is being in the flow.

Let me give you a specific method to bring yourself back into the flow: the sacred flame method.

We're going to use the element fire to help you manifest your perfect body or perfect weight. Remembered energy fire is for Burning the unnecessary, for shedding the unwanted. That's perfect for shedding the unwanted weight for yourself. So what you're gonna do is: prepare three candles and sit in a meditation position.

First, open the portal with this prayer.

"Dear universe, God, (whatever you feel comfortable about,) I am here to open a portal so that I can be back in the flow to manifest my perfect body and my perfect weight."

Just set your intention out there. And then light the three candles.

first, focus on the middle candle, this candle is going to represent all the self-hatred, self disapproval, and the distrust that you hold against yourself.

Once you can remove these, you know everything else will come easily. So what you're going to do is stare into the flame. and say:

"I'm releasing all self-hatred, self disapproval, and distrust I hold against myself".

Visualize all the dark heavy energies leaving your body. You know the unwanted weight you hold in your body is just a representation of the unwanted dark energy that you Harbor in your energy field. Okay? To visualize all of that energy leaving you, You're going to feel lighter. Do this for two minutes. 

Then moved to the first candle, the one on the left. And this time you're going to remove all the origins of these disapproval, distrust, self-hatred.

Just say, "I'm removing all the origins of my disapproval. South hatred and distrust. Remove that."

And when you're doing that, you may have memories coming back to you. You may have memories telling you, this is the moment when I installed that limiting belief that I'm not good enough. After you feel a sense of release, you can say:

" I am now in alignment with divine balance and harmony."

Remember when your body is in perfect balance when your body's in perfect harmony, weight is not a problem. You naturally get in the right weight. So you see, everything we've been saying here is never about losing that weight. It's all about guiding yourself gently to the perfect divine beauty that you have within yourself. 

You already have that energy blueprint. All you need to do is to rediscover it and become realigned with it.  So once you are there for about two minutes with the first candle, now you're moving to the third candle.

This is the fun part. This is where you're going to visualize how your life will look like if you were in perfect weight.

If you're sensitive to energy, you're going to see the perfect body and the perfect weight and see your perfect life in this candlelight.  Spend two minutes here and just let your visualization grow and have fun and celebrate.

And if you don't have an image and any visualization coming into your mind, you can just say:

"I am in the flow, I am in perfect balance, I am in perfect harmony with my body." Just repeat these is going to get you to that point.

After you're done with this meditation, you can say:

"I now close the portal with divine love and wisdom."  And after that, you can put out the candles and your meditation is complete. This takes maybe six minutes a day. (5-6mins) Do this every single day before you look at yourself in a mirror. 

 Your self-image is going to shift. You know, all the unwanted beliefs that you have against yourself are going to disappear.

Once you have that, your energy blueprint will be different. From there it will be very, very easy for you to pick the right diet to pick the right exercise. You know, these aren't a problem. Most people spend all of their energy here, but they don't fix their energy within. That's why these steps rarely work.

So I want you to fix the energy within before you go into the world and fix the dieting and exercising. And also another very powerful way that will make everything happen faster is using Subliminals.

Go into your subconscious mind. Nothing is more effective for your subconscious reprogramming than subliminal. Find a weight loss subliminal and listen to it while you're doing your meditation, and also listen to it while you're falling asleep.

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