The Magic of 9 Flying Stars in Chinese Astrology (Metal Ox 2021)

Today, let's talk about how to use the ancient Chinese 9 flying star system to manifest a fabulous 2021 Metal Ox year for yourself!

Lately I've been talking a lot about Chinese astrology. This is because a lot of you are vastly interested in it, and I'm also fascinated with the accuracy and the insight of this study! So in Chinese astrology, there are actually many different schools - and different schools focusing on different things. There are many differences between Chinese astrology and Western astrology because Western astrology is more focused on what's going on out there in the sky. Chinese astrology is focuses not only on what's happening "out there," but also what's happening around you.

Chinese astrology is always about space and time, not just time. Also, in Chinese astrology, if something is not really favorable, if you don't like the energy the time is bringing to you, you can remedy it with the "space" factor. That's why within Chinese astrology, we have the study of Ba Zi, which is your birth chart - that focuses on the time factor. We also have the Feng Shui school, which focuses on the study of space. So this 9 flying star system is more focused on space. But it also overlaps with the time continuum. I know this may sound a little complicated, but I promise you by the end of this blog, you will know how to use this system to manifest your life this year.

What is the 9 flying star system in this particular school of study?

We believe there are 9 different stars that rule 9 different directions in your space. Every year, the ruler of the direction shifts based on the shifts of energy within the year. This makes every year a completely different energy blueprint. To put it in simpler terms, let's say there are nine people, each one holding a ticket regarding your life in the upcoming year.  They are all in a movie theater with just 9 seats. So each person would get a seat, but on their ticket it doesn't say where they should sit. So every year they sit in a different seat. Basically every year you get the 9 stars sitting in different locations - different space, different directions. This means your energy blueprint, or your energy pattern around your home, is going to change. They don't just change randomly though. There are some very ancient and mysterious rules about where each of the stars can sit.

That's why the astrologers have to calculate every year where each of these "persons" sit. They also imagine that each person who's holding a ticket to your life can either be a helpful energy or a harmful energy. In the 9 flying star system, the energy could be either very auspicious - very helpful - or a little helpful / mediocre, or it could be a little harmful, or quite harmful, or very, very harmful.

So in Chinese astrology, even though they use the word harmful and auspicious, keep in mind there is no "good" and "bad." All energies have to work together to make a fabulous year for you. That's why it's impossible to get rid of the so-called "harmful" energy because it is one of the 9 people sitting in the theater - you must allow them in.

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In Chinese astrology - using this 9 flying star system - the purpose is not to get rid of that star. You simply can't. BUT, you can employ certain remedies to balance things out. There are ways you can remedy energy, or neutralize energy. This way you can basically avoid the harm that these not so lucky stars bring to your life. There are also ways for you to enhance the effect of the positive stars! This way, if they bring positive energy, you can amplify and enhance it! That's what we're going to do today.

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First of all, Here is a map of this year's 9 stars system. I know this may sound a little confusing. Don't worry however - on this map there are 9 different grids. On each grid there is a number which corresponds to the nine stars. There is star #1, #2, #3 - all the way to #9.

In 2021, Star #5 rules the direction Southeast. Star #1 rules South. #3 rules Southwest. #4 rules East. #6 rules center. #8 rules West. #9 rules Northeast. #2 rules North. #7 rules Northwest.

That is where each of these 9 "people" are sitting when we entered the metal ox year, which started (in Chinese Astrology) on February 3rd, 2021. They are going to in this pattern all the way until February 2022.

So what does this represent?

This represents different spaces in your home. I suggest that you take out a blueprint of your home (you can draw it yourself) and overlay these 9 grids on top of your house "blueprint." This way you can kind of see which room is located in which direction. Actually to make this even simpler:  You can lay this grid over your living room because your living room is always the most important part of the Feng Shui energies in your home.

So to keep this simple, let's just put this over your living room. Let's draw invisible lines and find out which corner is in what direction. Now you should have 9 parts of your home. Don't worry:  You may say, "Well my house is not exactly square." That's okay. You can still roughly draw the lines.

The key is to understand the energy that comes in from different corners of your living room. Does that make sense?

First, let's look at the not so positive energies, or to use traditional terms, harmful energies. I don't want you to be scared of these energies though, because we will have a way to remedy each. I want you to avoid agitating these negative energies.

The key is to leave them alone and allow them to be where they are. That's all we need to do, and you'll be fine. In this next map, I'm going to show you the three directions of your home that may potentially attract a negative energy into your life this year. You'll want to watch out, and also apply the remedies soon to be discussed.

3 Directions that may potentially attract negative energy and the Remedies

1. The Southeast, which is ruled by a star #5. The Southeast corner of your living room or house may be a pipeline of negative energy in 2021. Given where these stars are located you may not want to do any home improvements, or major construction to that area. The substance of this star #5 is Earth. So this year, if you have any earth element in your chart - if you are born in the year or the month or the day of the sheep or the ox - you could be impacted by it.

