55x5 Technique for LOA (Law of attraction) doesn’t Work! What to Do?

Author: Desiree S

55 x 5 doesn´t work for you? What now?

You´ve tried the 55 x 5 or any other techniques and it seems like LOA is failing for you? What to do now?

First of all, if a particular technique does not work for you, it does not mean that there is something wrong with you or the law of attraction does not work for you. Every technique is just a tool. You need to learn how to use these tools to get your desires. You need to sharpen up your skills.

Step 1. Have a look at your desire

While trying to manifest, were you in a feeling place, detached from all outcomes?  Or was your desire somethings like „ I want 1000 dollars“? Such particular wishes are limiting your mind. You need to be in a feeling place and focus on the desired feelings. In this example, focus on the feeling of abundance, focus on the feeling of freedom. Do not make the mistake of limiting your mind.

Allow the universe to work for you freely, it knows what is best for you!



Step 2. Resistance level

You were in a feeling place , detached from all outcomes but it still did not work for you?

Pay attention to your resistance, your subconscious blocks. What is holding you back?

Write down all the blocks, write down all the lies which you were told since you were a small child. Such as „Money is the root of all evil“, „Rich people are bad“, „ You need to be humble“. Write them all down and then focus on releasing them.

Try clearing techniques like EFT, meditate , listen to subliminals or mantras.

It is now the most important thing to work on releasing your blocks so you are able to get the desired results later on!

Step 3. Ask yourself – How open are you to allow the right timing?

Have you ever wanted something specific for example a job or a certain person and for some reason it did not work out and years later you are so glad it did not? Because you realize it was not the right thing for you at that time?

I think each one of us had such an experience at one point of their life.

We only see a tiny piece of reality, we do not know when it is the perfect time for us for a certain thing we want.

So how open are you to let the universe work for you freely?

Follow these steps to come into your manifestation power!

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