99% People Unknowingly Block Their Own Manifestations By Doing THIS! Stop It Now!

Do you know that 99% of people are unknowingly blocking their own manifestation in this particular way?

Today, we'll find out how they're doing it, and how you can stop doing it!

A few days ago, I got reconnected to one of my old friends on Facebook, and we were chatting a little bit on Messenger. During our chat she told me that she tried this law of attraction thing for a few months and she found that the law of attraction, "doesn't work for her." So she gave up.

This is not an uncommon story in our law of attraction community. People come and go, right? A lot of people come in, feel excited trying a few techniques they read about, and then when it doesn't work for them they decide to leave.

New people come in and almost 99% of them go after a while.

But then I also notice that a small percentage of people stay in the law of attraction community and when they do, they manifest amazing things in their lives.

I've always been curious about why some people come and go, and some people really, really change their lives - with the same simple knowledge!

Well, I got my answer after doing this for years. Today, I want to boil this down to a very specific reason, so that you can understand what this whole law of attraction thing is really about - on a deeper level. 

A lot of people think that law of attraction is something you can easily grab and manipulate to get what you want. They may also think it's something that other people don't know about - like a secret, or a magic trick. Once you tap into that secret, you can just sync with it, and think everything into reality.

Well, this is not 100% correct. This is half true and half false. Why do I say that?

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Well, superficially, YES. You're bringing your thoughts into reality - that is true. However, don't forget that it's not you, really. It is you in cooperation with divine intelligence. It is you co-creating with the bigger you that is making your dream life come true.

It has to be about connecting to the bigger you. It's about you opening your consciousness to your higher self, or to the entire universe. You can also call it God, or Allah, or Buddha-nature - whatever you want to call it. 

If you're just working from your thinking ego, from your egoistic mind, or from your limited conscious mind, oftentimes, your thoughts do NOT manifest into reality.

Now, did you know that all of us have an energetic opening above our heads?

When you're in your meditation, you can actually feel it! In some Eastern traditions, they call it the Crown Chakra. It's basically a few inches above your head.

That is the vault that you can open to divine consciousness. In order to manifest your dream into reality, you need to become aware of this area (your crown chakra) and you need to open it up to receive energy from the bigger you. Everybody who has manifested their dream life at one point or another has opened their crown chakra. 

Also, remember that it's not like once you open it, that's it, you're "done." The more you practice these techniques, the more creative control you're going to have in communicating with the divine in order to receive divine inspiration, and to receive energy.

Sometimes, yes, you can just play with your ego. That is okay too. But once you become aware of this potential connection you have to the divine, to the bigger you, to your higher self, you'll want more of that. You will FEEL the difference. 

"So how come some people manifest, and others don't?"

The answer is simple:  When you block or close the crown chakra nothing can come in. You'll be trapped in the lower consciousness, and this consciousness can think a million thoughts. None of those thoughts however, will be manifested - or they may be manifested temporarily. However, usually they will not last. It can also lead to manifesting something that is not really for your ultimate Good. 

So it's really important to understand that you are not manifesting by yourself. You're just facilitating this divine manifestation process where you are connecting to the divine.

99% of people who discover Law of Attraction think they just need to think some magical thoughts and then poof, everything they want will become reality. When they don't see that happen, they get very disappointed. The chatterbox in their minds then go off and tell them they are stupid, or that they are no good.

"How exactly can you escape this tendency, or self-fulfilling prophecy of failure?" 

There is a very simple way:  When you start noticing the program is running, you have to shut it down.

"How will you know this program is running?'' It's quite simple as well - you must be on the lookout for the most common first thought within that program or pattern: "Am I there yet?"

Think about it:  When you start meditating - when you start generating positive energy in your life - and it feels like you're lighting a fire within, then the thought, "am I there yet?" can appear. This is the "checking thought." It can come in and ask you, "Well, did you light up a huge barn fire yet?" Remember that at first, you may only have a few sparks of fire, and you have to continue to give those sparks energy. You have to fan it and make it grow bigger!

The thought, "Am I there yet?"  can interrupt this. It can elicit the automatic response of your mind saying, "No, I'm not there yet." Now you've just poured water on your sparks and your fire is never going to start.

So if you're starting some kind of technique and you're thinking, "Oh, I'm on day 3. I need to do this for 21 days," keep in mind that I give you these time guidelines just to help you navigate this physical play, and help you to get committed to the process.

However, I don't want you to think that, "Oh, okay, I'm going to manifest a million dollars by the end of the 21 days and I'm on day five now. So I should be manifesting $10,000." 

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Divine manifestation doesn't work like that. Your manifestation is either there or not there, you really have to be able to keep practicing without seeing any physical evidence until one day, the physical evidence will suddenly show up. That one day, when it shows up, that's divine timing, and there is no way for you to mess with that - especially from within your egoistic mind.  Once you're connected to the divine, you will be given divine inspiration. You will know how close you are to your physical manifestation. However, the key is to go through the process without this checking mind.

So you really have to stop doing this, "Am I there yet?" type thinking. It can also appear like, "How far along am I?" You know 99%, or 99.9999999%, of the journey is the journey without any physical evidence. That is the hardest part for most. That's why it's so important for you to completely let go of asking yourself, "Am I there yet?"

All you need to do is to keep that vision - know where you're going, and keep communicating with the divine stong. You'll receive inspiration - take the inspired actions without being too concerned about when you're going to get there.

"Are you there yet? How far are you from where you want to be?" You instantly know that you're actually moving away from your manifestation when you ask, or engage in that "checking mind." 

A few months ago, one of my clients in the choosing abundance program told me, "Karin I've been working this program for 3 weeks." She was wanting to manifest more business revenue, more clients, and more abundance into her business. She did it for 3 weeks and she hadn't see anything yet. She asked me if the program was a good fit for her and I told her exactly this: "You know, 99% of your journey has to be a journey without physical evidence. Are you okay with that?" Now I ask you the same question: "Are you okay with that?"

The answer she received was that she was not going to be okay if she was connected solely to her ego. She was however going to be okay if she was connected to the divine. If she has faith. That realization - when she had it - just blew her mind. She received that divine inspiration after one of her daily subliminal practices (in the program we have Subliminals, and daily affirmations and daily meditations practices).

So after she did like 3 out of the 4 things she was inspired to do, she came back and said, "you know what, Karin, I feel that now I'm ready to keep moving without seeing any physical evidence." A couple of months later, she sent me this long email telling me how her business just boomed.

So after she completed the program she kept doing it and suddenly her business started to boom. She got some very important clients, and she ended up quitting her 9 to 5 job. She was able to work on her business a hundred percent of the time.

So think about it, when she first reached out to me, she said, "Karen, I've been doing this for 3 weeks and nothing is happening." At that point, if she had given up and gone back to her old life, she would not have been able to manifest anything, right?

So 99% of the people will start checking whether or not they're there. They will give up when they don't see any physical evidence. Only 1% of the people will prevail. That 1% of people will start to get satisfaction from their vision, from their connection to the divine, and from their inner joy. That is how they become aligned with the magical manifestation power of the universe. So make sure that you are one of the 1%, not the 99%!

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