3X33 Manifestation Method solved $12,000 business crisis in 24 hours

What is 33X3 manifestation method

Today Let's talk all about the 3X33 method and how I used this manifesting method to solve a $12,000 business crisis in 24 hours.

Have you ever used the 33X3 method? If you have, let me know in the comments down below. How do you feel about this method? Do you have any success with this method? What is 33 X3? It's basically an abbreviated version of the 55X5 method or the 555 method. Basically you pick a specific affirmation and you write it 33 times a day for three days.

This doesn't take as much time as the 555 method, and it can be just as effective. We've been talking a lot about the power of the numbers 3, 6 an 9. And think about it: 3X33- You're writing something for 99 times.  9 plus 9 is 18, , 1 plus 8 is 9, so it comes to a 9 again. This is a very powerful number sequence because 9 is the number of completion. When you want to bring something to completion, this is a good method to use.

Why I needed 3X33 manifestation method

Actually I have not used this method until just a couple of weeks ago. In fact, I have been aware of this method for a long time. I just never felt divinely inspired to use it. Typically I would only use a particular manifesting method when I receive the divine guidance to do so.

Every manifesting method works, however, you have to use them at the right time. Now let's rewind the clock just a couple of weeks back.

You may or may not know that I have an Amazon FBA business. I sell some physical product brands on Amazon and I have suppliers all over the world. If you sell on Amazon, you know that Christmas is a really busy time. It takes a lot of planning to navigate through holiday season.

So anyway, even though I did my best with my inventory planning this holiday season, just a few days before Christmas, I realized that I didn't order enough inventory for two of my products that are made in Europe. 

In Europe, typically, when they are off work, they're completely disconnected. Nobody checks their work emails, or do anything work-related. We all know that Christmas is big over there. Placing an order right before their Christmas is not the wisest thing to do!

You can imagine how happy I was when they said they would rush the product for me just a few weeks before Christmas. However, when I was trying to send my payment, I had a big problem!

I use a currency broker to send payments to this supplier, and now the currency broker was having an extended holiday schedule!  It turned out that I wasn't able to pay my supplier! How could they start to the production without getting paid?

A few days after that I got an email from their office notifying me that they would be closed from Christmas day until January 8th. By my calculation, my 2 products that would completely sell out and I would be totally out of inventory for about 3 weeks! Guess what? Every week I lose about $4,000, so for three weeks, I'm going to be losing $12,000. 

Not only that, Amazon is very strict about inventory. When you are out for so long you also lose a lot of momentum for future sales. It was a tough situation!

How 33X3 manifestation method and this affirmation solved my $12,000 crisis

Often times when I read my comments and emails, I see many of you really flatter me. I often hear people tell me something like " You seem like someone who doesn't experience anything negative..." That's totally not true!

The difference between me today and me 20 years ago is this: 20 years ago if something negative happened to me, I would have the feeling of panic and I would let the panic overrun me. I would let that negativity control me. But today, I still feel panic- don't get me wrong -I do feel the negative emotions. However, when that emotion arises, I have enough awareness to say, look, now it's time for me to ask for guidance. It's just that simple.

So I sat down in meditation, I asked my guides, "what should I do? What should I affirm? Should I affirm that my $12,000 business problem will be solved? "

And all I'm getting from my spiritual guide is, "Do you trust that this is a benevolent universe?" First, I'm like, "what does that have to do with my $12,000 problem?" But I was willing to listen. I kept listening.

Eventually, I reached a point where I was completely at peace and become one with this question. When you are experiencing a crisis, when you just have no options, you've tried everything, the most powerful thing you can do is NOT affirming that you are going to get your $12,000 back, or that you are going to have this specific situation resolved, but rather, surrender to the divine and affirm "I trust this is a benevolent universe."

When you trust the universe is benevolent, When you trust that the universe is on your side, then you are getting yourself connected to the bigger magic. You're surrendering o something bigger than your ego, and you're surrendering to the belief that The universe is so much bigger than your problems.

Now I am willing to give this little problem to the universe and I'm willing to let go. That's the most powerful way to let go. And this affirmation really, really is the game-changer.

How to use 3X33 in everyday life

Even though I mentioned the 3X33, the method itself is just a vehicle. What you are doing with the vehicle is key. Now, what I'm trying to achieve is to get to the point where I can completely trust and let go. Remember, trusting the universe  is the best way to solve any crisis or get anything you want.

Your lower mind really doesn't know what you really want. You have to surrender to your divine self. When I started to use this affirmation in my 33X3 method, I was divinely inspired to practice this powerful manifestation method. 

I actually only did it for one day because the next day I had to go on a short trip. Within 24 hours I did 99 times: I did 33 in the morning and 33 at lunchtime and 33 at night. All I wrote was "I trust this is a benevolent universe" and I completely let go of my problem.

24 hours later, I went on the trip, just having fun and left my problem with the universe. When I came back from my trip,  I was sitting there thinking, what kind of video should I make?

