Advanced Mirror Method (Law of Attraction) To Manifest Anything You Want

Author:  Will Moon

In this blog we will discuss the Advance Mirror Method of manifesting. We will look at some basic concepts that pertain to it, as well as the specific steps involved. I found some information on YouTube and also drew on my previous research on the Law-of-Attraction (LOA) and spiritual philosophy.

Reality Transurfing
The mirror method is based on the Reality Transurfing principle of manifestation which explains that your life is a reflection (mirror) of images in your perception. Perceptions are the receiving of data from the senses that is then re-constructed as images in your mind. The re-construction process passes through your filters and beliefs. This may be why some spiritual thought systems teach that ‘nothing you see is real’. According to the Reality Transurfing principle, one makes
mental constructs, and then reality forms itself around the image. Research shows, however, that we typically remember things incorrectly as we have the power to interpret and construct mental images at will. The Reality Transurfing principle also states that the ‘mirror’ is dual, meaning that there is no distinction between the image (mental construct) and the reflection (physical reality).

Principle of Correspondence
This same concept is found in the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence which states that reality corresponds to energy or the frequency of energy vibration. You generate a personal frequency with your predominant thoughts; so, the old saying of ‘thoughts-are-things’, and, ‘you are responsible for your thoughts’ start to have real importance when considering this principle.

Solomonic Magic
Ancient texts allude to King Solomon applying the above principles to created tremendous riches for himself. These methods have been dubbed Solomonic Magic. It talks about speaking into a blackened mirror by candle light during the two weeks following a full moon. The Keys of Solomon is a grimoire that explains this topic and much is written about it.

Why Are You Poor?
According to the above principles, working hard to change your life situation is the same as trying to change the reflection in a mirror by trying to manipulate the actual reflection – which is impossible. The only way to change a reflection is to change the thing that is being reflected. The above principles teach that reality is the reflection of your thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs.

Following this idea, instead of working everyday to arrange the pieces of your life, rather change the mental images you hold and let reality do the work.

The Mirror Method and Law-of-Attraction
Some LOA teachers describe manifesting as an issue of identity. Manifesting your reality has more to do with who or what you think you are, than with any one specific LOA technique. The image you hold of yourself, or what you identify with, is how you manifest your experience.

This is why the mirror method is so powerful, because you really get to look at yourself. However, a key concept in all LOA lore is the ‘animating agent’ of thoughts, which are your feelings. This is why all LOA methods emphasizes the importance of paying attention to how you feel, and to emotionalize your affirmations. Another key LOA concept is repetition, which is necessary to help solidify the mental image of the desired outcome. The Mirror Method utilizes
mental constructs, emotional activation, and repetition to create a powerful tool for manifesting your desired experience.

Who Are You Really?
We identify ourselves as bodies with names and personalities etc. But consider for a moment that there is actually only One Creative Force we call God/Source/Life etc. In other words,everything that exists is really this Creative Force expressing itself. When we look into a mirror,we think we see ourselves, but we really see God in human form; we are witnessing a focused expression of Life exactly as Life desires to be. This understanding helps us to look beyond all
our self-judgments, self-hatred, and all the superficial opinions we hold about ourselves. You see, it’s not about you! You are simply the very lucky observer that gets to witness a singular Divine Expression. However, your desires are God’s desires because your true Will is joined. Now let’s proceed to the actual advance mirror method.

First Set Your Goal
Only clear, focused thought forms are strong enough to coalesce into physical reality. This is because of the Universal Law of Gestation, which requires faith. This law states that the Universe uses a period of time to re-arrange itself around a new idea or identity. This is why sustained focus is needed in order to manifest anything, and sustained focus is only possible with a clear, unwavering goal. The mind is naturally scattered. One way to bring it into focus is to research every aspect of your desired goal in order to see if it is really what you want. You may
dream of being a movie star, but perhaps have not considered the paparazzi, social pressure, or the physical demands of maintaining an attractive appearance. Through research you can become comfortable with all aspects of your desired outcome, and you will be less likely to lose momentum in your mirror practice.

With the mirror method, your goal statement should constitute the essence of the thing you want to manifest. The goal statement is not a specific thing, i.e. a million dollars are essentially representing the feeling of complete freedom, and a lean physique essentially represents feeling joyful energy, confidence, and self-love. Also, when setting your goal for your mirror work, choose only one desired outcome at a time and keep this goal statement short and concise. Now
let’s go through the method step-by-step.

Step 1 – Open the Portal
Stand in front of a mirror so you see yourself from the waist up. Stand with good posture, take some deep breaths and make eye contact. Try and look deeply into your eyes. We have all heard that the eyes are the windows to the Soul. By staring deeply into your eyes, you open a portal to your higher Self … your true Being. Now, as an opening statement, acknowledge that you are seeing God’s reflection, and are witnessing divine truth, by stating absolute truths about God:
‘I love you’,
‘I am powerful’,
‘I am deserving of everything I want’, and
‘Everything is unfolding perfectly for me’.
Remember that the reflection in the mirror is God, and what God says is true. Doing this also help build a momentum of good feelings.
State the essence of your specific goal, i.e.:
I, [your name], Am completely free
I, [your name], Am financially secure
I, [your name], Am perfectly blessed

Step 2 – Clearing Blocks and Limiting Beliefs
In this step we ask what is holding us back. The answer is somewhere in our belief systems. Ask yourself why your goal has not manifested yet. As you come up with things that you think are holding you back, visualize them dissolving. Another way is to ask the mirror what you are afraid of, then follow the answer with a ‘what if’ statement, i.e. ‘nobody will ever publish my book‘… becomes … ‘what if my book is an immediate international success!’ It is important to let these beliefs and fears go, in order to clean your energy signature. We all have lots of beliefs that are literally pushing our desires away from us. You may end Step 2 by saying you are sorry for the energies that are blocking you from the life you want; and then let them go …

Step 3 – Decree Your New Reality
From the perspective of your higher Self, decree your new reality in the present tense as if it has already happened. Say for example: ‘I am free of all blocks and limiting beliefs. I am [your desired manifestation]. In Christian mysticism, having and being is the same thing, so you always speak in the present tense as if you are what you want. It is also important to infuse your decrees with the activating agent of positive emotions. By formulating your goal as an ‘I Am’ statement, you are affirming that there is no separation between where you are and where you
want to be. Also, keep in mind that, by seeing and hearing the image in the mirror speak, you are witnessing the truth of creation.

Step 4 – Close the Portal
End your session by saying: ‘I am now open to receive [the actual manifestation] or more. Who knows, maybe you are still thinking too small. Allow the Universe to express itself in Its fullness. Also ask for divine protection in all areas of your being. Lastly, conclude by saying: ‘I close the portal with divine love, light, and gratitude’.

The Advance Mirror Method is a fresh spin on an ancient practice that incorporates fundamental principles of Law-of-Attraction. With proper understanding and persistent practice, it constitutes a powerful method that will help you manifest what you truly want, and in a form that will most likely exceed your expectations.

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