Hello - Karin here! This is a special blog post as I am traveling in Sedona, Arizona, and I think this is the perfect place to talk about the vortexes, and how you can use the vortexes to manifest your dream life!

Being here in Sedona Arizona is like a dream. I'd love for you to see the beautiful mountains here!  I'm sitting on the balcony of my hotel room and it's pretty cold right now, to be honest. The air is so refreshing though, and yesterday I visited a couple of the energy vortexes here in Sedona! If you don't know much about Sedona Arizona, this is supposed to be one of the most spiritual places in the world. Supposedly there are some energy vortexes here. They are a huge attraction in this area, and are really good for meditating and connecting to the divine.

People from all over the country - even all over the world - come here to meditate in order to connect to the divine. When I first got here I immediately felt a connection to the land - the most important message I got from my spirit guides since getting here is that you need to start treating mother earth as a living and breathing energy entity, not just some lifeless rock hurtling through space. When you're in Sedona you definitely feel it. You feel the energy - you feel connection to everything here. There's a palpable feeling to the trees here, to the mountains, and obviously to the people.

I first heard about this word "vortex," from Abraham Hicks' talks. Abraham always say, "Get in the vortex and manifest your dream life, if you can just get in the vortex then everything will be taken care of." I always wondered exactly what is this "vortex," so when I came to Arizona, where energy vortexes are known, I felt the energy of them. Now I know what it feels like to be in vortex.

Yesterday, we went to one of the vortexes and I did a meditation there. It was pretty cold, especially for someone like me who normally lives in a warm climate. It was probably about 30 degrees Fahrenheit. I was shivering and my hands were freezing. As soon as I started meditating though, I started to feel warmth in my palms. I started to feel the Reiki energy just coming out of me very strongly! I then knew I was in this vortex. It's the most amazing feeling you can have!

Now, you may be asking, "Well, Karin that's nice but what does that have to do with me? It's great that you're in the vortex but I can't go to Sedona so how can I be in the vortex?"

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Here's the message my guides have for you:

My guides are saying that you really don't have to travel to some special place to be in vortex. My guides are saying that in actuality the vortex is the entire Earth, and a place like Sedona is just a landmark. It is a monument to our Mother Earth. If you can start to focus on feeling the Earth when you're walking outside, or when you touch the ground and allow your feet to really feel the connection to the ground, that's how you connect to the electromagnetic field of the Earth - and that field is the vortex.

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Now you might be asking, "What does that have to do with manifesting?" Once you're able to recognize that feeling of being connected to this Earth, I'd like for you to close your eyes and truly feel that connection deeply. That connection is the ticket to get from where you are to where you want to be. You cannot not feel joy when you're connected. You must feel the joy! There is no option other than love, joy, and gratitude when you become one with Mother Earth. You should meditate on this feeling, or you can simply affirm, "I am one with all that is."

Reflect on this:  You are one with your dream life. You are one with your dream job. You are one with the money you want to manifest. You are one with that dream home, that dream partner, that dream relationship! If you can tap into that oneness, that oneness comes to you. That oneness is really just an extension of your energy field. When you truly feel that connection you realize that there is really no separation between you and the entire universe. You are part of it but at the same time you are also a collection of the entirety of the Universe. You are simultaneously also embracing the entire Universe!

With this in your meditation - see yourself expand beyond the ego. See yourself expand into the vortex of the whole universe, and then you're one with all your dreams. This is actually scientific - my tour guide told me that these mountains in Sedona contain iron. Iron creates a stronger magnetic field around here and when the magnetism moves things start like twirling like a spiral. Imagine when you see a tornado, for example. The wind swirling and the energy swirling is very similar. That is how the energy spins. It spins from our connection to Mother Earth, and all the way through our chakras. It connects us to the earth. You really need to start tapping into your inner electro-magnetic field. Just feel it.

Tell the universe that you would like to feel it and you will start noticing how magnetic you are. You are truly like a magnet attracting everything you're experiencing toward you. This is really the source of Law of Attraction. Essentially, if you're not a magnet, how can Law of Attraction work in your life, right? Law of Attraction is all about being a magnet.

Now here's a question:  Most of us attract unconsciously. Imagine that if you are a magnet, if you could feel your magnetic field, what would you like to attract consciously? Ask yourself, "What would I like to attract into my life experience?"

That's really the beginning of manifesting consciously. Once you have that list of what you want to attract identified, release it to Mother Earth. Tell her that you are ready, and to please just deliver it. You can even have a little ritual. For example you can burn your list (if you wrote it down), or you can put it in a balloon and let it go. Know that the universe had received your request and just relax and let go. Just enjoy your life! Take a break, watch what's going to happen in your life. You'll be surprised! It all starts with being in the vortex.

You can be in that vortex, if you want. Just look within, take a deep breath, and feel it! I bet if you really try to feel it, you will! :-)

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