Even more harmful energy from the Southeast can be neutralized by the energy of metal, because metal in Chinese astrology is the child of earth. So by giving life to metal, Earth element is dissolved. So the way we do these remedies is a little different from the way we do remedies in your birth chart. For the sake of the 9 flying star system, in the Southeast corner of your home, you want to place metal-quality things. This could be bows, wind chimes, or anything that makes a loud sound. This is because that will overcome the "harmful" energy Earth in this corner in 2021. The Southeast direction is probably the worst direction of all this year. Also, when looking for opportunities, you may want to avoid the Southeast. This not only affects the room around you - this also affects all directions in your life.

So use yourself as a center and draw these lines going different directions. Then you can use this system to try to understand what kind of energy is coming from each. Hopefully that makes sense to you.

2. The North, which is ruled by star #2 Rules sickness this year. It could also bring unhappiness, or disharmony - so be aware of that direction too. In the North side of your home, try not to do any construction, and leave it alone. This area is also thankfully ruled by Earth. You can use similar remedies as the ones you use for Southwest. You can put metal quality decorations in this corner of your home. As stated before, a wind chime, or a bell. Those Tibetan singing bowls are really powerful! They have a lot of powerful energy and they are something you may want to consider getting in that space.

3. The Northwest, which is ruled by star #7 rules loss of money and financial resources. If you're trying to manifest more money, or if you want to grow your career or your business, you need to be aware of this direction. When you are looking for financial opportunities remember this direction is also not the most positive on the map.

The Southeast and North directions are the two most "harmful" energies. The Northwest direction ruled by star #7 is not as negative as the other two, but you also need to pay attention to it. This quarter is ruled by the metal energy, and we want to neutralize it with the water element. This is because metal gives life to water. When metal gives life to water, metal dissolves. You can put a fountain there, or even a fish tank.

Remember however, that when you have a fish tank, you must have fish in it! The water has to be flowing. In Feng Shui its very important not to put dead water anywhere. So if you decide to use water to balance this energy, make sure that it is flowing water. A fountain or a fish tank with fish will be very powerful. If you don't have fish, maybe put some grass in it, and a water pump so that the water is flowing. Make sure you also change the water often. Water that is flowing and moving is a very powerful way to bring in financial abundance in Chinese astrology and Feng Shui. This is definitely a perfect remedy for this money loss energy.

4.The direction Southwest is ruled by star #3. This direction rules conflict. This is not as harmful as the first two. So in this corner, we just want to avoid conflict. How do you avoid conflict? Most importantly, in that corner of your home, try not to put very loud things. Don't put your TV there. Don't put your music system there either. Try to stay quiet when you're there. That would be a perfect corner to actually put some meditation cushions and sit in meditation. You may say, "Well, isn't that a negative energy source?" Well yes, but meditation is the best way to neutralize that negative energy. So don't be afraid of meditating there.

Don't be afraid of these energies period, because they will not harm you. If you don't agitate them. When you sit in meditation, you're really bringing harmony into your home. That is the perfect remedy for disharmony and conflict. If you are going through a lawsuit or a dispute with someone for example, make sure that you clean up that corner of your living room. Make sure you don't have any clutter there.

Make sure you take out everything that's related to metal there because metal rules conflict. You'll want to keep everything very neat, clean, and empty there. You could also put some pictures of happy people there. If you're going through a divorce, separation, or breakup, make sure that you don't put any of your pictures with your partner there. That way you don't agitate the conflict energy. Basically, that is the area you want to leave alone and try to keep empty.

Now, you know the 9 flying star system better than most people out there! So this week I want you to just look around in your home and try to make these changes. This will shift the energy in your home, especially in these corners - the ones mentioned which are not very positive. You want to clean them up.

Make sure there is no clutter in those corners of your home. In the next section, I'll show you how to use the 9 stars to enhance and amplify the positive energies! 

Amplify Positive Energies

So now we've talked about the not so positive, or negative, energies that could come into your life through different directions of space. Make sure you have a good understanding of what we have covered already and make sure to follow the instructions laid out. It's very important! If you don't do that 1st step, everything I say going forward is not going to work.

Regarding the "not so positive areas" we've discussed, my guides were just telling me that these not so auspicious aspects are actually helpers. They're divine helpers to help you reflect on these areas of life. That's something I've never heard anyone say.

For example, this year, as I mentioned before, the direction North rules sickness. My guides are telling me that they don't necessarily bring in the energy of sickness. The purpose is for you to reflect on how you have been taking care of your health. It's actually perfect for you to go into those directions and reflect on those particular areas of life. Again, make sure you understand those directions.

Now we're going to go into all of the lucky stars in your life this coming year!

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Do we have a lot more lucky stars than unlucky stars? I want you to really embrace these positive aspects and really amplify, celebrate, and work with these divine energies to manifest your dream life.

