99% people are wrong about the law of Attraction. Here‘s why!

Do you know that 99% of people are wrong about the law of attraction?  Today we'll discuss why, and how to fix it!

Most people approach law of attraction as if they could just think of something they want, do a lot of visualizations, and then watch as the scene magically pops up in their reality. That's what most people believe in the law of attraction community.

There are also a lot of people who are not in the law of attraction community who believe that this is all "make-believe." They believe that if you want something, you must take a lot of action, suffer and sweat, and then maybe you'll be lucky and get it.

These two approaches are opposites of one another, aren't they? I challenge you with this question though:  Let's say you want to become a great pianist, and you only visualize yourself being the pianist, and you never touch a piano - How can you manifest being a great pianist without touching the piano? 

If the movie The Secret is completely right, and if you want to become a basketball player, just visualize it. Then tomorrow, you'll be drafted into the NBA. But the reality is, it's not like that.

So I have been asking my guides about this. I asked, "where does the suffering of taking major action taking come in?" If you want to be a brilliant pianist, you have to shed blood, sweat, and tears at the piano, right?

I got a interesting answer from my guides which I never read in any books. I've never heard anybody talk about this.

The answer is simply energy generated by your inspired action or your connected action yields the BEST results.

What does this mean? In everything you're working towards manifesting, each action you take is not really that important - what IS important is the energy you put into doing it.

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Let's put this another way. When you are playing the piano, let's say you really hate playing the piano and somebody forced you to practice. A lot of kids complain about this, right? The parents all want them to master the piano but they hate it. So when they're practicing, the energy they generate around the piano is rather negative. This kind of energy is not a manifesting energy. That's why so many people push themselves to do things, and they don't see results.

The key internal thought behind forcing is, "Oh, I have to do this, if I don't do this, then I would look really bad." Or it can be, "If I don't achieve this, I'm going to be miserable, a loser." This type of internal forcing forms a kind of pushy, controlling energy. In that type of energy, under that kind of push, no matter what you do, you will struggle. You could even be talking about spirituality under that kind of energy and cause resistance. I know how this feels because sometimes I pressure myself to make these videos!

When you're doing that, the energy you generate is simply not a manifesting type of energy. Imagine if - in all of your actions - you generate that kind of energy. No wonder why you can't manifest what you want through taking lots of action!

If you completely stop all action however, that won't work either. Let's return to our piano practice. Let's say you want to be a pianist, but you've never touched the piano - you cannot manifest your dream of being a great pianist this way either.

Part of the magic of the universe is your own magic. This means that you cannot expect God (or some other Godly beings), or "universal energy," to replace your own magic. Your magic is like the tip of an iceberg, and the rest iceberg is the divine magic. You don't want to always rely on only the tip of the iceberg in order to manifest. That's what people do when they try to reach their goals only through taking action.

Yes, you must use the tip of the iceberg -  your own action. But you must also have the power of the entire iceberg infusing each action. That's what inspired action is all about. That's the power of discovering the entire iceberg available to you now. 

I believe that when you bring yourself to practice, and start moving towards your desired reality, you hold a feeling that affirms, "I want to be there and that would be fun." When you take action from that kind of feeling place, your action is powerful and you really don't need a lot of it. You don't need a lot of effort. You don't need a lot of suffering. But you still need to bring yourself to move forward - to move towards that action.

Most people don't manifest what they want because they either work too hard, and generate too much unnecessary negative energy, or they don't work at all, and expect the energy to be generated with little of their own inspired action. It just doesn't work that way.

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The second thing that most people don't get is this:  It's not up to you to determine whether your manifestation is successful or unsuccessful. How is this so? You may say, "Well Karen, if I wanted to manifest a dream job and I got it - that's successful manifesting; if however, I don't get it, that's a failure."

Here's the error in that type of approach: Your ego doesn't always know what's right, what's wrong, or what's good, what's bad. Even some of the smartest minds, and even in organizations or countries, aims or goals are often reached, but it ends up leading to disasters. That's why there's diversity in nature. 

I think in our world, a lot of the things we want to manifest are not really good for us or they are simply not what we think they are. You may think being a lion is the best animal in the wild to be, but maybe it's not. I'm not trying to judge your desires. I'm saying that a lot of times we don't really know our deepest truths, and therefore our souls' desires. I do know one thing: The universe is a benevolent place. The universe is always here to help you, and the universe will always give you what is best for you. You will receive more and more of that goodness. Therefore the more open you become, the more you become one with your divine nature. This is also a moving away from ego. 

The only way for us to stop suffering is to truly understand the process. The process of how the universe works is to truly understand that you are loved. You must truly understand that no matter what happens, you're still protected.

Think about it. Maybe something happening right now is really bad for you. Most people right now in the world are suffering from being in quarantine, right? Maybe our environment is getting better though - the air is becoming clearer, and overall fewer people are dying from other causes too!

Maybe this is just a wake-up call too from the universe to tell us to return to meditate more, to eat healthier, to learn to be more at peace and to cherish more of people around us. Maybe this is not all that bad. So perhaps things in your life that you consider as bad are not all bad too. Those things could still be some benevolence from the universe.

How about that? If that is the case, then why the pressure to manifest? What's the pressure to make that money? Get a sexy partner? Make yourself look better?

Do you know what the truth is?

There is no pressure. You can put the pressure down and just be grateful. You'll find a new kind of motivation that will push you to move forward. This new motivation is the divine magic of the universe. When you are one with this divine magic, guess what? You naturally want to make progress - to take action. You naturally want to become the best you can. You'll naturally make the most money you can make, and you'll naturally attract people who are amazing into your life. You'll naturally radiate inner beauty.

I just created a full subliminal course to help you to move from where you are to really becoming one with this divine magic. I call it the Manifest While you Sleep course because there is no effort needed during the day. All you need to do is listen to subliminals while you sleep. It's that easy....and super effective.


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