33X3 V 2.0 - Jumping Realities & Manifest with Power of Water!

Have you heard of the 33x3 manifestation method? It's a powerful but super easy technique. Today I'm divinely inspired to upgrade this technique and make it easier and more fun and more powerful. Today’s upgraded 33x3 technique will also leverage the power of the water as well as the concept of quantum jumping!


I've used the 33X3 technique to solve a $12,000 business problem. One of my clients used this technique to manifest 3 high paying clients and made thousands of dollars over night. Now let’s talk about how to do it! 


What is 33X3 manifestation method


If you don't know what 33X3 manifestation method is, here’s a quick explanation:  The traditional 33x3 technique is about writing a manifestation statement 33 times a day for three days. 


Your statement is the most important thing.  In order for your manifestation statement to work, you have to tap into the essence of what you want. What do I mean by this? You have to ask yourself, “how would I like to FEEL if I already had this manifested?” You have to tap into the feeling place of your manifestation, otherwise it just won't work.


 Manifestation statement that works


Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are trying to manifest three new high-ticket clients. Instead of saying "I want to manifest three clients each paying me a thousand dollars”, I suggest you write “Thank you for the joy, freedom and honor to help three high-paying clients who each pay me at least a thousand dollars.”


I hope you understand the difference! You have to go one step deeper than just the superficial desire. Most people only stay at the surface level, and that’s why they don't manifest their desires! It's very important to focus on how you would like to feel and offer gratitude.


Once you have this statement that's filled with positive feelings and gratitude, you can use the 33X3 method in the traditional way. By writing it. Some of my clients tell me that they just don't have time to do the writing.  Some people get interrupted and they end up having to restart this process over and over. In my meditation I found a solution for this.


Focusing on the feelings is the key



Listen to this: Why do I want you to write your manifestation statement? It’s because writing helps you focus on the feeling of your desires. If you can get to these feeling places of your desires, and if you can just focus your on these feelings, then it doesn't matter whether you write it or not! That’s why I prefer writing over reading or thinking about your desires. 


Oftentimes we're lost in our thoughts.when you're just thinking about your desires, in most cases you're not manifesting them, and you’re even sabotaging the manifestation because thinking often leads to doubt, fear, worry and second guessing.


We want to eliminate all of the above, that's why I suggest the writing. Alternatively, you can do something else other than writing, as long as you don’t get lost in your thoughts.


Today I want to tell you how to do this with the power of water.



Step by step process



Now let me show you how this works. Before we proceed, you need to have your manifestation statement first.


You need a few items for the technique. First, you need a jar with a lid on it.


You can also use a water bottle. You will be putting water into this jar to keep it clean. That's why you need a lid.


The next thing you need is a container and put some water in this container.


Thirdly you need an empty cup or an empty glass.


To enhance the power of this technique you can also light some candles while you're doing this.


Now let’s get in action!


First, hold your first container with water. Focus all your attention on this water container and say your manifestation statement 33 times.


It's very important that you say this statement exactly 33 times. You can add a count before or after your statement. This way you don't lose count. Sometimes I use my fingers to count. Each time I repeat my statement I slightly lift one of my fingers. Once I lift all 10 fingers I know I've completed a round, which is 10. And I do it three rounds and then I do three more times. This way I know that I did exactly 33 times.  You can do this in any way you want. Just make sure that you repeat your manifestation statement 33 times.


Now you have completed 33 times of your manifestation statement. The second step is pour some of this water (you don't have to pour all of it, because any molecule of the water already contains the essence of your desires) into the empty glass.


Remember how much you pour doesn't matter. When I'm pouring the water, mentally I say to myself “I'm jumping from my old reality into my new reality”. My old reality is already supercharged with the essence of my desire. So I'm ready to jump.


Before you jump realities, just make a quick not that you are shifting realities, not just pouring water. That's very important.


Now you could drink this water in the second glass. It's already very very powerful, and to make it even more powerful, this is what I suggest you do:  After jumping realities, I will pour all of this water into my jar. I'm going to keep this jar in a clean and cool place for the next three days so I can allow the energy of this water to amplify.


The next 2 days you just repeat the process. Get some new and fresh water into the same container, say your statement 33 times and pour the new water into  the empty glass as you jumping realities. Then pour the second day's water into this same jar. Remember you keep the water in the jar for three days. In other words, on day two you add day two's water and on day three you repeat this process and add the day three's water. 


After three days your jar should have a decent amount of water. Now you can drink all the water at once.  Before you drink your water you just visualize yourself already living in your new reality.




It's very very simple and it takes about two minutes to do this, and it's a lot of fun and very very very powerful! I hope so far this process makes sense to you. It’s very important to know why we're doing it this way. Please let me know in the comment down below that you are going to do it! Happy manifesting! If you want to have a little deeper understanding about how 33x3 works and how I manifested $12,000 using this method, go to this blog post. I will see you there!

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