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According to the 9 flying star system, the direction West is the most auspicious direction of this whole year - 2021. So take a look at your home. Where is the most western corner in your home? I want you to draw one, two, three, four invisible lines that divide your house evenly into nine squares, like before. This map will help you understand where that corner is.

This year the West direction brings primary money. By primary money, I mean money that the universe has for you as a reward of all your past actions. This is almost like reward money from the universe. For simplicity, we can call it rewards. If money is not your primary goal right now, this direction will bring the reward of work you've put in in the past. If you have not put in the work, you're not going to get the reward.

How can we enhance this area? Since this is the area for your primary money, I want you to put money anchors here. I talk about money anchors all the time in my previous blogs. Basically, these are physical objects that you can use to remind you of financial abundance! It could also be abundance of anything that you are dreaming of having. If you want to manifest an abundance of money, you can put some actual paper money here. You can also put symbolic (or play) money there. I remember years ago, I used to download these fake million dollar bills from the internet. I'd put it in the corner of my primary money space. It will help you attract more money. Make sure that you make this area very clean.

If you don't know anything about Feng Shui, or the 9 flying star system, or if it all sounds too complicated, just remember one thing - don't keep any clutter in your home. Clean out the clutter in this area and put all your symbolic money attracting signs in the West part of the home.

The next auspicious area for your home is the center of your home. You'll want to make sure you amplify the energy there too! This spot is where you get unexpected, or surprise, money! Who doesn't want that?! They call it secondary money. This simply means this is the area could rule energy of winning the lottery or getting an inheritance, for examples. This is money that you didn't work very hard for. This energy is not as strong as the primary money though. That's why I put the primary money in darker green, and all other areas lighter green. Still, both are energies to celebrate. If you want to get lucky with money, or if you want to get money that you didn't work for, you can enhance the center of your home. 

In my home, I just leave empty space there. Actually, I like that. I like to use empty space to allow these auspicious energies to grow and develop. If you want to enhance it, you can put a plant there. You can also put lottery tickets here - anything that reminds you of the full celebration of money that is unexpected.

The next auspicious area of your life is the direction East. In 2021, the direction East will bring you divine inspiration. By divine inspiration I mean a connection to the divine. This is a connection to ideas, and a connection to universal intelligence. If you are a student, and if you want to get good grades, or if you have a child who is a student, it can be good to move their room to that area, if possible. If not, it's always good to decorate this corner of your life. Decorate it with symbols of divine inspiration. One symbol used in Chinese astrology is bamboo, because bamboos are tall. They're connecting to the sky and they also grow very fast. So use bamboos to amplify this connection.

You can also use other plants, but make sure that you use plants that grow vertically instead of us spreading all over the place. We want to amplify your connection to the power above! So you'll want the plant to grow up.

The next direction is the South direction. South in 2021 will bring love energy for you. If you're someone who's looking for your soul mate, or you are trying to improve your relationship, this area becomes important. You'll want to put something in that corner that reminds you of a happy and healthy relationship. Not obsessive and toxic relationships! If you have a relationship that brings positive memories, put a picture of that relationship there. This corner is really more about romantic relationships, not so much about other kinds of relationships. So here I want to focus on romantic love.

For example, you can use pink crystals. Crystals is very good for attracting love. Using the color pink or red can also amplify the feeling of love and intimacy. If you're looking for love the direction South is auspicious for you. This means your potential partner, lover, or soulmate could come from South of you. (Just something to keep in the back of your mind 😉)

Lastly, the direction Northeast is also an auspicious direction. This is a direction for helpful people and helpful energies. In Chinese astrology, they always talk about helpful people. In my opinion though, that's because in ancient China, it was a very top-down kind of society. In order to move up, you needed some powerful people to assist you. In today's world though, I don't think it's just about helpful people. It's also about helpful energies and helpful opportunities. It may not be about people. It may be about an idea. In fact it could relate to getting an idea to make a certain video, or writing a certain blog, or deciding to join a certain association, deciding to go to a certain gathering - or aligning to any helpful opportunities that can open doors in your life. All those are ruled by this particular star - star number nine. Pay attention to this corner - the corner of Northeast. You want to amplify this energy if you feel stuck, or you feel like you need some external help to get things going. For example, if you are looking for investors, or you want to attract more clients, this space will help you attract anything from outside of you. How do you enhance this area? You can put pictures of helpful people here. You can also put images of people helping you, or you can put your vision board here. If you can put the right pictures on your vision board, this corner will bring in energy - not just related to money or love. It could be anything. It could be something you never even think of at the moment. So in my opinion, this is the most important lucky star on this map! Pay close attention to this. This is going to help you open the divine portal and invite all the helpful energies to be manifested in so many different ways - not just people, but also events, opportunities, platforms, gatherings, even animals - anything that can help you will enter your life through this direction.

Now I hope you have a deeper understanding of the 9 star system. Use it to manifest your fabulous 2021 Metal Ox Year!

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