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Many countries are going through a hard time right now due to the pandemic. I am sending out healing energy to everyone who is impacted in any way, either physically or financially. 

My guides are telling me that everything we are going through is a blessing in disguise. This darkness is necessary to help us return to something we've forgotten for a long time -- Divine presence. 

Over the past decades, people have been chasing things outside of themselves. Many people assume that abundance just means a lot of money. However, true abundance comes from abundant trust in the universe. Now you are given the perfect opportunity to attain it. 

Everything is just perfect. Once we start to realize the perfection in all of this, our collective experience will change and the sufferings will end.

Whether you've done it or not, I suggest that you return to our 24-hour miracle challenge. If you don't know what it is, keep reading! Below is a detailed explanation.

Are you ready to see a miracle in 24 hours? A lot of people are asking me how to manifest in 24 hours as if 24 hours is like a magic time frame, And my answer to these questions is always, "You don't have to wait 24 hours because every manifestation happens right now! There is only one time, one divine time and that is right now. Every time you come up with a desire, that desire is instantly manifested in the ultimate reality. The only reason you don't experience it or when you experience a delay is because your ego-mind has so many blocks. Your ego-mind doesn't truly understand what your soul is desiring."

While this is true, at the same time, everything has divine timing.

When you're playing a video game, every move of the game is already there. It is there right now. But as a player, you do have to go through different steps to achieve different missions, right? And it's exactly the same with life. Sometimes there is divine timing that is beyond your ego's comprehension. So you really need to understand these seemingly contradictory concepts in order to really dance with the divine. 

The idea here is not to force the universe to deliver something to you within a time frame - that is not called manifestation magic but trying to manipulate the universe.

Watch the full video here:

I have manifested things within just a few moments or instantly. I have also manifested many desires within a few months or a few years! You have to allow the universe, you have to trust the universe. However, there is something that your lower mind, your conscious mind could comprehend that will drastically speed up the delivery of your manifestation of true desires. 

What is it?

That is doing something within the 24 hours that can shift your energy. Remember, once you experience that shift, everything will happen to you easily and effortlessly. That's why a lot of people probably experience a miracle after 24 hours or after a couple of days.

What I want you to do for the next 24 hours is to send out as many blessings to as many strangers as possible.

What exactly do I mean by that?

Remember, you and others are one. When you are jealous of others or when you see somebody successful, and you feel unhappy, or you feel like, "why am I not there?" You are missing the point.

The more you can tap into the energy of this oneness, the sooner your soul's desire will manifest. And this challenge is exactly designed for this purpose. Every time when you are encountering a stranger (either on the street or it could also be virtual) You're going to look at them with all the love and compassion you can come up with and say a prayer for them silently.

"I bless you with health, love, and abundance. May you experience a miracle as soon as possible."

Send out this blessing to as many strangers as possible. Remember your immediate family members and also your people you really, really care about, Don't count. Why is that?

Oftentimes when we start to really care about somebody, our ego is expanding its barrier to these people. Your ego is literally seeing these people like you. What you want to do is to send out blessings to people outside of your ego's barrier, that's the only way you can expand your being.

After you've done five or 10 of these, you are going to feel a shift of energy because you're going to realize that you and that person -even though they're strangers - are divinely connected. We're all divinely connected.

Keep track of how many you have done within 24 hours. You can go here to let me know how many blessings you sent out in 24 hours.

You may have heard that when people join forces together to pray for something, that energy will actually make it happen. That's why group prayers are so powerful, So I really want this challenge to become a group prayer, a group manifestation project.

Years ago, Dr. Greg Braden has initiated an experiment. He got a group of spiritually-minded people to all pray at the same time. During that time, the crime rate of the city where they were doing the prayer, drastically dropped.

Prayer that you send out to strangers that are not attached to your egos wanting is the highest form of energy because you're doing it with no attachment to your ego.

When we do this together, we are much stronger.

So you may be asking: what does this have to do with manifesting my own desires? Remember, when you are sending out blessings for other people to fulfill their desires, you're sending out a message to the universe that you already have what you want! That reality will manifest only if your ego is not coming from a place of "I don't have it. I want to have that".

That's why it's so powerful to send out the energy of what you want to others. If you want more money, send out the energy of abundance to everybody.  Bless everybody with abundance. If you want to manifest love, send out the energy of love, wish for other people to find their soulmate.

The more you practice this, the more centered you will be, the more you'll be connected with the divine magic, and that is the only thing that could make your desires into reality.

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