Watch full video here:

I heard my guides telling me to make a video about the 33X3 method, and I'm like, "yeah, I did it, but I really haven't seen any result."

At that specific moment I received a notification. Guess what? The order that I placed that I still haven't paid for -remember my currency broker was on holiday break? They actually made the product and shipped it to me all within a week from Europe.  They didn't even tell me. They've made the product without receiving my payment! This is really unheard of!

Usually, I pay them and then make the product, and once they are done, they usually notify me by email when they ship it out.

I was waiting for my currency broker to let me make the payment. I was waiting for my supplier to reopen on January 8th, and I was waiting for them to take another two weeks to make my products. 

Guess what? I didn't have to wait. They somehow just made it! My inventory magically arrived.  I just graciously received my inventory. Now I know that I'm going to be okay. I no longer have this $12,000 crisis. Not only that, now I have the best idea for a perfect video.

The most important question

I want you to ponder this. You know the universe is full of miracles. 3X33 is just the beginning point! The question is, are you willing? Are you willing to believe that this is a benevolent universe? You have to really believe it deeply, completely from the core of your being.

if you're just doing this on the surface, pretending that you believe, it's not going to work. 


If you truly trust the universe, and you sincerely write it down 33 times a day for 3 days, or maybe you just do it for just one day, you know you will become one with the divine magic. With this magic, you are going to manifest anything you want. You're going to solve all the problems you have. You are going to live in miracles.

Let me know in the common down below that you are willing to trust that this is a benevolent universe!

>>> Bonus Section: 

33X3 manifestation method - You must trust the universe

While talking about 33X3 manifestation method, we can't forget this important question: When you are experiencing a crisis, you tried everything but you are out of options, what to affirm? The answer I received from my guides is to practice trusting the universe.

Here's a question from Suman related to the video:

" I too wanna let go completely but I still don't completely believe that universe is on my side coz its 12+ years and still my life is stranded and I am numb with pain and feels when god will stop testing me and no technique seems to work for me But I would definitely try this but only when I truly trust that God is on my side...let's see when that happens"

And another question from Demetrius:
"I have done everything from scripting to lighting special candles, and it seemed like none of the techniques that I have been using actually work for me. I didn't know what I was doing wrong but it was getting frustrating. I am so willing to do what it takes for the universe to understand that I trust in the universe so much. I don't want to spend the rest of my life trying to find ways to manifest hundreds of thousands of dollars. Instead, I trust the universe to help me get what I desire to feel financially confident and financially free for the rest of my life. I declare on this day that I trust in the universe!
Both of you have some frustrations. You are not alone. During the first 8 years of my law of attraction practice, I tried everything, and nothing worked. I can totally relate to this feeling. The truth is that most people would just kick the bucket at this point.
Dear Suman and Demetrius, I want to congratulate you because you are willing to persevere. 
First, you must understand that most people did not grow up trusting the universe. What we are programmed from childhood to feel is fear - the opposite of trust. You have been practicing the thought pattern of not trusting the universe for decades. It takes time and consistent practice to reprogram your subconscious mind. 
Second, when you are busy "doing" something - even if you are busy with an LOA technique- If you are too busy with the "doing" part, more than likely you are not heading the right direction. Yes, all the techniques here are giving you something to "do", but ultimately, they are just tools to guide you to somewhere to "be". 

"Being" trusting is a state of your energy. It's like "being" full after you eat a meal. Being full does not equal to the action of eating. Have you had the experience where you were so busy eating and you never stopped to feel full?
So when you are feeling frustrated, just take a break. Take the load off your shoulder. Remember, your lower mind is not in charge of manifesting your dream life. Vacate the driver seat and allow your divine support to come in. 
How do you do that? Spend more time in stillness and meditation. When you are frustrated, temporarily stop thinking about your goal (remember I said temporarily, not giving up) and just focus on being in the present moment. Be thankful for every little thing in life. In gratitude, you will find trust. In trust, your divine self (not your lower mind) will manifest everything.  

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  • Karno Bhattacharjee On

    I got committed to a man I love, he is everything to me. He is my daddy, my teacher, lover, guide in my life. But for almost last 7 months we got disconnected n no mails, no Skype n all. But I kept mailing him for a numerous times & he checked my mails I gotta know, through my email tracker, but he didn’t respond once in these months. He wrote he needed a lot of time to figure out some issues he was suffering from.
    That’s why I waited, waited n waited, but then I got frustrated enough to even sleep n eat or doing something & even mailing him.
    But a couple of months ago I felt something that I should let go, but not giving up n I was trying to trust the universe. I have done a lotsa manifestation technique, but got tired of its no results, only negativity.
    Then I thought, I may not have trusted the universe from my core. Then everything got changed n I was feeling happy to let the overthinking go n let surrender myself to the Universe. Now I’m much happier, but I’ve not given up n I won’t until I reach the love of my life. This morning I started trying 3×33 manifestation technique n I believe in the universe from the bottom of my heart, I know I’m going to reach my goal as soonest as possible.
    That’s it.
    Thank you

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