97% Of Manifestation "Failures" Are Due To These 2 Mistakes!

There are two very common manifestation mistakes I see people make all the time. These mistakes are responsible for 97 of manifestation “failures” in my experience. Let’s talk about what these mistakes are and how you can immediately stop making them!


Now ask yourself in all honesty, “do you think manifestation is magical thinking?” Do you think that there's some magic involved with this process?


Mistake #1 


Let me tell you this: If you think that manifesting is some kind of magic, this thought itself is the biggest mistake.


Even though I sometimes use these words like “divine magic”, I want you to realize what you already have it within you. In fact I don't think that it is magical thinking. Not at all!


Why do I say this? Whether you are manifesting deliberately or not, you are manifesting it already.  Your life itself is a miracle product of your manifestation. If you call this miracle magic, so it is. However, it's nothing special. It’s not like a superpower that only a few lucky people have.


We are all manifesting. Whether we agree with our manifestations or not. Now I want you to abandon the idea of “I have to do something special or magical to be able to manifest what I want”, as if it's some kind of magic spell you have to cast.


Here's the problem: when you think that your current life is no good and there's no magic to it, and you expect some kind of magic to suddenly come out of your life, you can never get it.   


What if you see your entire life as a miracle? Then everything becomes magic!


In my opinion everything I can see, touch, experience and think of is magical. So, if you call that magical, yes it is. However, if you think that manifesting your dream life means you have to do something woo-woo…I’m sorry, it's not like that!


The secret to the real magic 


There is nothing more normal than being a creator of your life, because you already are. That's the problem most people don't get!


You come from such a low place not believing you're the creator of your life, and then you try to get something special or magical to fix it, it's just not gonna happen.


You really have to return to the belief that you already have everything you need. Everything you are experiencing right now is a manifestation result of your infinite past. It may not be manifested from your immediate past,   because we do manifest over lifetimes. I wouldn't say that everything you experience is because of what you said or did yesterday or last year, however,  everything is a result of your own manifestation. This “magical” process has been going on, is going on, and it will continue to go on in the future. This process is the only thing in life that doesn't change! 


Everything, every manifestation in life changes. Every moment you're manifesting a brand new reality. There is nothing magical about it. It is the most normal thing.


Every day your heart pumps, your face changes, your hair grows longer and your nails grow longer. Who is manifesting that? If you call it magic, then this special divine magic is everywhere! 


Starting today I want you to use this affirmation: “Everything in my life is magical, and everything in my life is normal.”


By now I hope you understand that you have to take that manifestation process off the pedestal.  It's not something you should put in the shrine. The manifestation magic is with you all the time, when you're walking, when you're sleeping, when you're talking and so on…So, be aware of what you think, say and do. If you are aware of all these three things, and make all your thoughts, words and actions become aligned with your desires, you’re naturally manifesting what you want. What you want will come to you very quickly and easily. It's just a very normal practice and a normal process. 



Mistake #2 


The second mistake I see people make is that they are begging or bribing the universe or their higher self to manifest for them. If you think you have to beg the universe, or you have to do something in exchange for what you want, don't ever do that again! 

I don't blame you for thinking this way because this is how humanity has been approaching this divine wholeness in the entire history of human civilization.


The biggest problem of the human society is that we think that we are separate from god. So, we're constantly entering into a negotiation with god. We either beg god, or we try to give god something in exchange for what we need, as if it’s a trade. In the old time humans made sacrifices to the gods in exchange for what they wanted. This action alone is a total misconception.


God or the universe is simply your higher self. You are the universe. You are like a drop of water in the entire ocean, so there is no separation between your drop of water and the rest of the water in the ocean. You're like a drop of blood in this huge divine body. Let's say you need to get blood work, does the doctor drain all your blood to check your health? No! the doctor just gets a little bit of your blood to do the lab work, and with that little blood they can check on everything. Why can they do that? Because every drop of blood represents the condition of the entire body. 


There is no separation between you and your higher self. Whenever you try to enter some kind of negotiation, even if you are just thinking this thought in your subconscious mind, like “I have to write my affirmation three times or six times or nine times in order to get it.” Let me tell you, that way of thinking is some kind of self-sabotage. Temporarily this approach could make you get some things you want, but this is never the entire picture.


If you want to really really live in your dream life, if you want to be truly happy and fulfilled, you really have to realize that you ARE the universe. You simply are the universe and you're not entering into any negotiation with a separate entity. You're not bribing the universe to give you something.  The god or the universe is not something outside of you. It's not the sky or the stars. The universe is  everything around you and everything within you. The universe is you, and you are the universe.


Today I want you to affirm "I am this universe and this universe is me”. Only when you're at that level of intimacy with who you truly are, you are truly manifesting your divine nature. Otherwise you don't truly love yourself and you don't truly know how powerful you are. 


Imagine there is a very beautiful person you are in love with. Can you bribe them for their love for you? You can’t. You need to love them for who they are and genuinely want to spend time with them.




I share many manifestation methods here on this blog. All of them share the same purpose, which is educating you on how to realize who you really are. In fact, specific details of those methods don't matter. What matters is the person using the techniques. Do you really realize who you really are? From the perspective of your higher self, how you affirm your desires and how many times you repeat them are not important. The important things is that it's no longer some desperate desire, but but rather, it's a declaration of who you really are. That's the only way to manifest powerfully. That’s the only way to be truly fulfilled and happy.


Happiness in life is all about having the right relationship with your inner being/ the universe.

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